Tanzanite Healing Properties & Top 7 Ways for Healing

Remember the gorgeous necklace that Rose wore in Titanic while Jack drew her like one of his French girls? The Titanic Hope Diamond is actually 28-carat tanzanite disguised as a blue diamond. To be honest, tanzanites are 1000x rarer than diamonds and have a different shade of blue!

What is tanzanite? What are the healing properties of tanzanite?🤔

Tanzanite is a blue-purple zoisite gemstone originating from the East African country of Tanzania. Called the stone of transformation, tanzanite healing properties include aura brightening, success, psychic abilities, and spirit communication.

Personally, I’ve been researching this gemstone for ages because it’s my birthstone as a Sagittarian. From its secrets to powers, benefits, ways to use, cleanse, and charging techniques there’s a lot to discover about tanzanites and we’ll learn all of it in the next few minutes.

Tanzanite Jewelry Under a Magnifying Glass

Key principles of tanzanite metaphysical healing

Tanzanite is one of the unique healing stones that most people love from the first sight but the interesting thing is humanity is quite new to this stone. It was first discovered only in 1967 and the largest rough tanzanite of 9.27kg was just found in 2020.

The strange thing is this gemstone shows the mesmerizing optical illusion of pleochroism where different colors are visible from different sides of the same stone. Moreover, the name tanzanite isn’t an improvisation of a Latin, Greek, or Sanskrit word, but a marketing strategy.

In actuality, tanzanite is the blue-purple variety of zoisite gemstone that exists in colors like pink, yellow, blue, violet, and green, to name a few. Within a year of its discovery, Tiffany & Co. became the sole distributor of the stone and christened the name "tanzanite" to make it more desirable than "blue zoisite".

What would you have preferred—blue zoisite or tanzanite? If you ask me, tanzanite feels closer than zoisite.😊

I love tanzanites to the moon and back also because of how elevating they are at each glance. Their lavender hues in raw forms and deep purplish-blue faceted jewelry are something to truly cherish for ages.

From doing Merkaba meditation to spirit communication, scrying, and divination, tanzanite works for several high-energy rituals as it can combine several chakras at once. While tanzanites may be new to our history, it’s a healing stone going back 585 million years into the earth’s history.

Blue zoisite shows up between 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness. Although the most valuable tanzanites are purple-toned, cat’s eye tanzanites are even rarer, more gorgeous, and priced higher than the blue-purple variety.

Most of the blue-purple zoisite variety in the market is treated with surface coating or heat to deepen the blue hues. It’s useful for divination to physical, and emotional benefits that we’ll uncover in the next section.

Tanzanite healing properties and powers

Whether you look at tanzanite from left, right, or center and even under sunlight or lamplight, it’ll look scintillating.

Here’s a video on tanzanite’s pleochroism by GIA if you want to be as stunned as I am.

If you get down to the base elements, tanzanite awakens your higher chakras such as the crown, third-eye, and throat. The throat powers your inner truth, the third eye is your spiritual eye, and the crown connects you to the higher realms. But it hardly ever happens all at once!

Take a look at the list of benefits of tanzanites to know about it.👀

Emotional Awareness

From enhancing your emotional intelligence to resilience, the blue-purple healing crystal can help you gain more insight into emotional reactions by tapping into the part of the brain that controls empathy.

Wealth of Knowledge  

Do you know tanzanite is empowered by Sophia, the Greek Goddesses of Wisdom? That’s why holding this stone close to your chakra points also beckons knowledge about the unknown. It’s great for cultivating compassion and gratitude too.

Realization of Self-Worth

One of the best healing crystals for powering your self-confidence, tanzanite is particularly useful for finding courage in yourself. It helps to boost your confidence by discovering your talents and finding belief in them. What’s more, tanzanite can magnetize people towards you.🍻

Find Your Destiny

One of the best applications of tanzanite’s throat chakra powers is how it improves your way of understanding the truth around you. Keeping this healing stone on you can help you find your destiny and karmic past all the while taking the right decisions.🎯

Psychic Powers

To extrapolate on the point we just talked about, tanzanite accelerates the flow of life force energy from your throat to the crown chakra and galactic chakra to imbue psychic abilities. That’s how you can find powers of spirit communication, intuition, telepathy, and clairvoyance with tanzanite.

Leadership Skills

Whether you’re trying to find your purpose or foot in life, blue-purple zoisite can instill decision-making skills by rewiring your brain. It also improves your dedication, fighting skills, and strategic thinking to find truth and success too.

Physical Healing

Because tanzanite can move the life force energy from lower to higher chakras, it can help in curing neurological problems like cluster headaches, brain disorders, and cell damages. Tanzanite can also balance your blood pressure, reduce inflammations in the body, and help in detox.

Fertility Healing With Tanzanite

When you’re looking for ways to enhance your fertility, tanzanite is a good option to try for both men and women. It can balance your hormones and work on underlying disorders of the reproductive organs.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Whether you’re getting back to life after surgery or trauma, the purple variety of tanzanite stone can accelerate healing for the mind and body. It’s particularly recommended for post-operation recovery!

Stability and Fulfillment

One of the little-known healing powers of tanzanite stone is how it attracts success and prosperity into your life. From career to love life and familial relationships, tanzanite can work wonders if you’re in a rut by working on astrological issues.

Types of tanzanites and their healing properties

Tanzanites are rare, period.

But here’s a cold fact to put that into perspective. All the tanzanites in the world come from a 14 sq km area in the Lelatema Mountains of Tanzania. But even with such a small scope of origin, this transparent zoisite healing crystal has many variations, both natural and man-made.

Moreover, the deep blue tone of tanzanite is completely unique. We’d know otherwise because Titanic producers looked every nook and cranny for the deepest blue tone and tanzanite topped the list over sapphires, azurites, and diamonds.😄

The following distinguishes different types of tanzanites based on their healing powers so that we can find out which type of tanzanite is best for you.

Do treated, synthetic, and imitation tanzanites have the same healing powers as natural stones?

Tanzanites are rare but they also have a diverse list of color tones that make them stunning from every glance. Truth be told, these stunning colors aren’t quite natural. Most of what you’re awed by is a result of treatments.

So do tanzanites possess more or less metaphysical properties after treatments?❓

Raw Tanzanite Crystal for Energy Healing

Like heated amethysts, dyed lapis lazuli stones, and waxed emeralds or rubies, most tanzanites in the market are treated in some way to enhance their beauty and color.

While healing crystals within the earth contain the most powerful energies, polished and treated crystals are powerful too. That also means treated tanzanites are metaphysically powerful too.

Moreover, synthetic and imitation tanzanites aren’t made in laboratories like diamonds. They are mostly simulants of cubic zirconia or other alternative stones.

Healing powers of tanzanite by variety

Different shades of violet and blue help us distinguish different varieties of tanzanites. Let’s look at the healing powers of each type of tanzanite next.

  • bV and vB tanzanites: The bluish-violet (bV) variety of tanzanite has more purple or violet and is hence named bV or blue-violet tanzanite. On the contrary, tanzanite with dominant blue over violet is called vB or violetish blue tanzanite.
  • Pink tanzanite: If you notice pink flashes in a backdrop of bV tanzanite, it’s pink tanzanite. The crystal is great for unlocking the thymus or higher heart chakra for working on your self-love.
  • Golden tanzanite: A rarer variety of zoisite with purple, blue, and gold is often called the golden tanzanite. It’s considered great for attracting success and luck into your life.🥇
  • Peacock Tanzanite: Another rare type of tanzanite, peacock tanzanite is the untreated variety of tanzanite with green, blue, purple, white, and sky blue tones. It’s a psychic stone with highly powerful vibrational energies perfect for spirit communication.
  • Cat's eye tanzanite: A gorgeous variety of tanzanite that looks like a crack in time, cat’s eye tanzanite lets you in on your karmic past. It’s considered best for resolving chakra blocks.

Apart from that tanzanite exists on green prehnite, calcite, and graphite. That’s why you might’ve heard of tanzanite graphite or tanzanite calcite too.

My 7 favorite ways to use tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry for healing

Because most December birthstones are sky blue (think London blue topaz, turquoise, and aquamarine) tanzanite comes off as a unique stone in the December crystal collection. Perhaps that’s why it’s a favorite among most December-borns, including me.😍

Are you smitten too? Tell us your favorite healing crystal in the comment below!

Let’s find out how blue zoisite stones can be used to the best of their powers in your everyday life.

Tanzanite earrings and jewelry: What to wear and what not to

Healing Powers of Tanzanite Earrings

While raw tanzanite healing stones look beautiful, polishing and faceting add a rare sense of depth and beauty to them. In addition, blue zoisites can connect with your higher chakras and keep them charged when worn around them.

I personally recommend getting tanzanite earrings, pendants, and necklaces or tiaras because they’re worn close to the crown, the third eye, or the throat chakras.❤️ You can set varied goals by wearing different types of tanzanite jewelry to target different chakras too.

Wearing tanzanite rings and bracelets is great for blessing your own actions with divinity. It’s also great to keep your chakras tuned throughout the ritual. Just remember to cleanse and charge it at the end of the day.

Open-air meditation with tanzanite

Tanzanite is governed by two elements—air and fire.

When you meditate in the open air with this healing crystal next to you, it can fire up your higher chakras while making you one with the wind as well. I suggest sitting out in a garden or terrace with a lit candle (fire element) and tanzanite within one meter from you.

Doing a session of candlelight meditation outdoors is a great way to use energies in nature to tone your destiny, psychic powers, and neurons too. You can also create affirmations based on your manifestations and chant them to power up the ritual if you’re a vocal person.

That being said, sometimes tanzanites are believed to be ruled by water too. And if you feel closer to water than fire or air, then the next section will teach you a tanzanite healing technique you can practice right away!

Gem Bath

The second element that influences tanzanite gemstone is water. It’s one of the most important markers of life that helps us stay alive, happy, and healthy as well.

Just as water becomes healthier when infused with fruits, it comes even more powerful when infused with healing crystals.

But tanzanite isn’t safe to soak in water for a long time. So, the best way to infuse the energy of water is by covering it or covering the water around it.

Pro Tip
That’s why I love keeping tanzanite around my bathtub when I’m due for a spirit-soak. You can also wrap the crystal in a zip lock bag and drop it in the tub to soak into the healing energies during your bath.

Crystal Grid

A crystal grid uses symmetry to tap into the unknown powers of the universe to manifest your goals. Essentially, you should pick a shape or form that best reflects your goals.

Depending on your goal, you can choose different prints for your crystal grid. It could be based on popular mandalas so that it helps you drive the energy towards manifestation.

If you ask me, I love to create crystal grids in the shapes of my spirit animal. I feel spirit animals are great because they naturally help you reach where you need to go. ✍🏻As a bonus tip, get raw tanzanite stones for extra energy if you’re doing a grid!

Gem Elixir

Elixirs rejuvenate your body. And tanzanite being a high-vibrational stone, can work on mind, body, and soul at once. You can also use tanzanite healing stones to detox your body from poison, stress, tension, or trauma too.

I like to take a jug of warm water made from sappanwood (a type of herb that changes the color tone of the water) once every month.

You can place a coaster with a tanzanite ring or earring on the top of it. After keeping the setting undisturbed for up to 24 hours, I try to drink the water within 2 days.

Feng shui placements for tanzanite

One of the lesser-known powers of tanzanite is success and winning. And I find the best way to tap into spiritual energies of luck, success, and chance of blue zoisite is with elemental knowledge. Feng shui is a great way to work on the flow of "chi" energy to attract positivity and metaphysical benefits.

You can use tanzanite to bring abundance and financial freedom to your life this way. Just keep it in the northern area of your house.

Tanzanite Pendulum

A crystal pendulum made of a tanzanite stone is perfect for decoding the secrets of your destiny. This works because tanzanite has a direct link to the throat chakra and crown chakra, which helps to decipher more too with it.

I feel tanzanite pendulum dowsing is excellent for helping in decision-making.

What I normally do is create a list of seven to ten questions I want to ask the universe before setting up the crystal pendulum.

All you have to do is determine the movement of the pendulum for "yes" and "no" beforehand so that your answers are clear.

What crystals are best to use with tanzanite?

Combining the energy of crystals is straightforward because all you have to do is gather healing stones with two or more similar properties of chakra, element, color, aura, ruling planet, etcetera. But for tanzanite, there are more combinations than just similar chakras or elements.

Let’s look at them one-by-one.

  • Divination: The best gemstone to bring out the psychic abilities of tanzanite is blue aragonite. It can pave the way to your divine mind and spiritual destiny with blue zoisite in the mix.
  • Grounding: For finding the power to stabilize yourself with tanzanite, hematite can tether you when the higher energies become overwhelming.
  • Love: Combining tanzanite with pearl is believed to reveal truths about your romantic side of the brain.
  • Spirit communication: One of the best stones to include in tanzanite meditations for finding guardian angels or spiritual directions is sugilite.
  • High vibration: If you wish to tap into the high-vibration powers of tanzanite, pair it up with diamonds.💎
  • Tanzanite alternatives with similar healing properties:
    • Blue sapphire: This is a great stone to combine with tanzanite as it beckons luck and success into your life.
    • Amethyst: Yet another stone that opens the same chakras (third eye and crown), amethyst is great for grounding and stability with zoisite.
    • Lapis Lazuli: If you’re looking for a crystal that exactly mimics the chakra energies of tanzanite, lapis lazuli with tanzanite can improve your psychic powers.
    • Labradorite: Another blue-toned stone with crown and throat chakra energies, this crystal duo can help you look into your karmic past.
    • Sodalite: Besides powering up the third eye and throat chakras, sodalite is an emotional healing stone that brings calmness and stability when paired with tanzanite.

How to cleanse and charge tanzanites? What’s the right way to store tanzanite jewelry?

Cleaning your tanzanite jewelry is easy. Get some soapy water (mild), dip your tanzanite in it, scrub off with a soft brush, and dry it; that’s it!

But cleansing a healing crystal is a whole new world. While there are many ways to cleanse healing crystals, I love cleansing tanzanites with fire. Because tanzanites are ruled by the element of fire, I circle my tanzanite thrice over burning palo santo or sage to cleanse off the negativity.

In the same way as cleansing, charging a healing crystal such as tanzanite is possible in many ways. You can go with crystal wands or even aromatherapy. When I’m not doing a session of open-air meditation with a candle-lit tanzanite bracelet in my lap, I prefer reiki or Tibetan singing bowls.

As tanzanites tend to chip and crack, you must take meticulous care when wearing them. Along the same line, you shouldn’t soak tanzanite jewelry in water for a long while as it contains aluminum. It’s the same reason why we don’t add it directly to the bathtub or water for gem bath or elixir too.

Who should wear tanzanite? Who shouldn’t wear tanzanite gemstone?

Everyone can wear tanzanite. You might’ve already seen tanzanites on most jewelry sites since the start of December. It’s pretty perfect for winters if you ask me. Wearing it in December up until spring is a great choice for keeping luck on your side astrologically.

That being said, tanzanite is best for Sagittarians. People with this zodiac sign are born between November 22 to December 21 and they find success, luck, confidence, and destiny with tanzanites. It’s also great for Geminis because tanzanites make them more stable and self-sufficient.

Apart from zodiac signs, tanzanites are highly recommended for artists and writers for finding success in their passion.

When to wear tanzanite?

Tanzanite is ruled by Athena, the Greek Goddess of War Athena apart from Goddess Sophia that we learned about earlier. That’s why it’s best to wear tanzanite in stressful situations to make the right decisions.

A man-made day for wearing tanzanite is on your 24th wedding anniversary as it’s the ideal gift for the occasion. Buy it for your boo or baby, tanzanite will keep on blessing your luck, career, destiny, and love life in any case.

Do you know tanzanite is ruled by Jupiter? That’s why the power of this zoisite healing crystal peaks on Thursdays, the day of Jupiter or Brihaspati (Hindi).

Jupiter is the God of miracles, prosperity, growth, and wealth. Appease the ruler and the treasures will fall at your feet!

Fun Fact: In India, Thursday is called Brihaspathivar.

Can I wear tanzanites every day?

Yes, you can wear tanzanites every day. Unlike most of the recent crystals we talked about, tanzanites can be worn every day of the week! But do take it off at least once a day to cleanse it.

Just bear in mind that it’s a stone with perfect cleavage, meaning it can crack pieces when hit sharply at the right place. It’s a fragile stone and most people with tanzanite in their wedding rings often end up cracking it sooner than later.

Nonetheless, tanzanite is tougher than pearl, lapis lazuli, and calcite, to name a few. But, it can scratch easily, and hence I always recommend taking it off when cleaning vessels, gardening, or cooking.

Embrace transformation with tanzanite this December

You learned at the beginning of this article that this healing stone is a thousand times rarer than diamonds. While some sources say mines would last until 2022 and others 2040, adding tanzanite to your crystal collection now is one of the essential steps for crystal lovers today. Besides rarity, it’s a magnet for prosperity, success, and healing.

Tanzanite is one of those stones that look like a different stone from every angle; so it’s hard not to fall in love with it. But this crystal is even more fascinating when you start looking at the uses based on its metaphysical properties.

Moreover, it’s one of the Synergy 12 Stones, occupying its rightful place as the December birthstone. Put simply, whether you’re a Sagittarian or not, wearing tanzanite in December can turn out wondrous!

If you love tanzanites and want to buy a real one, here’s a tip to identify the real ones from fakes:

Most tanzanites show flashes of red and pink within a deep purple hue when seen under incandescent light. On the contrary, the same stone will remain blue with hints of purple in natural light.

While it’s a new-generation healing crystal, legends say that tanzanite is a precious gift from the heavenly world. That may be because the Maasai cattle herders first chanced upon this stone next to a bush fire that happened as a result of lightning. Burning bush or not, tanzanite is filled with the element of fire and you can find your own fire with it.🔥

Whether you want to find your destiny or luck, tanzanite can help. However, you should remember it works slowly. So, be a tad bit patient with it. I suggest getting tanzanite jewelry that you can wear close to your crown, or third eye chakras, and throat chakras if you’re planning to buy it soon.

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