Comprehensive Throat Chakra Guidebook for Crystal Lovers

If you’re checking on the throat chakra, chances are that you know the attributes of our primary chakras quite well or are trying to find out more about it. What does throat chakra mean? How do you identify it’s active or dormant? How to release the throat chakra? What are throat chakra stones?🕵🏻‍♀️

The throat chakra means "holiest" or "of the highest purity". It’s the fifth chakra in the human body associated with your inner and outer voice. Activating the throat chakra makes you self-confident, healthy, truthful, honest, and pure besides upping your creativity and self-expression skills. Crystals that contain this chakra energy are generally blue in color.

Comprehensive Throat Chakra Guide

The throat isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s the seat of your inner truth. We’ll unscramble the enigma behind throat chakra through the following topics today:

  • What is the throat chakra? What does throat chakra mean?
  • How to understand throat chakra through its characteristics?
  • How does the throat get blocked and how do you identify it?
  • What does throat chakra mean to the other chakras?
  • How to heal throat chakra in the best seven ways?
  • Which are the healing stones that help throat chakra?

Let’s get right into it!

Throat chakra explained

The fifth chakra is the seat of our expressions. Transcribed from the Sanskrit word "Vishuddha" or "Vishuddhi" meaning "holiest" or "especially pure", throat chakra has come to mean more things with every passing era. Communication, confidence, creativity, and many more virtues originate from this chakra.

The fifth chakra enhances your connection to the world through speech. It’s one of the holiest chakras in the energy system for affecting speech.🎙 If you’re a Gemini or Virgo, this might be your key chakra to strengthen.

Awakening the throat chakra means to know and speak your truth. That’s why it’s often recommended as the ultimate chakra to find yourself as well as the world. Vishuddha chakra helps you accept truth besides finding it. It develops between the ages of 29 to 35.

Fun Fact
The throat chakra of Earth isn’t just at one place, but three venues. And, three of them together form an exact right triangle. It includes Mount Olives in Jerusalem beside Mount Sinai and the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Historically, the Pyramid of Giza is the resting place of Pharaoh Kufu followed by Mount Sinai where Moses received the two commandments according to the Old Testament, and Mount of Olives where Jesus ascended to the heavens by the New Testament.

Characteristics of throat chakra explained

Hinduism believes the God five-face Shiva (Sadashiva) empowers the throat chakra. It’s the hub of your inner truth. With throat chakra, you become pristine. It’s also called the "purification center" in several Hindu texts for opening the highest chakras inside you.

One way to get down to business if you really want to understand the technical side of Vishuddha chakra is by learning its characteristics from symbol to ruling planet, seed mantra, and more. Let’s decode it below.


In simple terms, your fifth chakra is located in the neck and the throat. If you dig deeper, many sources say throat chakra sits on the thyroid gland. That’s why you can feel a lump in the throat when the throat chakra is blocked. On the other hand, Vedic scriptures say it’s located on a sample level as your larynx.


The fifth energy center in the human body is represented with a silver crescent encapsulating the seed mantra (ham) in a downward pointing triangle within a 16 petaled lotus on the outside by Hindu beliefs. That’s in the throat chakra symbol stands for the 16 sacred vowels of Sanskrit. It’s ruled by the Hindu God Ambar who grants boons and eliminates fear from the heart. Silver crescent signifies the purest form of cosmic sound.


Blue is the color of the throat chakra. And, when it mimics a sky blue for its elemental qualities, you have a great eye for the Vishuddhi. In the world of chakras, the throat chakra is a blue chakra known for calming vibrations and tranquility. All shades of blue are throat chakra colors.


The primary element of the fifth chakra is Ether. It’s called Akasha or the sky according to Hindu traditions. The seeker energy and vibes of trust emanate from the elemental powers of ether. That’s why the "seed mantra" of this masculine energy chakra stands by ether is "ham" (in Hindi: हम).

Ruling Planet

Mercury is the benevolent ruler of the throat chakra. It’s the planet known to rule over your communication skills and expressiveness because it was once known as the Messenger of the Gods. If you want to manifest throat chakra affirmations, this is the planet to keep lit up in your mind. It can bring the light of the sun into your life, and with it, success, creativity, luck, and many more virtues of the Vishuddhi.

Woman Healing Her Throat Chakra

Signs of a balanced throat

Hinduism advocates that an open throat chakra gives you the ability to derive positivity and wisdom even from negative experiences when it’s open.

Wondering what does throat chakra opening feels like? Here’s what happens when the throat chakra is activated:🦸🏻‍♂️

  • Blue aura: Psychics besides Kirlian photography can reveal your bright blue aura that stems from the open throat chakra when it’s unblocked.
  • Honesty: You’ll begin to see the ease and wellness of living an honest life in every way at this time.
  • Loyalty: Commitment and dedication bring a new throat chakra meaning for you.
  • Creativity: You begin to embrace the true talent of your skills with powerful creativity.
  • Calmness: Whether you’ve control over your feelings or not, balanced throat chakra makes you feel calm.
  • Confident: Vishuddhi chakra can make you believe in yourself. It brings confidence and faith into your mind.
  • Balance of thyroid: You’ll not feel hot/cold intolerance, fatigue, depression, and joint pain due to thyroid anymore.
  • Sense of safety: An active Vishuddhi chakra brings with it an overall feeling of security and composure.
  • Freedom: The ability to think and act freely comes with being happy about your achievements and reassurance about the future that a well-oiled throat chakra can guarantee.

What happens when the throat chakra is out of balance?

When your fifth chakra is misaligned, you need to learn how to release it. Your throat chakra may be off-kilter if you always struggle to express yourself, fail to feel at ease, or when anxiety is your perpetual best friend.😟

Let’s find out what puts it out of balance and how to recognize the signs first.


Tantra from Hinduism advocates human beings undergo decay and death when this chakra is closed. And, spiritually that’s what happens word for word. Success and failures in your life, to some extent, are based upon how clean or blemished your throat chakra is.🔍

Here are the signs of underactive and overactive throat chakra:

  • Fear: You’re always afraid to talk your mind out and always tend to hide things from others and you.
  • Inability: It’s usual to find it hard to transcribe your thoughts into words, feelings, and actions.
  • Extreme anxiety: Many times, anxiety overwhelms you from taking action or decisions with a blocked Vishuddhi chakra.
  • Introversion: You try to avoid company as much as you can because it’s hard to convey your thoughts to others.
  • Throat infections: From chronic sore throat to swollen lips, tonsils, lack of voice, chronic inability to talk, and cough, a poorly balanced throat chakra leaves you with low immunity.
  • Overactive/underactive thyroid: Your thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions keep worsening even after upping the levothyroxine or trying a million diets when the fifth chakra is out-of-whack (personal experience).
  • Hearing problems: It gets harder by the day to hear people and surroundings with a closed throat chakra.
  • Constant doubts: You tend to overthink and disbelieve things so much that it’s hard to do daily activities without worry.
  • Panic/ aggression: It’s easy to get scared and sometimes extremely hateful.
  • Lack of belief in yourself: You tend to put yourself down easily and frequently.


The throat chakra is the seat of your inner voice and commonly called the epitome of "purity" by Hindu scriptures.📯 That’s why anything that has hurt your inner voice has a place in harming your throat chakra. It could stem from a dysfunctional family in childhood, abusive partners, toxic teachers, and bad company while growing up.

Anything that has put you down or hurt your ego has a place in the list of causes that put your throat chakra out of balance. It could be the aftereffects of traumatic experiences that prevent you from letting the throat open.

What does throat chakra do for other chakras?

Vishuddhi is where the energy from the lower chakras called the life force energy is purified before going to the higher chakras. Vishuddhi is inevitable for a balanced chakra system in the body. That being said, it can affect different chakras in unique ways.

Take a look at it below.📝

Throat chakra vs. Adjacent chakras

The throat chakra is where every energy within you gets filtered. It’s where your inner voice finds an answer to the confusing problems of romance, spirituality, life, and more. Throat energy helps the heart and third-eye chakras find answers and truths.

Heard truth sets you free? Throat chakra does even better. Its release can set you free by attaining enlightenment. Through the heart chakra, the kundalini energy flows into your throat chakra and finds the purpose of your life there.

Throat chakra vs. Other chakras

But throat chakra doesn’t just affect the heart or the third-eye chakra. It finds an important palace with the kundalini energy originating from the sacral chakra, even more than what it holds with the heart chakra. That’s why you’ll find a lot of literature on the close-workings of the sacral chakra and throat chakra.

The solar plexus can activate when your fifth chakra is open. Purity or Vishuddhi is a must for your life force energy from the second chakra to work its magic. In the same way, throat chakra often helps you find grounding techniques without even realizing it.

Often for rituals like fortune-telling, communicating with spirits, and divination techniques involving crown chakra, an active throat chakra is a must.

Vishuddhi Throat Chakra vs. Other Chakras

How to activate your throat chakra?

The fifth chakra is an important part of your energy system. By activating this chakra, you get closer to the bigger truths of the cosmos and yourself.

The following will show you the complete steps on how to strengthen, cleanse, and release your throat chakra energies.


Your fifth chakra is the seat of thought and voice and that’s why affirmations are the best way to open it on the first try. Keep in mind that talking to people who support you, singing to yourself, or even screaming can open this chakra up.

Here’s a list of chants or throat chakra mantras that can help you release the throat chakra energy:

  • I have a powerful voice.
  • I know and speak my truth proudly.
  • I am a treasure-house of creativity.
  • I live an honest life.
  • I have valuable and valid opinions.
  • I keep time to listen to my body and mind regularly.
  • I am safe and secure wherever I am.
  • I am confident, clear, and calm.
  • I listen to my gut and intuition.
  • I know when to listen.


Another way to power up the fifth chakra is with meditative rituals. Hinduism advocates that meditating upon this chakra brings the powers of the occult.

If you’re trying to learn any new skill, try to meditate on the throat chakra first. You can also put up some music at the throat chakra frequency of 384 Hz and you’re all ready to enter the Vishuddhi vibrations via throat chakra meditation.

Breathing Exercise

Throat chakra can also be cleansed and rejuvenated by yoga breathing exercises called the pranayama. It’s a way to awaken your Vishuddhi chakra with breath control.

You can try the "Lion’s Breath" breathing technique to stimulate the fifth chakra and the upper chest. It’s an exercise where you inhale breath in a hushed roar.

Here’s a video from Yoga with Adrienne on Lion’s Breath.


The main reason why yoga poses work excellently for the fifth chakra is because they can be focused on the throat chakra location. There are several poses like the shoulder stand, fish, or plow to target the neck muscles and charge them up with yoga.

Particularly important to throat chakra yoga is "dream yoga"—where you can achieve lucid dreaming. If that sounds too much, start with a couple of rounds of neck stretches first.


When you’re not yet acquainted with meditation, yoga, or affirmations, a little smudging or burning the right incense can release your throat chakra energies. Scents like chamomile, frankincense, cypress, eucalyptus, and myrrh are the best to try if you’ve incenses or flowers.

A sage stick is all you need to smoke away bad energies or throat chakra imbalances quickly.


Healing your throat chakra is also possible with food and drinks. You can try blackberries, plums, or blueberries every day to get started. Other fruits like apples, grapes, and oranges also power you up with the Vishuddhi energy. You can include herbs like basil, lemongrass, and ginger or spices in your diet too.

Consuming foods that power up this chakra is an easy means to drive up the energy system from within. Veggies like broccoli and purple carrots besides nuts and seeds are great for the fifth chakra too.

Healing Crystals

All these throat chakra healing methods don’t compare with the power and ease of using healing crystals for the throat chakra. There are specific crystals that are powered by throat chakra powers alone and they can be used specifically to open your throat chakra.

Scroll away to find out more about them.

How to release throat chakra with crystals and crystal jewelry

Blue is the central color you should focus on when thinking about throat chakra crystals. You can add the Vishuddhi chakra color of blue to your interior decor, accessories, and even the wallpaper on your desktop or phone.

Most blue stones are powerful fifth chakra stones but the following will help you find out which crystals work for your needs the best.


Bezel-Set Round Aquamarine Pendant Necklace for Throat Chakra Healing

A beautiful stone with a radiance that brings the crystalline waters to life, aquamarine is a soothing stone. It makes you pure and clean like the clear waters and not the deep dark waters that invoke thalassophobia. This is the perfect stone for those who struggle with communication problems and self-expression.

The sky blue healing stone is often regarded as a stone of courage and if fear is your biggest enemy, this throat chakra stone will take away all your worries. Aquamarine is a lucky crystal that heals the lungs and other physical ailments bothering the throat chakra.

All you need to do is activate the throat chakra with Aquamarine by placing it in a Tibetan singing bowl and chanting your affirmations. The singing bowl can power up the vibrations around your chants.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony Crystal and Chalcedony Ring

This is a mystic and cool-looking crystal that may hypnotize you if you look at it too long. Blue chalcedony is calming and excellent for those who deal with trust issues. If you even find it hard too, this healing stone can change your life and perspective.

When you use this healing rock regularly, it can improve your memory and de-stress you. You’ll find it easy to learn new languages and come up with unique ideas in your academics or career. It can open your mind to accept new perspectives.

The best way to use blue chalcedony for throat chakra opening is by placing it over your lips or throat during a reiki session. You’ll feel easier to speak your mind out without fear too.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Majade Jewelry Design

This is a stone of self-expression and confidence. It’s a perfect match if you’ve public responsibilities like performers. Blue kyanite heals your throat and helps you realize the inner truth besides rehabilitating the body after physical accidents.

Healing properties of blue kyanite for throat chakra include creativity, harmony, and peace. Keeping this close to you makes you compassionate and soft in your speech. Many crystal users say this healing stone can often get rid of deep-rooted sadness and worries.

Kyanite in blue can eliminate fears and help you meditate easily. If you can get a blue kyanite wand, focus it onto your throat chakra to open the fifth chakra.

Blue Sapphire

Pear-Shaped Blue Sapphire Infinity Style Pendant

Do you know it's one of the strongest stones that most shopkeepers don’t even keep in-store unless someone badly needs it? It’s a blue sapphire. This gemstone is known to connect you directly with the God Saturn that helps you manifest your dreams. It’s a luck stone!

The stone blue sapphire is a protection gemstone that attracts good fortune and luck. Blue sapphire also brings clarity to your voice and expressions. It can release agony, anxiety, stress, depression, and pain to attract joy and fulfillment.

Blue sapphire is best worn as jewelry, especially on your neck as a necklace or short pendant that remains as close to the physical location of the throat chakra.


Silver Heart Pendant With Turquoise Beads for Vishuddhi Healing

One of the few stones known to open all chakra points, turquoise is most effective on the throat chakra. It encourages clear communication and heals diseases related to the throat area. Public speakers and performers should particularly keep this stone close to their throats.

Turquoise is a stone that balances emotions by balancing the nervous system. It can unblock throat chakra and prevent self-doubts. Creative outbursts are a common sign of turquoise that works well.

Just holding the stone is enough to calm you down if you’re angry or depressed. You can carry it on your person when going for important things to help you make the right decisions.

Blue Lace Agate  

Blue Lace Agate Cabochon Pendant Necklace
1928 Jewelry

The blue gemstone with interlace of white or blue bands is a supportive stone that can nurture and take care of you. It can heal thyroid deficiencies, strengthen your bone health, and eradicate throat diseases.

Blue lace agate is a rare throat chakra stone that helps you communicate effectively by removing your physical and emotional difficulties. Throughout history, it’s also used as a protection stone by Egyptians and Native Americans.

When kept on you, it can instigate leadership qualities and eliminate fear. Keep it around your office or bedroom in a bowl or as a decor piece to always soak the good energies from it.


Sodalite Stone on Black Background

Crystal lovers call it the stone of wisdom and truth. Sodalite is a translucent healing crystal that’s best for boosting your expressive talents. It can also strengthen your courage to help you speak your mind out.📞

If you look at the bigger picture, sodalite is a prominent solution to heal radiation-related problems or immune deficiencies. It can build up your strength by working on thyroid deficiencies. You’ll feel more practical and logical when this healing crystal is with you.

What you can do is buy several sodalites in the tumbled shape and set it up on a throat chakra symbol as a grid. You can set up a crystal grid if you don’t know how to open the throat chakra.

Get started on throat chakra healing right away!

If you’re on a journey of the quest of truth, whether it’s about yourself or the world, throat chakra can be of assistance. It’s the fifth chakra in the system that’s known for improving communication skills and expressiveness.

Located around your thyroid, throat or Vishuddhi chakra is considered the purest energy center and ruled by Mercury. The color of this chakra is blue and it makes you honest, peaceful, calm, and radiant with a blue aura when it’s released.

When you have a blocked throat chakra, it can be realized as throat infections, insecurity, low self-confidence, fear, and more. Typically, the fifth chakra is blocked by traumatic incidents that affect your ego. It can also be a result of abusive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. This chakra is inevitable to the release of the life force energy too.

The best way of how to heal the throat chakra is with crystals filled with throat chakra energies, but you can try aromatherapy, food, yoga, meditation, affirmation, and other similar techniques for releasing the impetuous force of the throat chakra.

If you’re looking for the best crystal for the throat chakra, we have mentioned seven for you above. For fear, use blue lace agate, blue sapphire for luck, and sodalite for thyroid problems. Which is your favorite crystal or technique to heal throat chakra? Share it with other crystal jewelry lovers in the comments below!

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