These Powerful Healing Properties of Sapphire Are Simpler Than You Know

A few years back, I went to a century-old gemstone shop in Pearl City (Hyderabad, India) to pick a gray pearl necklace for my sister-in-law. While adding a special clasp to the pearl necklace, I asked them to check out their sapphires.

To my shock, the 50-year-old salesman replied, “We don’t keep sapphires in the shop because they’re too powerful and may clash with other stones or energies in the shop. If you’re interested, we can get them for you in a day”.😂

I declined the offer as I was leaving the same evening, but that made me dig into the history and powers of sapphires.

So, what are sapphires? Are there different types of sapphire? What are the metaphysical properties of sapphire?

Sapphire is a powerful healing crystal known for intuition, wealth, health, and more.❤️

I’ll share everything about sapphire’s healing properties, from its history to meanings, types, astrology, benefits, uses, and cleansing techniques. Ready? Let’s dig in!

  • Understanding the essential characteristics of sapphires
  • 11 different types of sapphire and their healing properties
  • Sapphire healing properties and powers
  • Who should and shouldn’t wear sapphires?
  • What are the uses of wearing different types of sapphire stones?
  • 5 Incredibly easy ways to use sapphires
Utilizing Sapphire Healing Properties With a Sapphire Ring

Setting the foundation to sapphire: Meanings and history

You might’ve heard about Truth Serums before. But, do you know about truth stones?

Greeks believed sapphire stones guided the wearer to their spiritual destiny and wore them when looking for spiritual retorts from the oracle. That’s why they’re one of the oldest truth stones.

Ancient Hebrews believed the Ten Commandments seen in Christianity and Judaism were first written on sapphire tablets.

Hindus wore this gemstone when praying, and Buddhists used it for spiritual awakening.

There was a long-standing tradition of using sapphire stones to make ecclesiastical rings for kings and clergy back in the day. To be honest, it’s still the talisman of leaders and amulet of healers.

Persians had a different take on sapphires because their scriptures say this gemstone is the pedestal on which our earth stands proudly.

Many cultures believed soaking sapphires in milk could heal injuries, burns, and boils in ancient times. Moreover, magicians and sorcerers wore sapphire stones for protection from evil eyes and witchcraft.

One article won’t be enough if I elaborate more about sapphire healing history.

So, let’s jump right into the healing properties of sapphires to see what it does!🤗

What are the different types of sapphires?

Around the world, sapphires are known as Sapphirus, Neelam, Sanipryam, and cobalt blue gem. The word sapphire comes from Greek and Latin words—Sapheiros and Sapphirus, meaning blue.

That said, sapphires are popularly associated with the blue shade. Still, there are several more colors of sapphires like pink, green, indigo, violet, orange, white, and yellow.

You can find these gemstones in many countries worldwide like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, East Africa, and North America.

Perhaps that’s why there’s so much history of healing associated with sapphires. The “seal of Solomon” is a sapphire ring that gives Solomon commanding power over spirits and animals.

Black Sapphire

A unique stone that resembles black obsidian, black sapphire is the best stone for protection, intuition, and confidence. It can remove negative energies to instill the wearer with confidence and hope.

Indigo Sapphire

The most popular sapphire globally, indigo blue sapphires, are associated with psychic abilities like clairvoyance, karmic therapy, and intuition. They also cleanse your aura and connect you to the higher consciousness.

Blue Sapphire

Most people think about indigo sapphire when they hear “blue sapphire.” Still, blue sapphire is a mix of light blue and indigo shades that resembles the shade of London Blue Topaz. It’s an excellent stone for purity, detox, and self-expression.

Yellow Sapphire

Resembling a gold-colored stone like citrine, yellow sapphires bring the wearer success, luck, and prosperity. Shamans and healers also use this stone for improving memory, focus, and wisdom.💯

Green Sapphire

This is a popular stone for abundance and universal love. Green sapphire also brings physical health and emotional balance. It’s a bluish-green stone recommended for good sleep.

White Sapphire

Looking for a sapphire that can connect you to the higher realm?

Go for a white sapphire. It removes obstacles from your path and paves your way to spiritual destiny. Colorless sapphire also has similar healing properties; it is rarer and one of the prime simulants of diamonds.

Pink Sapphire

From beauty to empathy and the pink of health, this is the sapphire for physical and mental well-being. Pink sapphire also nurtures kindness, compassion, and self-love. 

Orange Sapphire

In one glimpse, you might think orange sapphire is imperial topaz. It’s a radiant and powerful sapphire known as Padparadscha sapphire. Wear it to empower your life force energy.

Violet Sapphire

👩🏻‍🏫One of the best sapphire colors for tapping into the higher consciousness and enlightenment, purple or violet sapphire, encourages peace. It can also impart wisdom, psychic abilities, and wisdom.

Star Sapphire

Also called Asteria star sapphires, these are seen in colors like blue, pink, black, and white nowadays. They’re best for tranquility, spirit communication, wisdom, and clarity of mind. 

Fancy Sapphires

Boasting scores of colors, the fancy sapphires are seen in a broad mix of colors. They’re natural and excellent for aura cleansing and stability in life.

Do you know there are red sapphires too? But the truth is, red sapphires aren’t really sapphires but rubies.

Do sapphires have healing properties? What does the sapphire crystal do?

Yes, sapphires have powerful healing properties. The healing energies come from their chakras, ruling Gods, planets, and astrology that we’ll explore ahead.

Sapphires are ruled by different gods based on their colors. Still, the most common associations are with three Gods—Sophia (the Goddess of Knowledge), Juterna (Goddess of Water), and Gendenwitha (Goddess of Morning Star).

Take a look at the chakra powers and ruling planets of different colors of sapphires before we talk more about it.

Black SapphireRootEarth
Indigo SapphireThird EyeLight
Blue SapphireThroatSky
Yellow SapphireSolar PlexusFire
Green SapphireHeartAir
White SapphireCrownThought
Pink SapphireHeartAir
Orange SapphireSacralWater
Violet SapphireCrownThought

Astrology of sapphire healing crystals

Like every healing crystal, sapphires are also filled with healing powers. As you learned above, each color of sapphire is ruled by a different planet. That’s where its astrological properties come from!

SapphireRuling PlanetEffects
Black SapphireVenusBalance
Indigo SapphireSaturnLuck
Blue SapphireJupiterGrowth
Yellow SapphireJupiterLuck
Green SapphireMercuryEmpathy
White SapphireVenusIntelligence
Pink SapphireSunPositivity
Orange SapphireVenusRomance
Violet SapphireSaturnWisdom

Who should wear sapphires?

As every type of sapphire is ruled by a different planet and chakra, the mixed effect of its metaphysics makes it special for people born under specific zodiac signs.🌏

SapphireZodiac SignEffects
Black SapphireSagittariusMultifaceted, courageous, and ambitious.
Indigo SapphireCancer and SagittariusFrank, empathic, and caring.
Blue SapphireGemini and SagittariusIntelligent, energetic, and adaptable.
Yellow SapphireLeo and PiscesConfident, compassionate, and psychic.
Green SapphireGemini and LibraClever, witty, and charming.
White SapphireLibra, Taurus, and GeminiCreative, loyal, and knowledgeable.
Pink SapphireTaurusEnduring, generous, and mature.
Orange SapphireTaurusCreative, faithful, and devoted.
Violet SapphireVirgoClarity, perception, and wisdom.

Who shouldn’t wear sapphires?

I’ve listed the zodiac signs that should specifically avoid specific colors of sapphires and the negative results of wearing them against the stone and zodiac.

Read on!

SapphireZodiac SignEffects
Black SapphireCancer, Aquarius, and Capricorn.Mood swings, insecurity, persistence, isolation, and cold.
Indigo SapphireLibra and AquariusLazy, superficial, indecisive, gullible, shy, and rude.
Blue SapphireScorpio and LibraJealous, possessive, manipulative, lazy, and self-pity.
Yellow SapphireSagittarius and LibraImpractical, impatient, rude, superficial, indecent, and fragile.
Green SapphireVirgo and TaurusAnxious, fussy, judgmental, skeptical, stubborn, and lazy.
White SapphireCapricorn and CancerBossy, suspicious, dishonest, insecure, moody, and hopeless.
Pink SapphireLeo and CapricornConceited, egoistic, unforgiving, vain, arrogant, and narcissistic.
Orange SapphireAries and PiscesImpatient, moody, compulsive, sad, oversensitive, and timid.
Purple SapphireGemini and AriesUnreliable, lazy, dishonest, shy, toxic, bossy, and intolerant.

Outlining the benefits: What can sapphires do?

Sapphires are one of those healing crystals that you can use for opening or cleansing every chakra in the body. It can even charge your physical and subtle body to amplify core energies easily.

I’ll describe the best physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of using sapphires below.

Healing the material body

Different sapphires can affect various body parts as each sapphire color is tied to one or more chakras.

When it comes to healing your physical health, sapphires that heal the lower chakras like sacral and root are excellent for alleviating stomach issues, digestive problems, hemorrhoids, and ulcers. You can also use them for pain management in the lower back, legs, feet, hips, and knees.

Moving higher up the chakras, sapphires can help you detox and restore energy.

Diseases related to the lungs, pancreas, gallbladders, kidneys, and liver may be healed. Pain in the shoulders, neck, jaws, teeth, eyes, and hands heal when you use them.

Mid-chakra sapphires improve your heart, immunity, speech problems, and blood circulation.

Sapphires that empower the highest chakras are great for memory, headaches, nosebleeds, hearing issues, eye infections, vertigo, swollen thyroid, and endocrine gland issues.

Using them regularly may also improve arthritis, sores, and brain-related disorders.

For example, a purple sapphire improves focus, green sapphire helps with obesity, and orange sapphire heals reproductive problems. Those suffering from low libido and sexual dysfunctions like infertility can also manifest using sapphires.😘

Emotional Healing

If you’re emotionally drained, sapphires are known to promote balance and calmness. It can help you find love and compassion for yourself, others, and the world.

For married couples, sapphires are considered the best remedy to rekindle the fire in their relationship, loyalty, and fidelity. You’ll also find unconditional love for your family and friends when you include sapphire stone into your daily regimen.

Sapphires also work well to resolve subconscious issues affecting your self-confidence, self-expression, and mental stability. It’s an excellent stone for boosting your self-esteem and positive self-talk.

Sapphire will help you find self-love and independence if you constantly criticize yourself. It helps you find your talents and strengths too.

When it comes to mental stability, disorders like panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and bipolarity can be improved using sapphire healing crystals. It works by flushing out the negativity blocking your chakra system to help you trust yourself and others better.

Stress, possessiveness, and greed are other ways to help yourself with sapphire healing stones. It teaches self-discipline by removing emotional blockages. You’ll also be more optimistic about your life once sapphires come into your life.

Sapphire Healing Stone

Healing the spiritual self with sapphires

The seat of creativity in sapphires is also responsible for cosmic wisdom. Sapphires that power the higher chakras are believed to fill you with cosmic consciousness while enhancing your psychic abilities.

For example, white sapphire helps you communicate with spirits, and indigo blue sapphire offers traits of exceptional clairvoyance. This way, you’ll be able to predict the future and brace yourself before essential things happen in life.

Purple Sapphire is an excellent stone for enlightenment and connecting with higher consciousness. Black sapphire is great for grounding and protection, while yellow sapphire attracts luck.😺

Solar plexus, heart, and sacral chakra sapphires bring success, abundance, and prosperity to you.

On the other hand, higher chakra sapphires balance your mind and fill you with spiritual wisdom. They’re also great for abilities like intuition, extrasensory perception, and telepathy.

Psychic abilities like clairvoyance and clairvision are other benefits of using sapphires in your life. It can help you understand what spiritual balance means.

Working with sapphires is good for preventing any negative energy of bad omens and evil eyes from affecting your subtle body.

Particular colors of sapphires are also worn by healers and shamans to unchain evil energies of demonic possession, curses, and spiritual agony.

If you’re looking for ways to bring financial freedom and wealth, it’s best to place a yellow sapphire in your wallet.

How to use sapphires in everyday life? 5 simple yet powerful techniques

We talked benefits of using sapphires for the physical, emotional, and spiritual body above.

But how can you realize these manifestations with a sapphire healing stone?

I love using specific energy rituals for manifesting luck, love, success, protection, reproductive health, and physical healing. 

Scroll away to find ways to do so.

Rings and Jewelry

Wearing healing crystal jewelry is one of the best ways to attune your chakras and subtle body with the healing vibrations of the crystal. It opens your chakra and charges it simultaneously.

I’ll tell you the best sapphire jewelry for specific benefits next.🙌🏻

Blue Sapphire Rings for Luck

When it comes to engagement rings, blue sapphires with diamonds are considered the best concoction for luck.

Wearing an indigo blue sapphire ring can make you lucky in love, career, and finance. In addition, make sure to chant your intention to set it before wearing the crystal ring.

Blue Sapphire Bead Necklace for Charm

Another favorite use of indigo sapphires for psychics is charisma.

Wearing a bead necklace made of raw blue sapphire stones can cleanse your aura and charge it with bright blue light. It makes you charming, approachable, and open-minded. Wear a blue sapphire necklace to cleanse and attune your third eye and throat chakras.

Yellow Sapphire Rings for Success

Much like citrine, yellow sapphire is the seat of success because it empowers the solar plexus chakra. Wearing a ring made of this gemstone will bring powerful energies to your dominant hand to make decisions that attract success into your life.

Just make sure to set an intention under the sunlight before wearing the stone.

Black Sapphire Rings for Protection

Are you seeking physical protection from enemies? Wear black sapphire rings for spiritual and emotional protection from spirits and toxic people!

I suggest meditating while holding a black sapphire in your hands to attract physical and spiritual protection into your life. This is especially important for those who regularly work with strangers, such as those in banks, salons, courts, hospitals, sales, and the entertainment industry.💡

Pink Sapphire Lockets for Love

If you’re looking for ways to love yourself and others around you, pink sapphire is the stone you need in life.

Wearing pendants or lockets made of pink sapphires is considered excellent for cultivating unconditional love towards yourself, your partners, friends, and family.

Orange Sapphire Rings for Passion

As orange sapphire is responsible for awakening the life force energy of kundalini energy, it can fill you with desire and sensuality. It’s a result of alleviating sexual disorders and reproductive problems.

Wearing an orange sapphire ring will help you remove internal fears and tap into your hidden strengths.

Green Sapphire Rings for Prosperity

One of the heart chakra stones perfect for attracting abundance and prosperity into your life, green sapphire is great for luck too.🌲

That’s why it attracts financial freedom and abundance into your life. Wear rings made of green sapphire stone after setting your manifestation while standing in the southeast corner of your house.

Sapphire Double-Pointed Wands

If you want physical and psychic protection, whether from people or the higher realms, using sapphire double-terminated wands is excellent.

Double terminated wands have two faces and are excellent for Reiki purposes. They enhance energy transfer from the universe and the Reiki practitioner to chakra locations during Reiki sessions. The best sapphire crystals to use are white, yellow, and orange sapphires.

White sapphires help manifest your desires, yellow sapphires luck, and orange sapphires your creativity. Sapphire wands in black are also perfect for cleansing negativity in the body, mind, house, and garden.

Sapphire Orgone Pyramids for Grids

One of the powerful forms of crystals related to healing is the orgone pyramid. They’re recommended for cleansing negativity from gadgets like electromagnetic waves.

Placing an orgone pyramid made of one or more colors of sapphires at the entrance of your house cleanses every quantum of energy that enters your house. You can also chant your intention and set them around windows.

Sapphire 7 chakra generators are another way to cleanse and charge your energies.

I particularly love using raw sapphire crystals for setting up crystal grids for spiritual purposes. You can also place a sapphire pyramid or chakra generator in the middle to set a grid.

Finally, activate the sapphire grid with a wand to get things started!

Sapphire Pocket Stones and Palm Stones

Going to gem shows and exhibitions makes it easy to get your hands on raw sapphires or pocket stones. These are also called worry stones because they’re powerful enough to cleanse your emotional anxiety when you carry them.😛

All you need to do is cleanse and set an intention based on the color of the sapphire crystal before dropping them in your pockets.

You can also ask your Reiki master to use the sapphire palm stones you have on different chakra locations to accelerate healing.

Sapphire Elixir for Healing Inside-Out

Another way to promote healing with sapphires is by consuming charged water. Making a gem elixir with sapphire is easy.

The best way to do so is by taking your favorite sapphire crystal (jewelry also allowed) and placing it next to a glass of water you want to charge. Next, chant your intention and keep the arrangement undisturbed for 12 to 24 hours.

Once you’re done, consume the water within a day or two to flush out negativity from your mind, body, and spirit.

Here are 20 different ways to charge healing crystals you can explore next.

What’s the right way to cleanse 9 different sapphires?

Firstly, sapphires are made up of aluminum oxide or corundum. But they aren’t toxic in water. Hence, you can physically clean them under running water like a stream or tap without worries.

But cleansing the negativity out of sapphire crystals isn’t the same. I’ll tell you how to do so based on their colors.  

Cleansing Black Sapphire

Chanting is the best way to cleanse a black sapphire as it responds to the thought element. Write your own affirmations and chant them for this purpose.

Indigo Sapphire

Moonlight is recommended for cleansing indigo sapphire because it connects with the light element. Just keep your indigo sapphire on the terrace or a secure place near the window under full moon energies for overnight healing.

Blue Sapphire

The wind is an excellent technique to remove negative energies from a light blue sapphire as it’s ruled by the sky. Cleanse the blue sapphire by sitting out in the open under the blue sky or keeping it out for a few hours.

Yellow Sapphire

Sunlight works well for deep-cleansing a yellow sapphire as it’s ruled by the fire element. Keep your yellow sapphire near the windowsill to cleanse with sunlight.

Green Sapphire

Burying is preferred to remove negative vibrations from a green sapphire because of its connection to the earth. Hold it in your dominant hand while standing in the open air for a few minutes to do this.

White/Colorless Sapphire

Rice cleanses out all the negative energies in a white sapphire. Burying it for a day or up to 30 days is a good way to remove the negative energies stuck to it.

Pink Sapphire

Wands are a great technique to remove the negative energies sediment on pink sapphires. You can also soak your stone in the heart chakra frequency of 639 Hz or with a heart chakra Tibetan bowl to cleanse it inside out.

Orange Sapphire

Water is the ruling component of sacral energy, and hence holding this stone for a few minutes under a tap or stream will cleanse it.

Purple Sapphire

Meditation and thought are two excellent ways to easily remove all evil energies in a purple sapphire as it’s ruled by the element of thought.

Read more about ways to cleanse other sapphires like the star and fancy variety in this post.

Before you go: Start activating the healing properties of your sapphires

We learned about sapphire gemstones in detail today. You can uniquely use each color of sapphire to awaken the hidden healing energies inside it.

The corresponding aura of the sapphire also charges depending on the type you use. Moreover, sapphires can open all the chakras.

I love combining sapphires in my energy rituals because they bring a unique tint of divinity like no other stones.

When you’re cleansing sapphires, remember that blue sapphires, pink sapphires, and fancy sapphires may fade under sunlight when kept out for too long.

📝As a side note, keep in mind that most sapphires undergo heat treatment to prevent chipping. So, natural sapphires are EXTREMELY hard to find these days commercially.

I hope the above article helped you understand sapphires well. Don’t hesitate to write to us about your experience with sapphires.

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