The Most Beloved Labradorite Healing Properties & 7 Ways to Use It

If you came here to study more about the effects of labradorite, you’re in the right place! It’s a true optical delight, no matter how you look at it. Legends say it can help you travel across the universe, and others associate it with immortality.

So, what are the healing properties of labradorite? How to use it? Who should use it?🤔

The healing properties of labradorite concern the brain, lungs, and reproductive organs. The crystal affects your crown, third eye, and throat chakra. Hence, it can uplift your confidence besides empowering psychic abilities like angelic protection and spirit communication.

I’ll share everything I know about labradorite history to its ruling planet, element, chakra, and more. We’ll also learn specific crystal therapies to use labradorite for healing today.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of the crystal with these topics:

  • What’s the history and meaning of labradorite healing?
  • How does labradorite healing work?
  • What’s the astrology of labradorite?
  • Benefits and uses of labradorite
  • Healing powers of six different labradorites
  • How to cleanse labradorite?
  • 7 ways to use labradorite for healing
  • Which crystals go well with labradorite?
Labradorite Stones for Energy Healing

Labradorite: History and meaning of labradorite healing properties

Labradorite meaning is destiny. It’s a feldspar mineral often called the winner’s stone. But a popular naming of the stone relates to how it looks like the incarnation of the Northern Lights.😘

That’s why it’s called the Aurora Borealis stone, apart from "lab." When it comes to the spiritual meaning, the stone encourages us to hope for a better tomorrow. It was hailed as the stone of divinity throughout history for the same reason.

The name labradorite doesn’t come from Latin, Greek, or Sanskrit, nor is it associated with cute labrador dogs. The healing stone was found by Moravian missionaries around the late 18th century in Labrador, Canada.

But it has also been found in Norway, Finland, Russia, Mexico, the United States, Madagascar, and India since then.

Perhaps that’s why the history of labradorite goes back to ancient times. Inuit people believed labradorite is the reason why Aurora Borealis exists.

According to the native legends of Innu, Aurora Borealis was actually embedded within the coast of Labrador since the dawn of time. After which, a native warrior stuck his stone in it and released the Northern Lights to the sky as we know it today.🤩

That may be why it’s known around the world as the temple of stars. Towards the east, this healing stone was worn on Saturdays to attract wealth and luck. To the Norse, lab crystals were believed to make the Bifrost Bridge, which is a doorway between heaven and earth.

Fun Fact
Labradorite stones have such a unique iridescence that the illusion is called labradorescence after it.

What are labradorite healing properties? How labradorite stone works metaphysically

The Northern Lights stone awakens the highest chakras such as the crown, third eye, and throat and not just one.

Crown chakra helps you connect with the higher beings; the third eye opens the inner eye to see the unseen, and the throat energy reveals your divine purpose. That’s also why labradorite can brighten your aura with purple, indigo, and sky blue colors.

Another reason for its healing vibrations is the element is ruled by water. Hence, this stone can emanate calming energies to fill you up with creativity when it’s charged.

Nevertheless, that’s not the only element powered by this precious blue gemstone. It also awakens the spirit of Ether, Space, or Akasha. Moreover, that’s why these crystals can reveal higher consciousness that most higher chakra crystals don’t.

👉🏻The two goddesses associated with labradorite crystal are Arianrhod and Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddesses of stars and knowledge.

What zodiac signs go with labradorite? Labradorite astrology explained

Jupiter rules this healing crystal. It brings luck, prosperity, and miracles. That’s also why labradorite is best for persons born under the zodiac signs of Pisces, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Aurora Borealis gemstone helps awaken the psychic powers in Pisces, while Leos finds universal truths and patience for Scorpio. Sagittarians must hold onto this gem for resolving their trust and commitment issues.

Who shouldn’t wear labradorite?

Because the enemy planets of Jupiter are Venus and Mercury, three zodiacs might feel overwhelmed by the stone—Libra, Gemini, and Virgo.

Libras can get overly confused while Geminis complain about restlessness and Virgos end up battling anxiety.

What is labradorite good for? Benefits of using labradorite

Based on what we learned about the metaphysical properties of labradorite above, we’ll see how it affects the body, mind, and spirit next.

Physical Healing Properties

The healing properties of labradorite positively impact almost all the organs in the body. It starts with your brain to resolve mood-related problems and then heals different organs one by one. As the brain gets healed, memory and coordination issues clear up.

Slowly, respiratory problems resolve automatically, and your lungs begin to regenerate. When you use labradorite for areas further down the body, heart health improves. Eventually, your hormones become stable too.

Using it for the long term will also help detox from tobacco and alcohol besides improving digestion and metabolism. Suppose you’re regularly experiencing menstruation challenges like PMS, PMDD, or PME, in that case, the Aurora Borealis stone can help you manage them with holistic healing.

Labradorite Emotional Healing

Many empaths say labradorite is a worry stone because it can swiftly clear the mind of confusion and insecurities. I personally think it’s the best stone that calms me down and makes me hopeful when I have it in my pocket. It helps in holding back anger and thereby also reduces stress.🧘🏻‍♂️

The same is also why it’s an excellent crystal for coping with loss and grief. It makes you mindful and aware of your reality. Hence, you’ll feel more connected to nature. Labradorite can help you get over anti-social tendencies in the same way.

Because this gemstone eradicates your fear, it’s ideal for letting your creative thoughts bloom.💥 You’ll feel less anxious and obsessed too. The uplifting effects of labradorite help to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

When used in office spaces, it helps make everyone feel comfortable and at their best. If you’re a masseuse, physiotherapist, or healer who uses your hand to work, this might be the best crystal for you.

As a workplace stone, labradorite brings out the best in people. It can remove unnecessary shame and guilt by enhancing the spiritual energies within. Let’s find that out next!

Spiritual Meaning of Labradorite

The heightened consciousness of labradorite makes you feel more stable and open-minded in life, but it also improves your psychic abilities. From clairvision to clairvoyance, telepathy, and communicating with angels, labs are a treasure-house of divinity.

You’ll be able to recall your past life and even see glimpses of your future incarnations when you bond with this crystal. That’s mainly because it helps you access the Akashic records where everything that’s happened in the universe is stored.

On top of it all, the Northern Lights stone can shield your aura and protect you from psychic attacks.

Another spiritual prowess of labradorite is how it attracts luck by helping you dream positively more. Maybe that’s why labradorite is called the stone of dreams. Connecting with labs hence attracts abundance into your life from all sides!🤞🏻

Different types of labradorites and their meanings

There are so many varieties of the labradorite, seen in a wide mix of colors like gray-green, black, dark gray, and even grayish-white with the iridescence of blue, green, copper red, and gold.🌈

Regardless, what do the other varieties of labradorite mean metaphysically? Let’s find out!


This type of Labradorite is found only in Finland and displays the richest colorfulness. When you think about labradorite vs. spectrolite, it has a thick black backdrop over colorful iridescence. Metaphysically, black labradorite healing properties surround enlightenment and higher consciousness.

You can see the colors clearly in this video:

Andesine Labradorite

The copper-red variety of labradorite is called andesine labradorite and named after its origin—Andes, South America. It fills you with creativity and passion. It resembles morganite, peach sapphire, and imperial topaz in a glance.

Here’s what it looks like.


Featuring intense shades of sea blue and ocean indigo shades, anorthosite is a stone that improves your connection with nature. It can help you shed insecurities and compulsive behavior while enhancing your self-confidence.

Take a look at the slicing of an anorthosite here:

Golden Labradorite

The champagne color labradorite is a physical healing stone that works on your liver and spleen. In the spiritual world, yellow labradorite meaning is luck. When you use this crystal for a long time, it can attract prosperity and abundance into your life too.👑

This is what yellow labradorite looks like.

Fuschia and Purple Labradorite

Considered the rarest colors in the world of labradorites, these are awakening crystals. They work well for unblocking your crown energies to make you spiritually malleable. Purple and fuschia varieties of labradorite also make you wise in the long run.

Here’s a video of purple labradorite to feel amazed!

"Rainbow Moonstone"

Don’t be alarmed; moonstone isn’t a typo here.😁

So, is "rainbow moonstone" and labradorite the same? YES! In fact, the word "moonstone" here is a misnomer. Who’s to blame because this type of labradorite looks like a moonstone as it’s white in color.

"Rainbow moonstones" are actually the only transparent kind of labradorite. It’s also known as white labradorite and considered excellent for past-life recall as it awakens the crown chakra powers.

Here’s a video to see its beauty with your own eyes!

Labradorite shapes and forms

Labradorite can be cut in any way, but hand-cutting is preferred the most as it’s better to chase the iridescence of labs this way. It’s typically cut into cabochons in oval, marquis, pear, and round with an open back for light to illuminate the optical illusions we’ve discussed at the beginning of the article.

Because of its high demand and use, you can find labradorite in various forms like labradorite towers, tumbled stones, palm stones, single or double terminated wands, skulls, and angels for personal use.🎷

My favorite? Frankly, I love two shapes of the Aurora Borealis stone—labradorite countertops and wands!😋

Can labradorite get wet? How to cleanse labradorite?

Yes, you can get labradorite wet but not for long because labradorite is feldspar that contains aluminum.⚠️That’s why you shouldn’t soak it in any type of water or make elixirs with the crystal directly.

According to most crystal users, labradorite isn’t a toxic stone, but that’s not entirely true because it can be neurotoxic.

Can labradorite go in saltwater? Yes, but make sure not to soak it in the saltwater. You can rub it with plain water or tap water to cleanse and clean the stone.

Can labradorite be heated? Yes, but it doesn’t fare well with temperature fluctuations. So, keep it away from really-hot places.

So, are you thinking, can labradorite be in the sun? The short answer is yes because it’s a sun-friendly gem. However, make sure not to let it remain in the sun for prolonged hours that I’ll tell you next.

Can labradorite fade in the sun? Yes, it can, but you need to be more careful than usual to avoid the stone losing its beauty. What really happens is it loses the iridescence sparkle when exposed to long hours of bright sunlight.

Hence, it’s best to leave it for a minute or two at dawn to cleanse it with sun energies.

My favorite way to cleanse labradorite is with moon energies. All you need to do is set it up on the windowsill on a full moon or new moon night, where it can soak in the cleansing energies of the moonlight. Read on about how sun and moon energies work on healing crystals.

Otherwise, look at our article detailing ten different ways to cleanse healing crystals to find another way that suits you.

How to use labradorite for healing? 7 labradorite healing therapies to try today

The crystal labradorite isn’t a newly discovered stone. I believe this is mainly why there are endless ways to use it for crystal therapies. Let’s see how to do just that!

Healing properties of labradorite jewelry

Because Labradorite awakens the higher chakras, labradorite necklace and labradorite pendant worn around the higher chakras can clarify your thoughts and speech.💭

Wearing a labradorite ring can keep your chakra system unblocked, and a labradorite bracelet can add to it. Suppose you wear a labradorite crown or tiara. In that case, it can empower your forehead chakra to help you connect with spirit guides.

Make sure to cleanse and charge every type of jewelry made from this stone so that your chakras are always attuned to the healing energies of Labradorite.

Labradorite balls

One of the first-ever labradorite I bought myself was a labradorite ball.

Besides hoping to use it for crystal manifestation, what really excited me about the sphere was clairvision. To be honest, it started showing me flashes of angels and spirits the moment I touched it.

After looking up scrying in detail, I started using the labradorite ball for past life recall and karmic therapy. If you want to do it too, just hold it while meditating, and the stone will guide you on what to do next.

If you’re interested in the spiritual properties of the Aurora Borealis stone, a labradorite ball with black, red, and blue hues.

Labradorite yoni eggs

Used typically for detoxing the body from the destructive use of tobacco, alcohol, and birth control pills, labradorite yoni eggs can balance the hormones. Labradorite for fertility is an excellent solution for resolving reproductive issues like impotence.

The yoni egg made of this stone is also recommended for reproductive health and menstrual pain.

The best thing about labradorite yoni eggs is that keeping it over your sacral chakra during pregnancy will help with painless delivery. If you’re afraid of birth defects in your baby, keep the labradorite close to you on the nightstand throughout pregnancy.

Labradorite intentions

Another excellent crystal therapy with labradorite is its manifestation powers. The best way to manifest with the Aurora Borealis stone is by setting it up into a crystal grid. By doing so, you’ll send your manifestation requests directly to the heart of the universe.🌐

I recommend selecting a grid design close to the third eye chakra symbol of an inverted triangle within a circle. FYI, it’s represented by an indigo lotus flower with two petals.

To amplify the energy of manifestation, set the grid in the northern area of your house to attract the feng shui energy of good fortune and luck. Make sure to keep it undisturbed for a week, a month, or until you feel it’s working.

Labradorite affirmations

Psychologically, affirmations can inspire, motivate, and empower your feelings. Eventually, it can even rewire your brain to change the way it reacts to worries and stress too.

Metaphysically, they help channel your thoughts through the healing energies of sound. To be honest, mantras, spells, and chants are all affirmations.

  • I trust my intuition.
  • I am hopeful about my future.
  • I am protected by my guardian angels.
  • I believe in magic inside me.
  • I am following my spiritual destiny.
  • I am shielded by negativity.
  • I am always in tune with angels and spirits.

You can hold a labradorite healing rock in your palms and say these mantras aloud or in your hand. I like to close my eyes and chant them for a few minutes or up to an hour while visualizing it manifesting.

Labradorite for meditation

This healing crystal is a reservoir of spiritual awareness, and that’s why you’ll find new abilities of divination when you start using it for meditation.🧘🏻‍♀️

The first real benefit of labradorite meditation is how it makes you mindful.

I suggest keeping it in your pocket before and after meditation to help you prepare and focus better. That’s also because labradorite makes you visualize manifestations easily and promotes introspection to a higher degree.

Apart from raising your spiritual awareness during meditation, the Aurora Borealis stone also balances your aura by cleansing negativity that’s blocking it. It will also create a shielding ring around you to prevent negative vibrations from touching you.

By using it for meditation, you can easily attain other lucid dreaming and psychic development qualities. That’s why meditating with this healing crystal day after day will open you up to new vibrations of higher consciousness and past-life recall too.

Labradorite gem elixirs

One of the best ways to clear the toxins in your body is by infusing the healing properties of labradorite into your drinking water with a gem elixir.

As the stone contains aluminum, it’s safe not to soak it in for a long time, and that’s why crystal water bottles with labradorite wands aren’t a safe bet for health either.

Instead, take a vessel with drinking water in it. Next, keep a lid on top of the vessel and place the labradorite stone on it. Keep the setting undisturbed for a few hours or up to 12 hours. Then, consume the water in a day or two.

You can also add a portion of the infused water to your gem bath to soak in the healing vibrations of the Aurora Borealis stone.

Take the help of our article explaining 20 ways to charge this stone next!

Best combinations of labradorite with other crystals

Because the Northern Lights gemstone is a higher chakra stone. It can combine with other gems based on how crystal vibrations work.

My favorite crystal to combine is labradorite and amethyst because it heightens my psychic abilities. Also, amethyst amplifies our connection to the spiritual world, and labradorite empowers the same. So, together they can become an excellent duo for energy rituals concerning spirit communication.

The next best stone with the Northern Lights crystal is rose quartz. Labradorite and rose quartz will help you connect with nature while powering up your empathic center of the brain together. It fuses enlightenment with tranquility and love.

Along the same line, labradorite and malachite can prove as the best gift for protecting and calming down expecting mothers going through heightened anxiety.🦸🏻‍♀️

I’ve seen several other gemstones that work with labradorites to improve chances of luck, abundance, and prosperity. Some of them are pyrite, citrine, and carnelian. With carnelian, labradorite also balances your physical issues to make you healthy.

When you’re trying to communicate with the higher realms, black tourmaline is another combination that works with labradorite. You can also combine the gemstone from labradorite and fluorite to protect you from evil energies, especially when scrying.

Diamond is an all-rounder stone for harmony, luck, and love. So, combining diamond with labradorite will amplify their energies besides complimenting common properties like peace and balance.

So, what’s your favorite combination with labradorite?

Labradorite vs. Other stones in energy healing

🎊I decided to add this bonus section because labradorite is often confused with a bunch of other healing crystals.

Firstly, when you consider labradorite vs. moonstone, both are different stones. One shows labradorescence, and the other "adularescence." Moreover, moonstone kindles empathy and labradorite truth.

Now let’s consider labradorite vs. larvikite. The latter is a bluish rock that has a flash that’s often confused with mineral labradorite’s iridescence but doesn’t have the same striations as the Aurora Borealis stone. Larvikite also awakens the third eye like labs, but works concurrently on the root chakra.

When it comes to labradorite vs. lapis lazuli, the latter shows up with golden flecks without any labradorescence. These two crystals are perfect for wearing together, especially as a bracelet on your dominant hand, as they can both work on your brow chakra to power up psychic abilities.

Many people ask—is opal stone labradorite? So let’s look at labradorite vs. opal next.

While both show iridescence, labradorite has a more complex mineral makeup than opals. Moreover, opals clear your karmic debts while labradorite lets you access the Akashic records. That said, both are made up of silica. One reflects light from the inside (labs), and the other refracts light from the surface (opal).

The last confusing crystal against labradorite stones is obsidian.

They’re often confused with spectrolite owing to the black backdrop. Both have glass-like (vitreous) luster that can get confusing if the lab crystal has low iridescence.

Start healing with labradorite from NOW!

Labradorite works on the brain, lungs, psyche, and emotions like magic because it’s a special crystal. It can empower the highest chakras and keep your mind tuned to your spiritual destiny.

The easiest and the most typical methods are the top seven ways to use the Aurora Borealis stone. That’s why I recommend you devise new crystal therapies based on the benefits of labradorite that we learned above.✅

I love creating crystal grids with labradorite crystals in its lucky numbers of 6 and 7 or 6+7 because it keeps my higher chakras attuned no matter what. But if you love wearing labradorite jewelry, please be careful because the stone has 6.5 to 7 Mohs hardness.

Always cleanse the crystal before and after use to be on the safe side. If anything else is bothering you about labradorite, leave us a word in the comments. I’ll respond as soon as I see it!

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