Third Eye Chakra Exposed With Comprehensive Facts

We’re nearing the end of the chakra learning cycle after learning about root, sacral, solar plexus, throat, and heart chakras in the past weeks. All the physical chakras are decoded and it’s time to open the window to spiritual consciousness today. Before we begin, have you wondered how psychics and seers get their spiritual abilities? The answer is cocooned within the third eye chakra. What is the third eye chakra? How does it work? What are the benefits of activating it?

The sixth chakra is called by many names but the interesting thing is scientists have found it has the same cells as our physical eyes too. Put simply, it’s literally the eye inside or the inner eye. This chakra is powered by the pineal gland that’s touted as the "spirit molecule" by scientists too. It clarifies your perception and thoughts so as to lift them high enough to see beyond the material world.🧐

Third Eye Chakra Education

We’ll grasp everything about the third eye chakra using these topics today:

  • Basics of the third eye chakra
  • Characteristics of the sixth chakra with location, symbol, element, ruling planet, and zodiac
  • Signs of balanced and unbalanced third eye chakra
  • How does the third eye aid other chakras?
  • 7 simple ways to heal the third eye
  • How to use seven third eye chakra stones for healing?

Third eye chakra meaning and history

The third eye chakra is called by many names like mind’s eye, inner eye, spiritual eye, and eye of consciousness. It typically develops from the age of 36 to 42. Is the third eye a real eye?

Yes, the third eye is actually an eye like your physical eye. Esoterics vouch that it’s located around the pineal gland within the head. That’s why it’s called the brow chakra or pineal chakra too.

The pineal gland also contains the same photoreceptor cells called rods and cones as found in the physical eye and secretes something called DMT. It’s called the "spirit molecule" by Dr. Rick Strassman, an American author and clinical associate professor of psychiatry.👨🏻‍🏫

The activation of the pineal gland often induces hallucinations or shut-eye visualizations and generally occurs during birth and death. It’s responsible for the secretion of melatonin necessary for sleep too.

In Hinduism, the third eye stands for the all-knowing eye of God Siva. Many Hindu scholars advocate that Siva Lingam is actually an eye and not the male and female sexual organs. It’s called "Ajna chakra" in Sanskrit where Ajna means perception, above wisdom, and command in Sanskrit.

If you’ve noticed a tilak or tikka (a mark on the forehead) in the color of orange, white, red, yellow, or black on Hindus, the third eye chakra is the reason behind it.

Buddhism and Taoism reflect on the third eye with the shape of the pineal gland represented by the pine cone. Biologically, the pineal gland actually looks like the pine cone. According to a study published in 2007, Tibetan monks displayed heightened brain activity during meditation.

Woman Healing Third Eye Chakra

In Egyptian history, the Eye of Horus often shows up exactly in between the brows where the sixth chakra is. The staff of Osiris depicts a pine cone. Interestingly, shamans in Peru even drink a brew called "Ayahuasca" that has naturally occurred DMT for ages.

Even the Vatican has a giant pine cone that is thought to signify the powers of the third eye. Moreover, the scriptures of Father Richard Rohr advocate that the third eye actually stands for a non-dualistic thought process where you attain the "mind of Christ".

Fun Fact
Unlike most of the earth’s chakras, the third eye chakra isn’t at a constant location. It can keep changing. During this age of Aquarius, it’s at Glastonbury in England and will change to Brazil in the upcoming Age of Capricorn.

Features of third eye chakra

In order to really understand the working and benefits of the third eye chakra, you need to decode its characteristics. Let’s discover its specifics below.


While all mammals have two eyes, human beings have three eyes. If you’re wondering where the third one is, it’s the spiritual eye situated between your physical eyes. While it was once thought of as being located in the middle of your head, the third eye actually sits between your brows.


Spirituality advocates the third eye as the door to enlightenment and higher consciousness. The third eye chakra symbol is represented graphically by two petals of a white-transparent lotus with an inverted triangle inside it. The two petals stand for two psychic channels Ida and Pingala that represent the right and left hemispheres of the brain according to Ayurveda.

Within the triangle is the seed or beej mantra- OM (ॐ) and both the petals typically contain the letters "ham" (हं) and "kshem" (क्षं). The inverted triangle represents the male sexual organ called the "lingam" and the flower contains the Hakini Shakti. It’s represented by a white moon with six faces and six arms holding a rosary, skull, book, drum, and showing sacred gestures.


The third eye chakra color is indigo and sometimes it’s also depicted with purple too. It stands for universal consciousness, psychic abilities, and protection. Psychologically, the color indigo stands for wisdom and impartiality while in spirituality it stands for enlightenment.


The third eye chakra is represented by the element of "Light" and sometimes by Sky (Aakasha). If you dig deeper, the secrets of the sixth chakra are many.

Scientists have found that there are small crystals made of calcite that float inside the pineal gland. These crystals are affected by frequency, pressure, and light to display piezoelectric effects. It leads to a release of small bursts of differently-colored light. That’s why the third eye activation is often synonymous with inner visions, light, and visualizations.

Ruling Planet

Saturn or "shani" is the ruler of the brow chakra. Called the task manager of all planets, Saturn brings dedication, determination, and luck. When your third eye chakra is active, Saturn can bring your destiny closer. This is the same planet responsible for prosperity too.

How do you feel when your third eye chakra is balanced?

Apart from an indigo aura, sixth chakra activation can bring many other physical, emotional, and spiritual effects too. Take a look at the third eye chakra opening symptoms below:

  • Physical effects: Typically when the Ajna chakra first opens after the blockage, you’ll feel a strange tingling sensation or pressure between your brows.
  • Inner visions: You’ll be able to see into the future and past when your brow chakra is open as it can drive up your intuition and help you connect with spiritual realms.🔍
  • Telepathy: When you’re connected to the cosmos, you’ll be able to decode telepathic messages that are sent to you from people, beings, and spirits.
  • Grounded: You’ll start feeling certainty or surety that makes you hopeful, confident, and peaceful when this chakra is open.
  • Manifestation: Many people begin to notice that their deepest desires begin to manifest easily without having to do complex spiritual rituals.
  • Rightness in everything: From taking the right decisions to thinking positively, you’ll be surrounded by luck and optimism when the brow chakra is unblocked.
  • Energy: With an active third eye comes the energy of the soul and the physical health of your ear, nose, throat, and brain. You’ll find it easy to concentrate and remember things too.
  • Sound sleep: You’ve already learned that the pineal gland can help in the optimal secretion of melatonin, which is the hormone that guarantees good sleep.
  • Awareness: It’s easy to trust your gut and thoughts when your third eye is open. It improves self-expression as it reveals your real self too.
  • Divination: You’ll find it easy to lucid dream, astral project, and communicate with spirits when the sixth chakra is active.

What are the symptoms of underactive and overactive third eye chakra?

How do you determine whether your third eye chakra is off-kilter? Take a look at the traits of third eye chakra blockage below.

How do you feel when the third eye chakra is dysfunctional?

The sixth chakra is crucial for hormonal balance, mental peace, and much more. What happens when it’s overactive or inactive? Let’s find out!

  • Physical issues: You can suffer from sinusitis to migraines, headaches, and general discomforts in the eye like pain between your brows when your Ajna chakra becomes blocked.
  • Cognitive issues: From disorientation to dizziness, hearing issues, difficulty in concentrating, brain fog, confusion, and allergies, there are many problems due to an off-balance third eye.
  • Somnipathies: Many types of sleep disorders can develop when the third eye is problematic and one of the first signs is nightmares that leave you terrified or ungrounded.
  • Mental health: Most people with a poor third eye chakra also suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, self-doubt, suicidal ideation, overthinking, depression, and indecisiveness on a regular basis.
  • Lack of certainty: When you’re drained of the spirit molecule, there are high chances you’ll feel hopeless, nonsensical, and easily carried away by random thoughts.
  • Bad luck: Everything you do goes wrong when your brow chakra fails and with it, a series of unfortunate failures also follow.
  • Stress: A blocked third eye shows up as frustration, anger, annoyance, and disappointment because you fail to find anything interesting, let alone bearable.
  • Extreme emotional issues: When third eye imbalances are left ignored, you’ll end up suffering from dangerous psychological problems such as paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations.
  • Inability to accept truth: Pineal gland deficiencies often destroy one’s ability to accept one’s weaknesses, fears, and failures. That’s how an overactive third eye drives superiority complex and arrogance.
  • Disorientation: Oftentimes people who have a problematic third eye may also feel disconnected from reality, nature, and spirit. You’ll often end up feeling poorly coordinated and close-minded too.
A Confused Young Woman

What causes third eye chakra blockage?

Your third eye chakra can become unbalanced due to many reasons. First off, when you consume non-nutritious food like junk food and lead a lifestyle sans any healthy exercises, the sixth chakra can go off track by calcification of the pineal gland. Any type of unhealthy practice can actually affect the brow chakra too. Even untreated health issues can worsen it.

That being said, there are many more reasons for the third eye to become inactive. If you go through spiritual, emotional, or physical traumas, chances are that your sixth chakra will get affected too. Another reason owes it to the negativity from naysayers or toxic friends and family who demean your perspective, lifestyle, or decisions.

How does the third eye chakra affect the other chakras in the body?

Every chakra in your body from primary to secondary is interlinked as we learned in the Chakra 101 article recently. When one goes out of whack, everything else suffers too. For starters, the kundalini energy moves upward from the root chakra into the sacral chakra where it powers up as a life force and into the solar plexus and via the heart and throat to reach the third eye.

If the third eye is out of order, it can put the spiritual consciousness or perception of your spirituality off track too. Eventually, the chakra energy will not reach the crown and this disruption can subsequently cause stress throughout your spiritual, mental, and physical areas.

The immediate imbalance of the third eye is generally felt over the adjacent crown chakra and throat chakras. That’s why blocked sixth chakra can lead to a lack of self-trust, honesty, truthfulness, and confidence due to poorly active throat chakra as well as problems with intuition and spiritual awareness when the energy fails to reach the crown.

How to open your third eye chakra in seven ways?

The brow chakra is the cause of your thoughts, perception, and spirituality. When it’s adrift, you can suffer from a range of issues. If you’re experiencing any signs of imbalance of the third eye, there are many ways to heal it as listed below.


Because the third eye is a chakra of light and the pineal gland is photosensitive, introducing healing energies to your sight is a good way to get started with the third eye chakra healing. You can try meditating at dawn or dusk by staring at the sun or sitting outside in the open air to kickstart the healing process.

Light therapy is another option, especially when done with indigo blue color. Candle gazing is another way to get in touch with your sixth chakra if sun gazing isn’t an option for you.


Another way to get in touch with the inner eye is by using yoga gestures and poses. The best postures that work with the third eye include fish pose, child’s pose, shoulder stand, plow pose, and lotus pose. If yoga is new to you, try the Gyan mudra (knowledge gesture) with third eye chakra meditation and breathwork.


Acoustic healing is also an excellent way to unblock the Ajna chakra. You can listen to nature sounds or frequencies at 144 Hz to raise your spiritual awareness and cosmic consciousness. But to open the sixth chakra, the right frequency you need to use is 936 Hz. Tibetan singing bowls have a strong effect on the sixth chakra and you can use the right bowl to open it too.


Just like acoustic therapy, you can use the power of your own voice via chanting mantras to help in opening the third eye chakra. Here are ten third eye chakra affirmations to inspire you to create your own:

  • I am intuitive and divine.
  • I am connected to nature and the cosmos around me.
  • I am a spiritual being with psychic powers.
  • I seek to understand my divine purpose and destiny.
  • I am a peaceful creature who accepts truths.
  • I trust my thoughts and perception.
  • I am confident in my abilities and talents.
  • I open my mind to the wisdom of the world and universe.
  • I accept and invite the sacred truth of cosmic consciousness.
  • I believe in my dreams and follow my visions.


You can also touch the sense of scent to awaken the third eye chakra easily. Typically scents like sandalwood, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli are great options to get started. You can also go for herbal mixes like lavender, pine, jasmine, lemon, and basil if that’s available easily. Smoking the scents or using an aroma diffuser is enough to unblock the Ajna chakra.


There are easier ways to get your third eye chakra attuned than the above. All you need to do is eat third eye chakra food like eggplants, purple cabbages, purple carrots, sardines, sweet potatoes, grapes, and salmons. Nuts like hemp seeds and chia seeds as well as spices like star anise are also a great source of third eye energy. Other edibles for the sixth chakra include honey, coconut oil, cilantro, blueberries, dark chocolate, and blackberries.


A unique form of breathing technique for healing the brow chakra is the method of holotropic breathwork. It is a form of breathing exercise where you gain access to the hidden parts of your psyche. Here’s a video showing the third eye chakra breathing exercise you can do right now.


One of the most powerful ways to touch and activate the energy of the third eye is with spiritual practices like meditation and mindfulness. If you’re new to meditation, you can get started by setting the ambiance with a Tibetan singing bowl and chanting the affirmations you created earlier. Because brow chakra is the spiritual seat of your intuitiveness, meditation has immediate effects to awaken it.


Finally, crystals for third eye chakra are great for opening Ajna if you know which ones to pick. Read on to find out more about how to use crystals to unblock the sixth chakra in the next section.

How to use crystals and crystal jewelry to heal third eye chakra?

By selecting the right crystals, carrying them with you, or wearing crystal jewelry, you can keep your third eye chakra active throughout the time. The best thing about crystals is that the energy within them never vanishes and sometimes just a touch of the right crystal is all you need to recharge the depleted Ajna.

Let’s find out how to do that.


One of the rare healing stones originating from Tanzania alone, Tanzanite empowers several chakras at once such as the throat, third eye, and the crown. The indigo stone is best for connecting with the higher realms as it helps you resolve karmic debts and communicate with spiritual beings.

All you need to do with tanzanite for awakening the brow chakra is by circling it around the physical location of the third eye. It’s a stone ideal for detoxification of the mind and protection from curses.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Earrings

If you want to bring the power of the third eye ruling planet Saturn closer to you, blue sapphire is all you need. This dark indigo blue stone is a powerhouse of spiritual abilities like self-awareness, protection, enlightenment, luck, and wisdom.

The best thing is blue sapphire is a popular stone that’s widely used in jewelry since time immemorial and that’s why it’s easy to find. Start wearing it on your body, preferably as a necklace or earring so that it stays in close proximity with the sixth chakra.


The complete psychic stone that awakens your inner vision, azurite is a sparkling indigo-colored stone that’s great for communicating with the spirit world as well as doing astral projection. It can help you let go of anxiety and guilt besides enhancing your imagination and creativity.

Azurite can power up your intuition when placed in between brows, especially during a reiki session. This soft blue stone works on you by connecting you with your divine self.

Lapis Lazuli

Natural Lapis Lazuli in a Glass Cup

Used for roughly over 6,500 years, lapis lazuli once stood for honor, power, and royalty. Today, you can use the stone to heal the psyche and make it multidimensional. This is a healing stone for complete awareness and works great with meditation and sound healing practices.

To activate your third eye with lapis lazuli, carry it in your pocket or place it under the bed you sleep on. It will heal sleep disturbances and calm down the mind besides bringing clarity to your thoughts.


While this healing stone is also known for heart chakra activation, it works mainly on the overactive sixth chakra by changing energy patterns inside you. From grounding you to ensuring the stability of your mind, spirit, and body, lepidolite is a higher chakra stone that improves brain functions too.

As it’s not toxic in water, you can drop a few tumbled lepidolite stones in the bathtub when soaking in or even create a gem elixir to drink directly. Many crystal users suggest using lepidolite grids for opening your third eye chakra too.


A spell-casting stone that clears the mind and purifies thoughts, moonstone can clear your aura and dispel fears. It calms the mind besides driving away uncertainty and hopelessness on top of enhancing your intuitive abilities. The white stone can also protect you from negativity, black magic, and destructive energies from toxic people too.

For opening the sixth chakra with a moonstone, wear it as a crown or tiara on your forehead. It’s also great on hats, headbands, and bandanas as it keeps the higher chakra connected throughout the time of wear.


Ideal for awakening chakras like heart, throat, and third eye, fluorite is a master healer that alleviates sleep disorders. It’s known to contain the powers of the cosmos and thereby helps you manifest desires easily besides empowering your psychic abilities, especially for spirit communication.

You should keep fluorite off wet surfaces as it’s slightly soluble in water. To open the third eye, use a fluorite pendulum to find your destiny and answers for all your burning questions about spirituality.

Awaken your third eye and see the unseen today

The third eye is the basis of your spiritual consciousness and connection with reality. It contains the same tissues as our eyes and physically links with the pineal gland. That’s why it’s called the third eye in truth. History about the third eye chakra finds its roots in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and cultures like Chinese, Native-American, Mexican, and Egyptian.

The sixth chakra is powered by the element of light, in the color indigo, and ruled by the planet Saturn. When active, the third eye can elevate imagination, self-awareness, clairvoyance, intuition, and creativity.👍🏻

However, when it’s out of whack, many problems like paranoia, stress, mental health problems, disorientation, and more occur. These imbalances may happen due to traumatic events, toxic people, untreated health issues, toxic energy, etcetera.

The brow chakra affects all the other chakras by powering your energy from the root through the sacral, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. You can heal it by sungazing, doing yoga poses or mudras, engaging in sound therapy, chanting affirmations, doing aromatherapy, introducing diet changes, trying holotropic breathwork, meditation, and using healing crystals.

Of all these healing methods, crystal therapy is the best for opening the Ajna as crystals and stones like tanzanite, blue sapphire, lepidolite, and fluorite are filled with third eye energy.

Choose a crystal that you’ve connected from the above list and try a ritual today to unblock the door to the spiritual world today!

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