Opal Jewelry for Energy Healing: How to Choose & Wear Yours?

Being the oldest amulets, opals have been popular since 4,000 B.C. Since then it has become a symbol of creativity, divination, luck, and much more.

How to choose opal jewelry? What are its advantages? How to wear it?🧒🏻

Selecting an opal could be an intuition or based on its variety or size. Wearing opal jewelry brings many benefits like self-expression, lucid dreaming, passion, and even physical healing to different organs in the body of the wearer.

The article ahead will teach you how opal jewelry works, its core benefits, how to wear it, and ways to select the perfect opal jewelry for your needs. We’ve also added a detailed guide on how to cleanse and charge opals to help you in different walks of life.

These are the topics we’ll explore to find out about using opal jewelry for healing today:

  • What’s the healing energy of opal jewelry?
  • How does opal jewelry help you?
  • Ways to select the right opal jewelry
  • How to wear opal jewelry the best way?
  • What’s the best way to cleanse and charge opal jewelry?
Wearing Blue Opal Jewelry for Energy Healing (Blue Opal Necklace)

How does opal jewelry heal your energy?

Some call opal the "queen of gems", some say it’s a miracle stone, and yet others believe it as a harbinger of good luck. In any case, opal is a mineraloid or not a "true mineral". It’s the birthstone of October and shows an iridescence of many colors as it’s mainly composed of water.

A stone that’s formed as a result of crystalline silica that falls into the earth due to rain, opals are formed when this dries out. The interesting thing is opals have been found on even Mars.

Opal is governed by the ruling planet Mars and its chakra power often includes all the primary chakras in the human body. For example, if you have a red opal, you can tap into the root chakra while a yellow opal signifies the solar plexus. On the other hand, if your opal is composed of several colors at once, it may be able to awaken several different chakras.🌈

Opal is a powerful stone that’s ruled by Gods of protection, power, and good luck. That’s why wearing opal jewelry often brings with it a wisp of good luck. Learn about the powers of opal in this detailed post I wrote just a few days ago.

When it comes to opal jewelry, wearing opal keeps your surrounding energy points such as chakra points charged.

Imagine you’re wearing a necklace made of blue opals on your neck. Do you know what can it do? It will empower your speech, improve your confidence, and elevate your charisma.

Opals can seep into your aura and chakra energies to cleanse negativity, influence your mind, spirit, emotions, and physical abilities. It’s a powerful healing stone often known to balance the hormones, fluids, fats, and antibodies in the body of the wearer.

Apart from wearing opal jewelry, you can hold it in your hand for meditation with opal jewelry. You can even place it in a feng shui direction like the northern point of your house to enhance your destiny or career, or south for prosperity.

The benefits of wearing opal jewelry for healing

Opal stones are of different shapes, sizes, and forms. Some may be tumbled, some faceted, and yet others completely rough or raw. Depending on the healing power you’re trying to amass from the healing stone, you can use different types of opal for different purposes.

Let’s look at a few:


Opal stone when used as wands can help in unlocking higher chakra powers like lucid dreaming, astral projection, etcetera. Placing it on your higher chakras or spending time with higher chakra opals will help you on the path to enlightenment too.


Another little know benefit of opal is how it brings glitz, glamor, and money into your life. Placing tumbled opal stones or opal lockets in the southern direction of your home can attract prosperity towards you.


Another respected power of opal jewelry is how it rekindles your passion, libido, and enthusiasm when kept in the bedroom. It’s great for alleviating friction between couples when kept under the bed too. Opals can also calm down overexcitement and racing thoughts that are impossible to control.


From productivity to inventiveness and self-expression, wearing opal jewelry around your higher chakras can shake off inhibitions and open up your destiny. It makes you knowledgeable and quick-witted too.🏄🏻

Communication Skills

Opal stones, especially when worn around the neck enhances your speech. Placing opal jewelry for hours at a stretch on your neck can heal your thyroid problems and help you express yourself easily to others.

Stomach Disorders

When you have physical health problems, opal tumbled stones can be of huge help. Take red or orange opals and rub them on your stomach, gall bladder, and kidneys to resolve diseases of these organs and heal them.


For those of you who have regular problems with jealousy and grudges, it’s not just your fault because it might be because your mind goes off-rail. Carry an opal or wear an opal jewelry item like an opal ring always on you to brood on positive thoughts to counteract possessiveness.

Wearing Green Opal Ring for Higher Chakra Healing
Green Opal Ring


Opals have been used for protection since time immemorial. All you need to get this benefit is by using a charged opal as an amulet around your higher chakras such as by wearing a necklace, bracelet, ring, etcetera.

Pet Health

You can also extend the powers of opal jewelry to your pets by tying it around the collar of your dog or cat as an amulet. This is especially good for pets who face physical or emotional issues on a recurring basis.

Good Luck

Opal is also the stone of luck. It can attract good fortune into your life by removing negative instances, thoughts, and actions. During the middle ages, opals were believed to bring happiness and good fortune into life like a rainbow.

How to wear opal jewelry?

Once infamous for imparting psychic powers, opal jewelry was known as "the stone of love and hope" in ancient Rome. Jewelry made of opal can bring many more benefits as we just learned above but you should know how to wear it.

First off, opal jewelry isn’t a great stone for wearing every day of the week. It’s recommended by astrologers to be worn on Friday mornings but exclusively on waxing moon days.

But that’s not all!

Wondering on which finger to wear an opal ring? Astrologers say wearing an opal ring on the middle or ring finger of your dominant hand is the best way to attract its powers.😊

Oftentimes, opal wearers rub their opal stone on the area where they need its healing energies before wearing it. Some people circle the opal jewelry over the head to clear the aura before wearing it.

But before you wear it, care must be taken to cleanse the stone as well as charge it with healing energies. That’s because opal easily absorbs negativity apart from emanating positivity. Regular cleansing is important to shake off the bad vibes from seeping into your manifestation mantras.

✅So, always cleanse and charge your opal jewelry before wearing it. Keep reading because we’ll learn ways to do both towards the end of this post.

Wearing opal jewelry for energy healing: Tips, tricks, and answers

You know how to wear opal jewelry and the advantages of wearing it already. All that’s left to do is learn the best way to wear it. The following is a checklist of all tips that helped me through my journey of grasping the powers of opal about a decade ago.  

Can anyone wear opal jewelry?

Opal is a good healing crystal that most people can wear but it’s best for those with zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. If your astrologer said you have a Venus-related problem in your horoscope, opal is the best stone to neutralize the negativity. On the flip side, if Venus is in your 12th, 8th, or the 3rd house, don’t wear opal jewelry unless advised otherwise by astrologers.

Can opal be worn daily?

Being one of the delicate gemstones used in jewelry, opals aren’t great for daily wear. In general, it’s good to take off your opal jewelry after a day or two of continuous wearing. Moreover, opal jewelry can get tarnished with heat, abrasive surfaces, chemicals, food, and cleaning agents.

Can opal jewelry get wet? Can you shower with opal jewelry?

Some myths around opal say that you shouldn’t get opals wet. But that’s not true. Being composed of up to 20% water, opals are safe to clean with water. You can even soak opal in water overnight to rekindle its sheen and shine. Just avoid hot boiling water when working with opal stone.

That’s because extreme heat can crack opal rings. That’s why dry and hot climates with an extreme lack of humidity can break the opal stone easily.

So, can you swim with opal jewelry? As salt and chlorine can have degrading effects on different metals, it’s best to take off opal jewelry while swimming in the ocean or swimming pool.

Can opals change color when wet?

Opals can change color but that happens when the total composition of water within an opal stone changes over time due to humidity, heat, and other environmental factors. Your opal may become darker, lighter, or another color too over time with loss/gain of water.

Can I wear opal in my left hand?

Yes, but only if the left hand is your dominant hand. The rule of thumb is that men should wear opals on the right hand and women on the left/right. If you have a fire opal, it’s best worn on the index finger.

Can I include other crystals or gems with opal?

If you’re getting a new opal piece and are worried about other gems on the jewelry item, it’s important to check with an astrologer on the stones you can wear first. As a reminder, keep in mind that gemstones of a similar color don’t often clash with each other.🙂

Can I buy opal jewelry in any metal?

Opals are so popular that you can get custom opal jewelry from most jewelers. But care must be taken to what sort of metal you use for making opal jewelry.

According to scriptures, "panchdatu", i.e, sacred metals such as gold, iron, zinc, copper, and silver are best for setting an opal stone. Platinum is another new trending metal used for making opal jewelry nowadays.

Can I combine opal with other design elements?

The iridescence of opal is so enchanting that you can pair it with many design shapes and elements like heart, cross, emerald, oval, Celtic knot, pave, and much more. The most popular opal shape in the world of jewelry is oval.

Can opals be used for different chakras?

Yes, that’s because opals can affect several chakras at once and not just one or two. 📝Basically, a blue opal will empower the throat chakra, red will work on the root chakra, and orange on the sacral chakra.

Can my opal turn into the color yellow?

Yes, if your opal is hydrophane opal, it can absorb water from different types of liquids to form a yellow or brown color of the opal. Once it absorbs water, the play of color may also completely vanish.

How to select the right opal jewelry?

Finding the right gemstone that’s perfect for you isn’t a cakewalk. Else, you and I would both be astrologers.

I usually say "the healing crystal chooses you and not the other way around". But if you’re ardently looking for a new healing crystal opal to add to your collection, the first thing to do is confirm the right weight of the opal in carats first.

Pro Tip
In general, the total carats of the opal stone must be equivalent to your body weight divided by 10. For instance, a 70 kg person would need a 7-carat opal and a 110 kg person an 11-carat opal.

Opal gemstone is typically shaped according to its shine, depth, size, and weight. Designers may create opal pendants, necklaces, matinee necklaces. You can even get combos of matching earrings and pendants today depending on what you like.

There are many more types of opal jewelry such as fancy and minimalist opal bracelets with one or more stones. If minimalist styles are your pick, go for small solitaire opal jewelry. You can get opal rings in silver or gold based on your budget too.

I’ve seen shapes like heart, round, oval, and teardrop designs for opal rings. Uniquely shaped lockets and pendants are a good fit for those who like to wear it usually. If you like a little sass, choker necklaces and tiaras embedded with real opal crystals might be a great choice for you.

For budget-friendly opal jewelry, go for opal chains made of chipped stones and beads. They’re cheap and best for daily wear too.

Drop Style Blue Opal Earrings

In the world of opal earrings, there are stunning opal studs, dangle, and chandelier earrings worth flaunting for parties to hangouts.💅🏻 For men who like opal and want to wear it as jewelry, you can wear opal rings, bracelets, or even cufflinks on your dominant hand to attract good fortune and luck.

How to cleanse and charge your opal jewelry? A quick guide

Whether you’re buying opal jewelry or you already have it, knowing how to cleanse and charge is crucial for making use of its powers.

Let’s see tips for cleansing, charging, and storing opals next.

Cleaning and cleansing opals

  1. Take a microfiber cloth or soft-bristle brush to clean the opal stone.
  2. Don’t use any abrasive scrubs or things with Mohs scale higher than 6 to clean the stone.
  3. Use gentle movements to clean the stone as it’s fragile.
  4. Never use any bleach or chemicals to clean the stone, instead stick to mild detergents.
  5. Water doesn’t harm opals so you can soak them to clean them.
  6. Wiping down the stone with a damp cloth is better than other options.
  7. Don’t clean opal jewelry with ultrasonic cleaners as cleaning vibrations can break opal stone.
  8. If your opal has scratches, get it polished to make it look new every once in a while.
  9. You can cleanse an opal stone using clear quartz or selenite.
  10. Keep the opal stone under the moonlight for a quick cleansing. When placing opal under sunlight for cleansing, don’t leave it any more than 5 minutes.

Apart from the above, Hinduism recommends cleansing the negativity from an opal stone by soaking in a mixture made from one spoon each of curd, clarified butter, honey, and water from the Holy River Ganga.

Here’s a detailed guide on ten ways to cleanse your crystals.

Charging opals

There are many ways to charge opals just like other healing stones you have or might be using. For instance, affirmations can be used with opals to manifest desires, reiki can be used for physical healing, and tumbled stones with meditation sessions. You can even place opal jewelry on a grid to activate any affirmations and send it to the heart of the universe.

Storing opals

When you’re keeping opal jewelry away, care must be taken to keep it in the best shape and form. First off, pack it in a silk bag if you’re keeping it off for a few days or up to a week.

In case you want to store opal jewelry for longer, I suggest wrapping it up in cotton with a few drops of water. You might think the water is for opal to absorb. On the flip side, the water maintains humidity inside the packaging such that the opal doesn’t dry out and crack in case of low humidity.

Whenever you carry it, use a padded bag or one with a lot of soft insulation for safe transit.

Get opal jewelry and attract good luck today!

A mineraloid that’s been used for protection since ancient times, Opal is known for being one of the few stones that sometimes has energies of multiple chakras at once. When it comes to the overall benefits of opal jewelry, it’s good for helping you learn lucid dreaming, astral projection, and fortune-telling besides improving creativity and attracting good luck.👸🏻

Another excellent use of opal is protection for both humans and pets. Buy this good luck stone to unblock the positivity you deserve in life. Once you’ve selected the right opal jewelry, it’s important to wear it on the right day. The best day is Friday to wear opals. It’s best not to wear it every day but alternate days.

When you’re cleansing opals, don’t worry about water damaging them. But remember that extreme heat and low humidity can crack the stone. Opal is worn based on the bodyweight and charged with usual techniques like affirmations, grids, pendulums, pyramids, wands, etcetera.

To know more about the healing properties of opal, check out this detailed article I wrote recently. Here’s more on opal education.

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