Complete Definitive Guide to Sacral Chakra (Healing Methods Inside)

The world of chakras is filled with many treasures. One treasure is the chakra that empowers your life force energy directly.

Referred to as the power chakra, this is the second primary chakra in the human body. Sacral chakra is the hub of your creative power, sexual epitomes, and self-fulfillment. It helps run the life force energy throughout your other chakras. When active, sacral chakra can make you confident and at your best.💪🏻

When out of whack, sacral chakra can bring on many physical, emotional, and spiritual hindrances in life. If you’re wondering how this chakra opens up, what it means, how to check yours and heal it, we will teach you all that and more in the following article.

Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra Healing Guide

These are the topics we will dive through:

  • What is the definition of sacral chakra? What is its history?
  • Where is the second chakra located, what’s its color, element, ruling planet and signs when balanced?
  • What are the causes of imbalances in the sacral chakra?
  • How does the second chakra compare with the other primary chakras in the body?
  • 7 Ways to heal your sacral chakra
  • How to access the power of sacral chakra using crystals and crystal jewelry?

What does sacral chakra mean? Where did it come from?

One of the most important chakras in the human body responsible for the flow of energy, sacral chakra is the seat of your emotions, energy, opinions, and perspective. It’s where the life force energy starts from. Normally, it develops from the age of 14 to 18 years or when you hit puberty.

Originating from the Sanskrit word "Svadhisthana", sacral chakra means "where your self is seated (Sva-self, Adhisthana-seat). It's a chakra that denotes the placement of your core energy and hence called Wari chakra, Shatpatra, and Skaddala Padma in Sanskrit.

Virtues like creativity, adrenaline rush, formation of opinions, origination of ideas, and sexual energy (kundalini energy) awaken when your sacral chakra is open and active. It helps you tune your personal relationships with others in a better way.

Any activity that opens up your core self also powers your thoughts and actions. Sacral chakra is the seat of your ego and when balanced, it translates to a healthy ego. The root of this chakra can be found in Hindu Tantrism. It vouches that the root chakra is where your life force energy lays asleep and sacral chakra is where the same energy finds expression.

What Is Sacral Chakra?

Tibetan beliefs have a similar chakra in Vajrayana Tantra called "Secret Place" that’s located four inches beneath the navel. Sufism also preaches that the energy center of the body is at "nafs" that exists immediately below the navel area.

Fun Fact
Earth’s sacral chakra is located at Lake Titicaca at the Peruvian-Bolivian border, which includes the island Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) once inhabited by the Incas.

What are the traits of sacral chakra?

Often called the "sensual chakra", the second chakra is represented in many ways.🧘🏻 Because it’s connected to the physical, emotional, and spiritual virtues, this chakra is directly linked with many traits.

📝Represented by the crescent moon and closely-associated with water, sacral chakra has many faces. In Hinduism, strong svadhisthana chakra rewards you with wisdom, mental clarity, fluency in thoughts, freedom from foes, loss of hydrophobia, and enlightenment about spirituality.

Let’s find out the different characteristics of the svadhisthana chakra in detail below.

What is the location of the sacral chakra?

According to the chakra system, sacral chakra is found in the pelvic area. Generally responsible for the secretion of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, sacral chakra is located on the same level as ovaries in women and testes in men. It exists below your belly button at an inch or two above the root chakra.

How do you represent the sacral chakra?

Sacral chakra is represented by an orange lotus with six petals and a crescent moon. The silver circle inside the lotus stands for water and altogether it shows the relation between moon and water with the sacral chakra. Moon is also the epitome of the menstrual cycle. Hence, it relates to the sexual organs in the body.

Six petals of the sacral chakra lotus denote the different stages of consciousness such as mental awareness (vrittis), delusion, suspicion, pitilessness, disdain, and affection.

What’s the color of the sacral chakra?

Orange is one of the most sacred colors in Hinduism and it’s the color of svadhisthana chakra. The saffron color is the symbol of strength and liveliness here. It consists of equal parts of the two colors—yellow and red. This warm color often represents sensuality according to many beliefs and physically, it relates to organs such as bladder, colon, and gallbladder.  

What’s the sacral chakra element?

Water is the official element of the sacral chakra and perhaps that’s why earth’s sacral chakra is a water body too. Water is the same reason why sometimes sacral chakra is represented by blue color.

Based on the water element, the seed mantra of this chakra is "vam". Chanting this syllable can also awaken the second major chakra.

Which planet rules the second chakra?

Sacral chakra is ruled by the planet Venus. Typically denoting sensuality, romance, and love, Venus is also the center of divine beauty. It’s a feminine planet but sacral chakra is blessed by Mercury too. The latter planet boosts your creativity and energy to derive solutions quickly with the help of the cosmos.😊

How do you feel when the sacral chakra is balanced?

When your sacral chakra is in balance, many things happen to the body, mind, and spirit.

Here are its common signs:

  • Creative energy: You get innovative ideas about everything you think about.
  • Dedication: You feel committed to tasks, goals, and duties.
  • Fantasies: Being hopeful or dreaming of a positive future is common.🤩
  • Relationships: You become better at maintaining relationships.
  • Self-confidence: You begin to trust your talents and skills to complete tasks.
  • Satiated: You are satisfied with your thoughts and actions.
  • Sexual energy: You will feel the heat of sexuality in your core.
  • Emotional intelligence: You will find it easy to empathize and understand others.
  • Pleasure: You can find ways to enjoy things in life easily.
  • Intimacy: Maintaining intimacy is a piece of cake for you.
What Are the Signs When the Second Chakra Is in Balance

Sacral chakra imbalances: Overactive and underactive sacral chakra

When you catch the common cold, your temperature rises and your sinuses become blocked amongst other things. But what do you feel when your sacral chakra isn't functioning properly? Is it true that blocked sacral chakra can throw the whole body out of whack? Are there signs to check if your svadhisthana is overactive or underactive?

Scroll away to find out.

Signs of overactive and underactive sacral chakra

When your life force energy is still asleep or barely awake, you have an underactive sacral chakra. On the other hand, an overactive sacral chakra shows up through overflow of the same energy.

  • Codependency: Setting healthy boundaries is impossible when you're relying excessively on someone and it happens due to an underactive second chakra.
  • Overwhelmed: When your sacral chakra is overactive, you can often be overcome by emotions most of the time.
  • Obsessions: Whether you have a seuxal problem or compulsive disorder about cleanliness, obsessions are commonly a sign of an overactive svadhisthana chakra.
  • Energy: When you lack energy, it denotes an underactive chakra and excess energy is a sign of overactive second chakra.
  • Low back pain: Signs of pain around the sacral chakra such as the lower vertebrae is a sign of imbalance in the sacral chakra.
  • Leg pain: When you experience joint pain or arthritis, your sacral chakra might be overactive.
  • Hip discomforts: If you have many hip issues for no reason, activating your sacral chakra might help.
  • Stress: If you’re worried, tense, or restless most times, look for ways to work on your unbalanced svadhisthana chakra.  
  • Hopelessness: Suffering from a case of zero dreams? Your sacral chakra might be blocked.
  • Laziness: A sign of  dullness and boredom directly relates to the lack of life force energy that comes from an underactive second chakra.
  • Fatigue: If you’re tired and weak physically and mentally, you know which chakra to look into.
  • Insecurity: Having no self-respect can often lead to insecurities and it typically happens to those with underactive sacral chakra.
  • Anti-social: When you’re disinterested in the ways of the society, sacral chakra might be too weak.
  • Detached: Feeling disconnected with reality or disoriented from your life is a serious case of underactive sacral chakra.
  • Aggression: If your sacral chakra is overflowing excessively, you might feel it as a superiority complex driven with adrenaline.
  • Addictions: People who can’t shake off obsessive cravings often heal once their sacral chakra balances.
  • Reproductive diseases: Recurring or incurable reproductive disorders are often caused by the second chakra problems.

What causes sacral chakra imbalances?

Our life force energy is our essence. When your life force energy is gone, your identity fades away and you become less-and-less of you.

So what are the main reasons your sacral chakra goes off rail? First off, if you’re depressed, your body might be secreting the wrong hormones or deficient in some others. But in any case, depression leads to a weak sacral chakra.

When it comes to physical causes, digestive problems, infections, pain, and infertility can lead to an unbalanced svadhishthana chakra. Irregular menstruation and any kind of unwanted growth like cyst can also add to sacral chakra issues.

Emotionally, your baggage from previous relationships and jealousy can burden the second chakra too. If you’re embarrassed, shy, or afraid of most things in life, your sacral chakra will work poorly. Losing a job or failing in exams also adds to the cause. Abuse, trauma, and a history of toxic relationships worsens the energy of this chakra.🥺

If you have a habit of putting yourself down or not listening to your gut feelings, svadhisthana chakra will suffer in the long run.

How does sacral chakra relate to the other six primary chakras

The entire chakra system works based on partnerships with different chakras. When your root is active, the life force energy awakens, and starts its journey into the sacral chakra. That’s why you need an active root chakra to open the sacral chakra.

🏄🏻‍♀️Once the sacral chakra is open, it will lead the life force energy into the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. Each chakra point has its own different healing powers that are activated with the flow of kundalini energy. The combined energy of multiple energies makes your physical body healthy.

Sacral chakra healing: 7 effective methods explained

Sacral chakra is the main channel for the flow of life force energy. When your self-worth and ego are ruined, sacral chakra degrades.

One of the best ways to energize your life force energy is via catharsis. It helps to remove blocks from your sacral chakra. You can release undue pressure via catharsis through dancing, punching, swimming, shouting, screaming, crying, or even jumping on the trampoline.

But there are many other ways to light up the flow of kundalini energy and the following will help you out.


Using the power of your breath, hand gestures, and postures, it’s possible to awaken the sacral chakra. You can try poses like Dancer, Trikonasana, Cobra Pose, Lotus Pose, and Butterfly Pose to get in touch with your svadishthana chakra.

Hand gestures or mudras ideal for the second chakra are Asvini Mudra (here you contract the anus) and Vajroli Mudra (here you contract the genitals).

Connect with water

As this chakra is closely linked with water, sacral chakra can also be activated by spending more time in the water. Whether you go to the waterfall, stream, ocean, or river, the second chakra will get activated when you make a bond with the water. Spending time underwater or swimming in natural water bodies is excellent for this purpose. Even basking on the beach is a good way to connect with water.🌅 When you don’t have access to natural water bodies, you can still connect with water using a warm shower or a soaking bath.


One way to restore the energies in your mind and body is by using meditation. It’s a combination of breathing, visualization, and sometimes even gestures. There's a breathing technique called "Ida nadi" breathing that connects you with the lunar energy.

All you need to do is close one of your nostrils using your first two fingers of the dominant hand. Next, inhale and exhale through the open nostril. Do so eight to ten times. It’s a good way to open up the sacral chakra especially if you combine visualizations.


These are sentences that are chanted over and over again to open up the sacral chakra. Creating an affirmation to open up your sacral chakra and chanting it to focus on your personal energy charges the sentence.

You can use any affirmation but if this is your first time, the following list can help.

  • I am proud of myself.
  • I am filled with creativity.
  • I love my life.
  • I am unique.
  • I embrace my energies.
  • I am not afraid of love.
  • I love my body.
  • I like the way I look.
  • I am an independent being.


You don’t always need to do something extraordinary to invoke this chakra and its powers. Eating foods like sweet potato, orange, bell peppers, carrots, passion fruit, melons, papaya, peaches, mangos, apricots, and pumpkin also help you activate the life force energy.

Spices like cinnamon, sesame seeds, and vanilla also help you tap into the energy of sacral chakra. Mixing foods like this in your diet powers and nurtures the sacral chakra besides balancing it naturally and often without your conscious efforts.

Incense and oils

The sense of taste is awakened when your sacral chakra is open. But that doesn’t mean aromatherapy doesn’t work on this chakra. You can use essential oils or incenses made of rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, cardamom, jasmine, cinnamon bark, and clary sage.

Make sure to soak in the smoke of sacred herbs to awaken your life force energy. You can also combine it with meditation or yoga to empower your second chakra in an easy manner.


One of the best ways of activating sacral chakra energies and keeping it in balance is by using healing crystals. When you choose sacral chakra crystals, you are choosing to carry earth’s sacral chakra fruits with you. Wearing them is the easiest way to power the chakra but you can also keep the crystal in your pocket, wallet, purse, bag, etcetera to do the same.

How to heal sacral chakra with crystals?

When creativity and crystals combine, you get a powerful medium for tapping into the second chakra. Jewelry can help you keep the sacral chakra charged especially when it’s embedded with special crystals that correspond to the svadhishthana chakra.

Here’s a list of crystals for sacral chakra healing and what to do with it:📝


The first healing stone is the living embodiment of sacral chakra. It emanates a beautiful orange shade that makes you healthy and sane.

When in the crystal form called eggs, carnelian is an important way of awakening the female kundalini via the yoni. These yoni eggs made of carnelian can be combined with kegel exercises to awaken the lower chakra. There are also carnelian wands available that are good for yoni massage.

Carnelian sells for $10+ and is an easy stone to find. You can also place carnelian on your sacral chakra in the pelvic region to meditate. It’s powerful to awaken the sacral chakra so that your creativity and self-confidence also rises with it. Carnelian eggs are excellent for fertility when used in grid formats too.

Polished Carnelian Stone for Sacral Chakra Healing


One of the best stones to change your aura to an ablaze orange of the svadhishthana chakra, sunstone cleanses your energy too. In fact, sunstone combines the sacred energies of sun and light to drive the life force energy.☀️

Using this stone boosts your self-worth and self-confidence while cleansing the blocks in your sacral chakra. Try to use the technique of affirmations while holding onto a sunstone crystal or keeping it close to you.

Wearing sunstone on the navel area as a waistlet, on your fingers as a ring, or on your hand as a bracelet works by keeping it close to the sacral chakra. Such a motivational crystal jewelry brings joy and abundance into your life too.

Fire Opal

A beautiful and expensive crystal often used in gorgeous rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, fire opal is good for those with underactive sacral chakra. It’s a great stone for those who’ve been through trauma or are trying to get out of abusive relationships.

Wearing a fire opal ring is a good way to enhance your sexuality by invoking the kundalini energy of the sacral chakra. You might think why do you need a fire energy stone for a water element chakra?

The truth is fire opal can open two chakras, the solar plexus and sacral. And, with fire it can drive your kundalini energy at a newfound speed. You can get fire opal for upwards for $10 to $10,000 per carat.


The treasure house of ancient wisdom, amber is the best sacral chakra stone for those who’re drawn to knowledge. Amber is actually a resin that can rejuvenate your soul. It has a cleansing effect that repels bad energy from you. Get an amber with orange hues to get to your sacral chakra instead of brown or yellow.

Amber is a good stone for healing your digestive and reproductive systems besides working on your spiritual side. Wear it as a ring, bracelet or long necklace to tap into its sacral chakra healing powers. This creativity stone connects you to animals, nature, and even the ethereal beings with time.🐞 It sells for $20 to $40,000, so finding a genuine piece is quite a hassle.

Tangerine Quartz

A transition stone that motivates and helps you find your true purpose in life, tangerine quartz helps to light up your sexual and spiritual energies. It’s a crystal for accepting change and finding new opportunities.

Tangerine quartz appears in jewelry as pendants, rings, tiaras, earrings, and necklaces commonly. You can wear it as a pendant after charging it using crystals, affirmations, aromas, or any ritual that you prefer.

Embrace the positive vibration stone and keep it on you at all times. They are also available in crystal clusters if you want to create a sacral chakra grid using these crystals. The cost of this second chakra crystal ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

Orange Calcite

One of the best crystals for using your life force energy to get rid of mental issues like depression, orange calcite works on your willpower and inner voice. This aura cleansing stone when worn for hours creates a vibrant sacral chakra that builds confidence, creativity, success, happiness, and joy around you.🙂

The insightful svadhishthana crystal is ideal for reiki and can help you physically benefit from the kundalini energy drive. This positive energy stone can awaken the libido and resolve fertility issues when worn on hands as rings or bracelets. The cost of orange calcite can go from $5 to $50.

Charge Orange Calcite Crystal Before Sacral Chakra Healing

Leopardskin Jasper

A beautiful stone that works even more beautifully, leopardskin jasper is a powerhouse of chakras. While it’s best for sacral chakra, this stone also regulates the flow of energy into the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the heart chakra. When worn on the navel area or meditated with the same, you can invoke the powers of kundalini energy easily.

Leopardskin jasper is a good stone in the bedroom if you want to spice up your love life. It’s even better if you’re trying to conceive. Wearing this stone also protects you from negativity wherever you are. Just remember to cleanse your stone by the end of the day every day to reset it to its natural condition.

Open your sacral chakra right away

We learned about the root chakra seating your life force energy and today all about the sacral chakra, where your kundalini energy resides. It’s an important chakra that enables the life energy to move through you. We learned about how it affects sexuality, physical organs, mood, mental health, emotional intelligence, and more.

When your sacral chakra is open, the life force energy moves into the other chakras. Located slightly above the pubic bone in men and women, sacral chakra is represented by the orange color. It’s powered by the water element and planets—Venus and Mercury.

A balanced sacral chakra can make you feel innovative, wise, enjoyable, positive, energized, and happy. On the other hand, when your sacral chakra is weak or overactive, you can even suffer from depression to cysts. The cause of sacral chakra imbalances as said above can be the result of abuse, trauma, insecurity, superiority, etcetera.

You can open, activate, or heal your svadhishthana chakra via affirmations, meditation, yoga, water activities, aromatherapy, foods, and crystals. Out of this, crystals offer an easy way to keep your sacral chakra powered. You can try one of the stones like carnelian, sunstone, fire opal, amber, tangerine, quartz, orange calcite, or leopardskin jasper to awaken your life force energy.

Read more about chakras in our 101 guide and find your life force!

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