Topaz Healing Properties: A Stepwise Guide (Updated)

Once upon a time, I laid eyes on a London blue topaz that was so enchanting I froze and couldn’t decide if it was just an ethereal teal or indigo shade that I was seeing. If you’re enamored by topaz too, the fault’s not on you. But what is a topaz? Does it have any healing properties?🤗

Often mistaken for tourmaline, sapphire, zircon, morganite, citrine, aquamarine, and even diamond, topaz is a silicate mineral with traces of fluorine and aluminum.

Today you can find topaz in colors ranging from golden to orange-yellow, reddish-pink, blue, white, transparent, green, brown, gray, and even in rainbow tones. While imperial topaz tops the list for the most enchanting and costliest topazes, many of these silicate healing crystals naturally come with flawless clarity.

Today we will learn the secrets and skills of working a topaz so that you know what to do with it whether you got a new one or want to try it.

Here are the topics we’ll go through to unravel the mysteries of topaz healing crystal:

  • What’s topaz? What’s its meaning?
  • What are the healing powers of topaz? What are its physical and spiritual traits and characteristics?
  • Varieties of topaz worth knowing more about
  • How to use topaz loose stones, palm stones, raw stones, and topaz jewelry for healing with stepwise guides?📔
  • How to pair the energy of topaz with other crystals?
  • How to charge and cleanse a topaz stone?
  • FAQ on topaz healing crystal
Pink, Purple and Blue Topaz Pendant Necklaces for Energy Healing

Understand the basics of topazes

Most people aren’t new to topaz like they’re to chrysocolla or rhodonite. Perhaps you already know a good transparent topaz can outsmart a diamond any day. But do you know topaz is also one of the naturally-occurring hardest minerals with Mohs hardness of 8?

The transparent stone also has many stories where its name comes from. You might be already familiar with the Sanskrit derivative that says topaz comes from the Sanskrit word "tapas" meaning "fire" or "heat".

If you go south from India, Sri Lanka is another part of the world that has close tie-ups with this gemstone. Topaz was also believed to be used by Egyptians who called Sri Lanka or "Topapwene“, meaning the ”land of topaz“ in the ancient past.

But there are many more stories about where the term comes from, perhaps owing to its widespread occurrence around the world.

For instance, the term ”topaz“ is also believed to originate from the Greek word "Τοpáziοs" denoting the color of the Red Sea in St. John's Island about 2,000 years ago. Pliny the Elder even wrote about "topaz" mined around the island of the Red Sea around the same time.

According to Nicols in his book on systematic treatises written in about 1652, topaz can cure lunacy if you believe in the English myth. During the middle ages, the healing stone topaz was believed to ward off curses and evil eyes when worn on the left arm too. Furthermore, the topaz stone itself was thought of bringing down body heat and hence, one of the first medicines given for feverish patients at the time.

European history says that a majority of the people believed topaz had ways of sharpening the mind’s eye during the Middle Ages. The Hindus still consider it as a stone of immortality and good health.😊

The largest source of topaz in the 21st century is Brazil. But you can find different types of topazes from Namibia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, China, Pakistan, Burma (Myanmar), India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Zimbabwe, the U.S (California, Utah, and New Hampshire) and Ukraine too.

The relationship between topazes and energy healing

Before you learn in detail about the different types of topazes and their healing abilities, it’s important to find out what exactly are the fundamental traits and powers of topazes.

The ruling planet of topaz crystal is Jupiter and its vibrational number is six. Jupiter brings with it virtues like prosperity, miracles, and good luck to the user. Topaz is a stone with the "air" element. It’s not just ruled by a single chakra, but different chakras for different colors too.

Mainly, topaz stones are governed by one or more of these two chakras—the sacral chakra or the solar plexus chakra. But based on topaz varieties, other chakras can come into play.🤝

Blue topaz can calm a person while motivating and filling them with creativity. Many believe this stone can awaken the throat chakra.

Natural Blue Topaz Crystal

With solar plexus chakra in the drive, topaz brings powers of healing, balance, trust, confidence, energy, and physical healing while sacral chakra brings passion, truth, psychic energies, luck, good fortune, and more into your life.

The wild benefits of topaz aren’t a total surprise if you know this magnificent stone is ruled by the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu, the Irish Sun Goddess Grainne, or Grian, the Hittite Sun Goddess, Wurusemu, the goddess of grains Demeter, and the Goddess of Spring, Persephone as well.

Fun Fact
Once upon a time, topaz was the only birthstone for November!

Benefits and healing powers of topaz

Topaz is a mineral that can power up different chakras based on its primary color. That’s why it has a range of physical, spiritual, and mental healing too.

Let’s discover its magic!

  • Calming and Tranquilizing: Topaz can soothe you and put you at ease and it’s good for improving your sleep cycle too.
  • Inspiration: If joy is missing from your life, topaz can bring you back happiness and more.  
  • Creativity: A good gemstone for getting back your groove on success, wearing or carrying a topaz will get the creative juices flowing too.🥳
  • Truth: Whether you’re hunting for truth or forgiveness, topaz can free you from the clutches of doubt and lead to a path of honesty.
  • Good Fortune: A little-known advantage of keeping a yellow topaz close to you is because of how it can attract luck, abundance, and success towards you.
  • Love and Attraction: Topaz, especially in the pink color is said to energize your sacral chakra so much that you’ll find your true love or rekindle the passion if you’ve found the knee already.
  • Radiation: Do you know topaz can cleanse energies? Using a white or colorless topaz at your home can clear the EMF energies and bad frequencies easily.
  • Communication: Expressing your intents to people who are alive and spirits in the other realm is another amazing benefit of bonding with a higher chakra topaz stone.
  • Protection: Topaz is a wonderful stone to eliminate bad vibes as it can ward off the evil eye and even cleanse your aura if you’re going through challenging times.
  • Physical Healing: From mumps to arthritis, tonsillitis, fevers, whooping cough, circulation, gout, and digestion problems can be healed with topaz energies as it can accelerate the work of medical treatment.

Get to know topaz in this article on November birthstones if you’re looking for ways to use it!

Topaz varieties and their healing powers

One of the best things about topaz is that different varieties have different healing powers too. While there are a large number of topaz varieties around the world, the following will touch upon the most common ones with their healing powers and special qualities.

White/Colorless/Silver Topaz

White topaz is said to take you towards the path of truth while colorless topaz will reveal destiny. Silver topaz is a unique stone that stimulates and inspires you.

These are higher chakra topazes that awaken your psychic and divination abilities. White opals are believed to affect the third eye and crown chakras and hence, a topaz crystal can also cleanse your aura and clear your chakra blockages.

Mystic and Azotic Topazes

A manmade variety of topaz, mystic topaz is made by coating the colorless variety of topaz with a mist of titanium via a process called CVD. On the other hand, azotic topaz is made by applying a thin film on a topaz stone to enhance the metallic shine of the stone. Keep in mind that the iridescence of mystic topaz is different from the azotic variety.

Blue Topaz

In the blue variety of topaz, there are two main types you need to know about as shown below:

London Blue Topaz is one of the costlier varieties of topaz with a green tint on a deep blue backdrop. Take a look at this 32.49 carat London blue topaz to get a better idea of why it’s so pricey.

Swiss Blue Topaz is a vividly colored topaz and often color-treated for attaining its stunning hue tone. I love this Electric-Blue Swiss Blue Topaz with blue diamonds from Lisa Robertson.

The little-known third variety of blue topaz is the "Sky Blue" topaz that’s enhanced with gamma rays.

Sherry Topaz

Seen in a mix of brown, pink, orange, and yellow color tones, Sherry topaz resembles the beverage sherry in color and is a coveted variety of the topaz gemstone. Sherry topaz is best for healing physical ailments related to the eye, heart, and stomach. This variety of topaz is usually mined from Utah (United States) and San Luis (Mexico).

Have you seen this one? I always confuse it with smoky quartz!😝

Here’s a video from Ricky Vigis of a huge sherry topaz!

Imperial Topaz

Popular as the "precious topaz" and sometimes fetching prices higher than diamonds, imperial topaz is the rarest variety of topaz. It displays hues of orange to golden yellow and sherry shades. The best variety comes from Brazil and is known to attract qualities like success, good fortune, luck, and power to the wearer.

Healing With Imperial Topaz Crystals

Here’s a video of an 11.55 carat imperial topaz to understand the color and ogle at its beauty!

Keep in mind that there are many more types of topaz.

Red topaz features on our list of most coveted red gemstones. Other varieties include rutilated, smoky, purple, green, brown, red, and pink topazes.

How to use topazes and topaz jewelry for energy healing? Our advice

Using a topaz is as easy as using any other gemstone because topaz doesn’t contain any toxic elements. We’ll outline what to use it for and the complete steps to use topaz stones and jewelry for healing next.

Using topaz stones for healing

The following will walk you through seven easy and effective ways to use different types of topaz stone.📝

  1. In Your Room: Take your favorite topaz stone and place it under the pillow where you sleep to ward off evil eye and negativity or even nightmares besides getting sound sleep.
  2. Topaz Elixir: There’s a topaz elixir from the 13th century mystic by the name of St. Hildegard that advises to steep a topaz stone in any wine before rubbing it over the eyes to improve eyesight.
  3. Topaz Pendulum: If you’re searching for the meaning of your life or just answers from the universe, a topaz pendulum is all you need like this smoky topaz pendulum from Amazon USA.
  4. Reiki With Topaz: For localized healing, topaz loose or raw stones are a great option. You can place it over your eyes, heart, stomach, and other vital organs to accelerate healing.
  5. Feng Shui: You can also use topaz to tap into the home energies where you stay and balance them. For instance, keeping a topaz stone in the southern part of your home will bring good fortune to you. It can even protect your home from fires when kept according to feng shui directions!
  6. Meditation: I find the best way to get in touch with the healing powers of topaz is by tapping into the air element with an open-air meditation session.
  7. Recovery Stone: Another widespread use of topaz is to keep it close to a person going through recovery from operations, physical or emotional illnesses.

Interested in knowing about ways to improve your crystal healing skills? This crystal healing 101 article will help you out.

Wearing topaz jewelry for healing

Do you know how topaz crystals are cut? It’s cut and faceted for use in rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other kinds of jewelry but never into cabochons.

Being a gorgeous stone that often surpasses the flawless beauty of aquamarine stones, topaz is made into a variety of jewelry items like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even tiaras. The truth is, topaz stones needn’t just be worn for their vanity but for healing too.🥰

In fact, you can use topaz jewelry for a range of healing properties.

  • For example, blue topaz is great as a pendant or necklace because it can connect with the throat chakra and improve your communication skills.
  • If you wear a pair of topaz earrings, preferably in white or silver, your crown chakra will gear up to activate your psychic skills. And, bracelets studded with topaz stones can protect you on journeys and during work.
  • For those of you with precious topaz jewelry, don’t keep it in your showcase or the jewelry box lined with red velvet. Instead, place it in your wallet or cash safe so that topaz can work its magic on your luck and attract prosperity to you.

Combining topazes and other stones for healing: What are the best practices?

Just like any other healing stone, topaz can be mixed with the powers of other gemstones for amplifying the power of your manifestation or any other purpose. I’ll list out which stones to pair up with topaz stones during rituals below so that you don’t need to look any further!

  1. Color: You can combine one color of topaz with the same color of other gemstones. For example, mixing red topaz with ruby or garnet is a good mix. Look for stones that closely match the shade of topaz when doing so.
  2. Chakra: When the chakra element of a topaz matches with another healing crystal, you can combine both. Suppose you have a yellow topaz that awakens the sacral chakra, then you can combine it with a citrine without issues.🙆🏻‍♂️
  3. Element: Another key characteristic that will ensure your crystals don’t clash with each other when in pairs is by checking the element of both concerning healing stones. If the elements match, you can go ahead!
  4. Ruling Planet: To understand if the astrological properties of two stones conflict, you can take the ruling planet of both the healing crystals in check. In case you have a yellow topaz that appeases Jupiter, go for another Jupiter appeasing stone such as yellow sapphire or citrine.
  5. Zodiac Signs: Yet another way to find the best stones to go with your topaz is to check its corresponding zodiac sign. For example, blue topaz is good for Sagittarius and hence, another Sagittarius stone like turquoise wouldn’t backfire when you put the two together.

Note that it’s ideal to combine crystals that follow two or more above rules to achieve the best results. Also, strictly avoid those crystals without any matches.

How to cleanse and charge topazes?

Like most crystals, you can clean and cleanse topaz in many ways because it doesn’t release any toxins when washed with water and react to very few chemicals.

You can cleanse it with tap water, under the moonlight, or with sacred herbs like rose, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, and ylang-ylang. On days I need to sprint out, I like to smudge my topaz with the smoke of Palo Santo wood for a minute or two.

When it comes to charging, topaz responds to meditation and intimate bonding sessions with pendulums better than other ways. Topaz jewelry is best charged with a tap of a powerful selenite or clear quartz wand. You can also charge it with a Tibetan singing bowl if you prefer sound energy for healing.

If you ask me, the best way to charge topaz crystal is with the energy of the Jupiter planet, which is visible daily at dawn. But take care not to leave it in the sun!

Read more about cleansing healing crystals and charging healing stones in 20 ways so that you can pinpoint the best one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Topaz

I could go on about topaz for days and you’d still keep falling more in love with it because it’s such a wonderful stone with a vivid history for most crystal users around the world. That’s why I prepared an extra set of answers for the most common questions so that you can embrace the energy of topaz without much delay.

Is topaz expensive?

While not all topaz varieties of crystals are expensive, some are ridiculously pricey, believe you me. White topaz is the commonest variety costing $5 to $7 per carat while some types of pinkish-red topaz can fetch upwards of $3,500 per carat, which is much higher than your ordinary diamonds.

What is green topaz? Is green topaz rare? What’s the rarest color of topaz?

Topaz with a greenish-yellow tint is called a green topaz and it’s commonly found in Siberia, Nigeria, and Spain. While unusually seen on preset jewelry, green topaz isn’t rare and retails for $2 to $5. The rarest color of topaz is the reddish pink variety with sherry or golden tints.

Which finger to wear topaz? When to wear topaz?

Depending on the color of the topaz you have, different days are specified for wearing each. You should wear it on the right hand when wearing topaz because the specifics can vary by the color and type of topaz.

For example, yellow topaz is best worn on the index finger of the dominant hand on Thursday mornings. If you have blue topaz, it’s best worn on the ring finger of your left hand on Saturdays. In any case, only an astrologer can advise on the right time and finger to wear the crystal ring based on your goals.

Who should wear topaz? Who shouldn’t wear topaz?

People born under some zodiac signs will find the energy of topaz easy to tap into by wearing the corresponding type of topaz gemstone.

Take an example. Sagittarius will find blue topaz best while Leo red topaz, and Scorpio imperial topaz.

Unless your astrologer has forbidden it specifically, most topazes are good for everyone. But it’s always best to take a second opinion from an astrological expert if you're planning to wear a blue topaz because it’s ruled by Saturn energies too.  

Can I wear topaz every day? How to care for topaz?

Unlike sapphires or citrines, topaz is a gentle vibration stone and hence, you can wear it every day if you want to. However, care must be taken with every crystal to see if it’s a good fit for your everyday schedule by analyzing its energies and aesthetic appeal to your line of daily chores by bonding slowly.

That being said, topaz behaves poorly with heat. That’s why you should never leave it under the sun for a long time. If you do, topaz can fade, crack or break.

Explore divination and destiny with topazes

One of the best gemstones that are sometimes pricier than diamonds, topaz is a silicate that’s ruled by Jupiter and the element of "air". While it’s primarily a "sacral and solar plexus chakra stone", topazes can awaken chakras like a crown, third eye, root, etcetera depending on their variety. The common varieties are imperial topaz, sherry topaz, blue topaz, or white/colorless/silver topaz.

Topazes can heal the eye, stomach, and heart apart from motivating you and pumping you with creativity. When used the right way, topaz stone can attract good luck and fortune into your life. It’s a great stone for communicating with spirits and angels besides colleagues, family, or friends.🌞

Topaz is perfect for people born under constellations like Scorpio, Leo, or Sagittarius. Actually, not every topaz is good for everyone because different colored topazes have different chakra energies that may be good for different people.

You can wear topaz stones like rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or just carry loose stones. It’s great for meditation in the open air, especially at dawn. Topaz also works well as an elixir too. Always remember to cleanse topaz jewelry and don’t forget it out in the sun for too long.

The best thing is topaz goes with most stones. Blue topaz can amplify the power of aquamarine and imperial can do so with citrine. It’s best to wear most topazes on the index finger of your dominant hand.

Get to know the November birthstone topaz in our Birthstones 101 article here. Are you wondering if the topaz stone is right for you? Share your DOB and the topaz stone color you have below!

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