Sun and Moon Energy for Crystals: Healing With Natural Light

According to science, natural light positively affects the mind and body. Maybe that’s why the sun and moon energies are both considered influential in the metaphysical world.

So, can sun and moon energies heal? What do the sun and moon energy mean for crystals? Is one better than the other?☀️🌝

Yes, the sun protects, strengthens, and physically heals you while the moon works on your emotions and calms you. One isn’t better than the other as both the sun and moon have unique energies. Moreover, cleansing crystals at dawn and dusk also charge them simultaneously. It’s the easiest, simplest, and most potent healing ritual.

In this post, I’ll describe the effects of the sun and moon energies. You’ll also find out crystals ruled by sun and moon, followed by charging and cleansing rituals with sun and moon too.

Here are the topics that will help us learn all about it:

  • Basics of sun and moon healing energies
  • What are the metaphysical properties of sunlight for cleansing and charging crystals?
  • Which are the sun crystals and how to charge them in five ways?
  • What are the metaphysical properties of moonlight for cleansing and charging crystals?
  • Which are the moon crystals and five ways to charge them?
Cleansing and Charging Crystals Under Sunlight With Sunlight

Basics: Metaphysics of sun and moon energies for crystals

Without the sun’s heat, the earth would be permanently frozen. And without the moon, we wouldn’t have the tidal thrusts necessary for life either. But let’s keep the scientific tribute aside and start with a bit of sun and moon history in different cultures before delving into their metaphysics.

The solar body is represented by the symbol “☉” while the lunar body can take different symbols from the crescent to the full moon. Sun is the masculine + paternal energy, and the moon rules the feminine + maternal spirit.

Why? From Indian mythologies to Mesopotamian, the sun’s energy is hot, invincible, and penetrative like men. On the other hand, the moon is cool, soft, and receptive (it receives light from the sun), much like a woman.

So, what are the healing powers of the sun and moon?🤔

👉🏻The sun brings strength, enlightenment, and vitality and the moon imparts empathy, prosperity, and beauty.

Going back to the Bronze Age, the sun was believed to be a glowing disc conveyed in a chariot from morning until night.

Interestingly, the sun is represented as a man on a chariot pushed by seven horses or a single horse with seven heads (representing the seven chakras) in the Vedic Astrology.

But transporting the sun from morn till night via the chariot isn’t just unique to Hinduism. It also spans Nordic to Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and Greek cultures.

Woman “Holding” the Sun With Her Hand

Now let’s talk about lunar energies. The most positive vibrations in the lunar cycle happen at the full moon and the new moon phases. The Japanese consider the moon unconditionally positive, and it shows up as peace and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Perhaps that’s why the lunar calendar is crucial to Asian cultures, and the Lunar New Year is celebrated in many Asian countries. And it’s quite a grand festival in Hong Kong too. Just ask our founders—Steven & Cynthia; they had so much fun on the Lunar New Year that just passed by on February 1!

In the west, the moon represents purity, romance, and beauty.

Much like the sun’s chariot in Hinduism, the Greeks believed the moon Goddess Selene drove on a chariot to light up the night sky too. Aztecs, Incas, Sumerians, and Hindus have their versions of moon worship too.

Because the sun and the moon are celestial bodies with powerful energies as strong as the cosmos itself, they encompass the power to direct the energy of healing crystals.

💡As a result, you can cleanse, charge, or even amplify healing stones using the vibrations of natural light.

Fun Fact
The word "chakra" translates to "wheel" in Sanskrit. But, do you know it’s also a metaphor for the sun?

Metaphysical properties of sunlight for crystals

Science says sun energy can regulate hormones, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, and even decrease cancerous growth. 

Metaphysically, the sun has transformed from a glowing disc to a healing disc throughout the history of humanity.

Truth be told, you’ll feel self-obsessed, overly proud, angry, frustrated, or tired when you lack sun energies. But you can overcome these malefic effects of the sun when you start using crystals ruled by the sun.✍🏻

Charging these crystals in sunlight also amplifies their healing energies and activates the benefic effects of the sun, such as protection, courage, positivity, etcetera.

Sun is activated by the classic element of fire. Moreover, the fire element in the sun enhances strength, willpower, creativity, and life force in users like you and me.

What chakra is related to the sun?

As you might’ve guessed, solar energy activates the solar plexus chakra. That’s why this chakra is often referred to as one’s "personal sun." 🔥Because the "fire element rules the sun," psychics say it also invokes the "sacral chakra."

What does solar energy mean astrologically?

The healing energies of the sun are believed to strengthen zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Aries gains courage and self-confidence from the sun, while Leo finds generosity and freedom from self-obsession. Solar vibrations will help you become optimistic and disciplined if you're a Sagittarian like me.

Astrologically, the sun is good with ruling planets such as Jupiter, Mars, and Moon while it clashes with Venus and Saturn.

Sun crystals: What are the crystals ruled by the sun?

Sun Crystal Jewelry: Drop-Shaped Ruby Earring

You must’ve noticed I’ve described the sun as the ruling planet of several crystals we learned recently. Let’s look at all the sun crystals together!

  • Citrine
  • Ruby
  • Carnelian
  • Sunstone
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Orange Selenite
  • Bumblebee Jasper
  • Orange Calcite
  • Petrified Wood
  • Mango Quartz
  • Rudraksha

While most crystals cleanse, charge, or amplify with the sun, solar heat and light can also be detrimental to certain crystals. The gold standard is to avoid keeping most of the transparent crystals in the sun for long hours.

Take a look at crystals that aren’t good to be exposed in the sun for a long time and why.

BerylBecomes brittle
CalciteBecomes brittle
FluoriteGets extremely hot
OpalBecomes brittle
SeleniteBecomes dull
Super SevenFades

Can I charge my crystals in sunlight? How to cleanse and charge crystals with sunlight?

Yes, you can charge crystals in the sunlight in several ways. To be honest, crystals will get automatically charged when you cleanse them under the sun.

One of the easiest ways to cleanse healing crystals is with sunlight. Ideally, two hours under the early morning sunlight is enough to cleanse negativity from healing stones. But you can extend it to a full day by keeping your crystals on the windowsill away from direct light, especially if it’s not safe in the sun.⚠️

If your crystal is susceptible to fading, cracking, or other issues when exposed to the sun, a few minutes of healing rays of the sun is enough to purify + charge them.

5 Best ways to charge crystals with sunlight

But doing specific rituals I’ve described below, you can charge most crystals even if they aren’t ruled by the sun to manifest your desires.

Healing rituals on Sunday

Whether you refer to Roman or Vedic history, the day of the sun is Sunday in most cultures. The word comes from the old English word “Sunnandæg,” meaning Sun’s Day. Hence, engaging in rituals with your crystals that pleases the sun amplifies its energies exponentially.

Pro Tip
I recommend wearing jewelry made of sun crystals. Ideally, any jewelry made of sun crystals set in gold is great because gold is the sun’s metal.

Sun salutations

Embracing sun energy is also possible with simple rituals like offering things to the sun. My father-in-law offers water to the sun at dawn for this very reason, just like most religious Hindus.

I believe the best way to charge your sun crystals is by doing sun salutation yoga called ‘Surya Namaskar’ with the crystal on you or next to you.

Here’s a video showing how to do so:

Sun-charged elixir

Another way to imbue solar energy for charging crystals is with an elixir. All you need to do is place a crystal next to a glass of water for a few hours from sunrise to sunset at your windowsill. Afterward, drink the elixir, and your body will detox and strengthen too.

Divine symmetry

I particularly love sun-based crystal grids. If you can’t find a good grid, draw a circle and add to it based on how the sun appeals to you.

When I’m in a hurry, I make a single circle and arrange sun crystals around it based on how my intuition directs me. I also love drawing a circle with chalk around me while at dawn and setting sun crystals around me to create a sun grid with me in the center of it.📝

Don’t forget to hold a petrified wood in your hand when activating the grid so you can place it at the center of the grid when getting up. What’s more, you can even set it in the feng shui direction of the sun—East. It’s great for attracting health and harmony.


Also called "sun mediation," sun gazing is the most straightforward ritual for absorbing the healing energies of the sun. Holding your sun-based crystals when doing so can charge them with solar energies too.

My favorite way is to focus on a ray of the sun instead of directly looking at the sun at sunrise while holding citrine, carnelian, or any other sun crystal I want to charge. I also call it "sun meditation" as I visualize the solar energies going into the crystal and charging it with my manifestations.

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Metaphysical properties of moon energy for crystals

We all know that moon doesn’t have any light of its own. All that we perceive as moonlight is actually sunlight reflected off the grey rock that the moon is.

But that doesn’t mean the moon is insignificant.

For starters, our earth’s seasons could change substantially. Moreover, extreme temperatures might cause ice ages or vice-versa. Plus, animals (both marine and terrestrial) that rely on tidal waves will also cease to exist.  

That’s why the malefic effects of moon energy can cause mood swings, laziness, depression, anxiety, and fights between loved ones. However, you can balance it out by using moon crystals with healing moon energies.😚

As the water element rules it, moon energy helps calm down and feel emotions like joy, happiness, satisfaction, cosmic consciousness, and beauty. 

Which chakra is associated with the moon?

The sacral chakra is the main chakra of the moon, and that’s why the crescent moon represents it. The navel chakra fills you with the life force energy and takes you to light.

But that’s not the only chakra associated with the moon.

The seventh chakra is represented with the moon encompassing a triangle in the center. Hence, astrologers also interpret the crown chakra symbol as the full moon. Yet another chakra that stands for the full moon is the throat chakra. In it, the triangle is seen inside the circle that signifies the full moon in total.

While crown chakra connects you to the higher realm, throat connects to your inner voice.

On top of it all, there’s also a lunar chakra, just like the solar plexus chakra of the sun. The eighth chakra (secondary chakras are several) is also famous as the Chandra or Bindu chakra located outside the body. Lunar chakra is known as the seat of spirit communication.

What does lunar energy mean astrologically?

Moon energies can positively affect several zodiac signs, mainly Cancer, Aquarius, and Taurus.

Those born with the zodiac sign of Cancer will feel compassionate and less sensitive, and Aquarians find it easy to socialize and be confident with themselves. But if you’re a Taurus, the moon can make you patient and responsible.

When it comes to the friendly and enemy planets of the moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Sun come forth as solid friends. Moreover, the moon has no enemies. But Venus isn’t great with lunar energies.

What does full moon energy mean for crystals?

When the sunlight illumines the moon once a month, its energy reaches its peak and becomes the full moon. It’s a time when everything peaks or gets amplified. 

That’s why “full moon cleansing” is a great way to purify moon crystals and charge them.

At this time—

Happiness turns into euphoria.
Irritation transforms into frustration.
Peace grows into awakening.
Anger becomes aggression.
Love changes into a passion.
Moodiness advances to depression.

What does new moon energy mean for crystals?

When a new lunar cycle begins, the new moon occurs. That’s why the new moon is the symbol of new beginnings and is often recommended as the best time to start new things like businesses, projects, relationships, and wear new crystals.

You should use moon crystals to start on new goals, manifestations, and resolutions.

During this time—

Happiness grows into joy.
Irritation converts to annoyance.
Peace grows into composure.
Anger evolves into a distraction.
Love sets off romance.
Moodiness unfolds into revelations.

What does the dark moon energy mean for crystals?

When there’s no sunlight reflected off the moon, it’s called a black moon or a dark moon. It’s not a bad time, but not the best time either. So, it’s better to pause what you’re doing or take a break from things to introspect.

I don’t take out my crystals during the dark moon.

This is when—

Happiness becomes blues.
Irritation converts to vexation.
Peace converts into a humdrum.
Anger evolves into stress.
Love turns into disillusion.
Moodiness develops into fatigue.

Moon crystals: What are the crystals ruled by the moon?

Moon Crystal: Oval Shaped Labradorite

Just like the sun is the ruling planet of the crystals we described earlier, there are crystals ruled by moon energies too.

Here’s what they are:

How to cleanse and charge crystals with moon energy?

Ever felt light, free, or clean when you had a heart-to-heart with your mom? That’s what happens when you and crystals are purified with moon energies.😊

Moonlight is so cleansing that a few minutes of soaking in it can cleanse your crystals as well as you. That’s why the Ganda people of Central Africa soak their newborns in the light of the full moon too.

How do you charge crystals with moon energy? Much like the sun, cleansing a crystal under the moonlight simultaneously charges it too.

You can leave sun crystals on your terrace or windowsill overnight so that they bathe in the healing light of the new moon and full moon. Some people even bury their crystals for an entire lunar cycle for a thorough cleanse!

5 Effective ways to charge crystals with moonlight

You might not know this, but the healing energies of the moon stay three days before and after the full moon and new moon.

So, you can charge crystals during this time for the cleanse + charge rituals. Let’s look at the five simple ways to charge your crystal with lunar energies.

Healing rituals on Monday

The word Monday comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "mondandaeg," meaning "day the of the moon."

Pro Tip
Hence, wearing crystals ruled by the moon on Mondays is a great way to tap into the healing energies of the moon. Even better, you can wear moon crystals set in silver. It’s the "metal of the moon."

I also love gifting moon crystals to my mother and my mother-in-law on Mondays for amplifying the healing vibrations of crystals and us. Simply spending time with your mother and crystals at the same time also charges the stones quickly.

Moon salutations

Just like "Surya Namaskar," there’s "Chandra Namaskar" where you salute the moon at dusk. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, this video will help you do it in a matter of minutes!

How to manifest full moon energy? 

You can also wear moon crystals you want to charge or keep close to you when doing this yoga. When I do this, I also visualize charging the crystals with my "moon yoga" energy.

Full moon elixir

Making a full moon elixir is one of the things I rarely miss out on, especially if there’s a supermoon coming by. You can also do it by keeping a moon crystal next to a glass of water for a few hours to overnight to do so.

Once charged, consume the moon elixir for detoxing as it’s infused with healing vibrations of the moon.

But what I absolutely love is soaking in a gem bath with moon crystals and moon scents like Jasmine and coconut oil.


How to manifest new moon energy? The best way is to write down all your manifestations so that you can visualize and meditate your desires going into the crystal while soaking in the moonlight.

Here are a few affirmations for charging your crystals during the new moon and full moon:

  • I am charged to attain my goal.
  • I am tuned to succeed.
  • I am walking towards success.
  • I am satisfied and happy.
  • I welcome new beginnings.
  • I am unstoppable and my time has come.
  • I attract good things into my life.


How do you manifest on a full moon? One of the best ways to manifest ideas and wishes is by charging your crystals while gazing at the moon. You can hold the healing stones in your palms to amplify their energies.

I believe it’s a great way to visualize your manifestations working out and charging the crystals. You can also meditate while doing so or use a singing bowl to tune to the healing energies effectively.

Start charging crystals with sun and moon energies

While the cleansing and charging rituals are pivoted around the sun and the moon, it’s not a bad idea to set up charging rituals at other times to charge your stones.

We learned that the sun gives protection, physical healing, and mental acuity.🌞

On the other hand, moon energies can vary from new moon to full moon and dark moon. I call the new moon the "reset time" and the full moon the "peak days."🌜🌝

Moon can enlighten, calm, beautify, and make you happy.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you go:

  • Don’t keep your crystals out if you feel it might rain.
  • You can always let the window open and keep the crystals inside.
  • Don’t keep your healing stones if you’re afraid of thieves.
  • It’s always better to let the crystals stay directly on the soil while soaking in the sunlight/moonlight.
  • When gazing at the sun, don’t gaze when it’s the brightest.
  • If certain crystals are harmful in the sun, charge and cleanse them in the moon instead.
  • Even though sun crystals and moon crystals are most amplified by the sun and moon, respectively, they can work with any crystals!👨🏻‍🏫

Here’s a bonus tip—start your day with Surya namaskar and end it with Chandra namaskar using sun and moon crystals.

Share your zodiac sign in the comments, and I’ll tell you if it’s suitable for the sun or the moon.

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