What’re the Healing Properties of Pearls & How to Heal With Them?

You might’ve heard the popular quote—pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. But, do you know pearl isn’t a crystal? What is a pearl? Does it contain healing traits? How do you tap into the metaphysical powers of the gemstone pearl?🤔

Pearl is literally a shimmering object produced by mollusks and other animals. It doesn’t contain a crystal lattice but can be set into rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. The interesting thing is it can activate several chakras at once to attract divination, success, cleansing, healing, and luck into your life too.

Today I’m proud to take you through the healing properties of pearls from the City of Pearls in Hyderabad, India. Living in this city for nearly a decade has taught me the history, powers, and ways to work the magic of pearls that I would love to walk you through.😊

Join me and we’ll uncover the strengths and secrets of pearls with these topics:

  • What’s the history and meaning of pearl? How is it made?
  • How does pearl heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally?
  • Different types of pearls with their specific healing traits
  • How to use pearls for healing?
  • What are the best stones to pair up with pearl gemstone?
  • How to cleanse pearls and maintain them?
  • Who should or shouldn’t wear pearls?
  • When is the best time and day of the week to wear pearls?

Neither pearl nor its powers lie on the shore, so let’s dive for it!

The Ultimate Guide to the Healing Powers of Pearls

A glimpse at the healing powers of pearl through human history

A popular trend in the 80s, pearls can be traced back to human use during the neolithic period about 8,000 years ago. Believed to contain the secrets of the earth itself, the pearl was precious then, and now too.

The word pearl comes from the Medieval Latin word "perla" or "perula" which means "little bag". It’s also known as "ratnaraj" or "king of gems" in Sanskrit. Pearl is a popular gem used for making rings, necklaces, earrings, tiaras, bracelets, bangles, and headgear but rarely used as a loose stone.

If you’re wondering why pearl isn’t a crystal but a gemstone, that’s because it doesn’t have a crystal structure like citrine or quartz. It’s an organic gem made of calcium compounds, amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, and other trace minerals.

History says Cleopatra drank pearls in vinegar to prove a point while Chinese Empress Wu Zetian covered her whole body in them for beauty. Do you know Julius Caesar invaded Britain just for pearls?

But that’s not it, folks! Pearl was so popular during the 15th and 16th centuries in Western Europe that historically the time’s called the Pearl Age.

The ancient Japanese believed pearls contained the tears of mythical beasts while ancient Greeks believed pearls were made from the tears of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

When you move further east, Buddhists believed that flaming pearl is a symbol of wisdom and divination. Hinduism believes pearls can connect the wearer to higher realms. This gemstone also protects lovers and reduces karmic debts according to Hinduism.

The Holy Bible, Koran, and the Talmud have several reverent phrases related to the gemstone too. You’ll find pearls abundant in India, Australia, Japan, Europe, North America, and the Persian Gulf. They’re soft scoring 2.6 to 4.6 on the Mohs scale.

Fun Fact
Pearls were believed to symbolize purity in the Middle Ages and were often a part of Christian wedding jewelry.

Physical and metaphysical healing properties of pearls

In essence, pearl can activate several chakras at once such as the crown chakra, third eye chakra, heart chakra, and sacral chakra. Crown energies in a pearl gemstone connect you with spiritual beings while the third eye brings intuition to you and the heart chakra attracts love to you. Finally, the sacral chakra powers your life force to attract luck and beauty.

Let’s find out how these metaphysical energies translate to the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of pearl gemstone.

Calming Powers of Pearl

As the pearl is governed by the water element, it can calm you down while removing stress and fear from your heart. It’s a great gem for improving your mood too. If you ask me, the longer time you spend with pearl, the more fulfilled you’ll feel.


Another thing that’s synonymous with pearls since the dawn of time is beauty.💄 Pearl powder is used even today to make your skin flawless. History says pearls were once used to eradicate pigmentation of skin related to aging as well as melasma as well. It can heal scars, blemishes, wrinkles, pimples, and acne too.

Safety and Protection

Pearl can keep evil energies at bay. It’s often added to kids’ jewelry to keep the little ones protected from evil ways and dangerous distractions. A pearl gemstone will also protect your beloved from infidelity besides keeping your heart pure. If you go back in time, they’re quoted as the favorite gem of witches for protection from other witches too.

Wealth and Prosperity

One of the infamous things about pearl is it can attract wealth. Perhaps it’s the luster of pearl or its high vibrations that gave it away, but pearl can actually attract good luck into your life. With a pearl gem close by, wearers will find it easier to succeed and overcome hurdles. Undrilled pearls were once a sign of luck for brides at their wedding and today you’ll still find them in use (mostly on bridal bouquets)!

Benefit From the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Pearl Jewelry

Enhances Your Love Life

The power of pearl is also great for couples because it keeps you committed and faithful to each other.❤️ It’s called the gem of purity and love as it can help men and women explore their libido and passion for each other.

Fertility and Birth

The moon-like gem can also influence the menstrual cycle by helping women with mood swings, pain, and other discomforts. Another benefit of pearl is it’s a great pain reliever for women preparing for birth naturally for the first time.

Emotional Benefits of Using Pearls

People always talk about the bright benefits of pearl but this gorgeous gem of the sea can also bring you many emotional boons. Because many cultures believe pearl is filled with the wisdom of the universe, it can bring enlightenment and clarity of truth to wearers.

Detox and Cleansing

Whether you’re going through a physically distressing time or an emotional one, the pearl gem is a great piece of jewelry to stabilize hormones, lower acidity, fight against poison, and even sedate you. It can also cleanse your aura and clear negative energies.

Physical Healing

From skin to respiratory allergies, stomach pain, bronchitis, liver, and lung infections, the pearl is a gem worth healing an array of issues. It improves your heart, immune system, and bone strength too.


Do you know pearl connects your soul to the higher realms? That’s why people who wear pearls find it easy to communicate with spirits, angels, and guardians. Pearl can open your mind and lead you to enlightenment. That’s why it’s great for imagination and creativity too!👩🏻‍🚀

Types of pearls and their varying healing powers

While your mind may show you a perfectly round and gleaming pearl when you think about this gem, pearls are found in many shapes and sizes around the globe.

Let’s find out how their metaphysical properties differ from one another next.

Natural pearls vs. Cultured pearls

A few thousand years back, there weren’t any cultured pearls in the world as we know it. Because humans nearly brought the pearl-producing mollusks to extinction 200 to 300 years back, currently natural pearls are extremely rare.

On the other hand, cultured pearls basically have all the characteristics and quality matching natural pearls. There are many pearl farms in Tahiti, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and China nowadays that produce famous cultured pearls.

When it comes to healing properties, both natural and cultured pearls have their own unique set of powers just like we learned about the healing powers of cubic zirconia recently. While cultured pearls help you realize the truth, natural pearls help you find it.

Cultured Pearl in an Oyster

Pearl healing powers by color

Based on the color of the pearl, its healing powers change between different chakras and vibrations too.

White Pearls

As white is one of the most sanctified colors throughout different cultures and human history, the white pearl is indeed the epitome of purity. Using white pearls makes your faith stronger, your heart purer, your mind clearer, and your body cooler.

Black Pearls

Do you know black pearls are extremely lucky? They can make you charm up your personality and aura. Making use of black pearl makes you stronger physically and emotionally too.

Pink Pearls

One of the most feminine pearls that have a sheen of pink making them look radiant, pink pearls attract your true love, enhance the love life, and emanate romantic vibrations. The best thing is pink pearl can also boost your mental prowess by eliminating negative and evil vibrations from touching you.

Purple Pearls

The color of divination as well as prestige, purple pearls attract creativity, inspiration, and passion of the intellect. It’s a great type of pearl for bringing more power and clarity to your mind as it works on the crown chakra.

Blue Pearls

Quite trendy for the last few years, blue pearls are the symbol of royalty. It also beckons courage, self-esteem, beauty, and divine tranquility. Blue pearls can reduce the effects of aging and enhance shapeshifting spells.

Gold Pearls

Besides black pearls, golden pearls are the only other pearl that’s the embodiment of abundance and prosperity. It also attracts virtues like beauty, power, self-worth, fame, fortune, charm, and luck.

Brown (Chocolate) Pearls

Called the chocolate pearl, this is a unique color of pearls that represents harmony and grounding. Brown pearls are also excellent for bringing balance and stability into life. It’s believed to increase the self-confidence and skills of the wearer.

Healing properties based on different shapes of pearl

  • Pearls also vary based on their shapes.✍🏻 The round pearl is the symbol of perfection and it attracts luck and prosperity. The baroque or irregular shape is popular for its sensuous and spiritual benefits. If you’re attracted to the oval or rice shape, prepare for fertility miracles.
  • In the same way, a button shape where the pearl has one flat side is perfect for fortune-telling. The keishi shape stands for protection and the biwa or the stick shape for success and luck.

Mother of Pearl

Keeping a mother of pearl jewelry or raw gem can soothe you like the sea can do to storms no matter how frustrated, angry, hopeless, or aimless you’re in life.


Another peculiar derivative of pearl, abalone shells is often used as protective amulets or psychics for peeking into the future or past. They’re actually used as peace and love charms too.

How to activate pearls and pearl jewelry? 7 Ways experts do it!

While most pearls are either set into jewelry or used for craft and decor, pearl jewelry tops the list for being the most commonly used type today.

We talked about the several chakra places that pearls can activate, earlier in this post. For instance, when the pearl unblocks the crown (purple and white pearls), it helps your chakra to connect with the spirit world so that you can practice spirit communication.

The following will teach you several energy healing techniques to charge the gemstone pearl. Keep in mind that you can use pearl jewelry for every one of these rituals.

Pearl necklace and earrings

Wearing pearl necklaces and earrings does enhance your beauty but they also keep your crown chakra well-tuned to receive guidance from guardian angels and spiritual beings. Many believe that wearing a pearl necklace can help you by gaining premonitions of upcoming disasters.

All you need to do is cleanse your pearl necklace or earring using a recommended method and wear it. The gem will charge up on its own with water droplets in the air and keep your chakras charged throughout your time of wear.

Little Girl Wearing Pearl Diadem and Earrings to Heal Spiritually and Emotionally

Full moon meditation with pearl

Pearl is ruled by the moon and that’s why every full moon night is a golden opportunity to make your manifestations come true using pearl.

My favorite way for charging pearls is on full moon nights for prosperity with a two-hour meditation from 11 pm to 1 am. I like to listen to rain sounds to keep me connected to the water element that governs this gemstone.

Pearl gem elixir

With many figures drinking pearl directly in vinegar or other solutions, we recommend keeping the pearl and the water separate to make the elixir. Because the pearl gemstone isn’t safe in the water if soaked for a long time!

All you need to do is keep the pearl atop a coaster on top of a glass of water instead of inside it, to be safe. After letting the setup undisturbed for 12 to 24 hours, you can dismantle the setup and drink the water directly or mix it with other beverages that use water.

Charging a pearl ring with affirmations for couples

Affirmations not only work by connecting you directly to the universe but they also bring you closer to your own soul too.

Here are a few affirmations that’ll help you along the way as they did for me in the last few months:😃

  • The love we share is unconditional and invincible.
  • Nothing can destroy our love.
  • Our love makes us happy and satisfied.
  • We have all the love we need to make love.
  • We will be blessed with a seed of our love with pearl by our side.

Pearl grid for protection

Setting up a fully-fledged gemstone grid made solely out of pearl gems helped my friend with sleep terrors. She now keeps a pearl always on her bedside table for future occurrences.

I suggest you create a complete moon yantra grid made of pearl beads under your bed to create soothing vibes for a sound sleep without negativity touching you in any way.

Hindu astrologers suggest using a moon yatra diagram because pearl is ruled by the moon. Remember to activate the grid using another moon-ruled gemstone-like selenite.

Charging pearl with reiki

One of the best ways to activate the powers of pearl you have is by reiki-charging it. You can do so by using reiki energies to attune to your manifestations. Here’s a guide on reiki healing you can use to understand more about it.

One of my favorite methods to do it is by sitting down in the mountain pose and placing a pearl in my lap/between my legs so that I can focus my palmar energy to power the gem with my own vibrations.

Pearls in the bedroom for romance

Pearl is the epitome of love. It can rekindle romance among couples and bring more intimate moments to their bedrooms.

All you need to do is place five pearls in your bedroom, preferably on top of your headboard so that you can soak into the energy of the gem while sleeping. Set it up on a moonlit night to charge it up with the highest vibrations.

Best crystals to pair with pearl for metaphysical healing

When it comes to pearls, it doesn’t mix and match with other crystals and stones as easily. Even though amber and coral are derived from organic substances just like pearl, the pearl isn’t a fine match with either. You should never mix it with blue sapphires or red garnets too.

But that doesn’t mean pearl can be worn only on its own. In fact, there are many different crystals you can wear with pearls to target and activate different energy centers in the body.

  • Immunity: Amethyst, jade, citrine, obsidian, and blue lace agate go well with pearls if you’re looking for internal healing in your body.
  • Soothing: Use green calcite, tiger iron, fairy quartz, or sunstone with pearls to find relief from physical and emotional pain.
  • Protection: Whether it’s a psychic shield you need or a physical guard, pearls can work well against evil eyes and negativity when mixed with agate, jade, or malachite.
  • Good luck: You can bring the energies of citrine, labradorite, or carnelian with pearls to attract success, good fortune, prosperity, and abundance into your life.
  • Beauty: One of the best ways to boost your charm and passion is by pairing up pearls with crystals like rose quartz, peridot, malachite, or pink tourmaline.

How to cleanse and take care of pearls?

Pearls might look invincible, but it’s important to take care of them the right way to ensure it lasts a long time.

No matter who or where you got your pearls or pearl jewelry from, it’s important to clean it with a soft cloth first. It’s not recommended to use water because pearls can degrade over time with exposure to water.

For removing negative energies on the new pearl or to cleanse it when you get it for the first time, it’s great to use a clear quartz wand or one of the other crystal cleansing techniques mentioned in this guide.

But how to take care of pearls?❓ Ensure you always clean your pearls at the end of the day to remove dirt and grime before placing them in an airtight box. It can last well over decades with frequent use and aftercare. Just make sure to control its exposure to sunlight, humidity, dryness, and acid.

Who should wear pearls? Who shouldn’t wear pearls?

Much of the healing and metaphysical properties of pearls as well as many other crystals depend on who wears what. That’s because each one of us has a unique birth chart based on which our fate runs.

Hence, the pearl is best for those born under the constellation of Gemini in the month of June according to new-age beliefs. It’s also favorable to zodiac signs such as Scorpio, Pisces, and Aries.👧🏻

Moreover, that doesn’t mean people under other zodiac signs can’t wear it. I’m a Sagittarian and I soak myself in pearls every week. It’s all about how you personally feel with the vibrations of pearl; if it’s helping you, continue wearing it and stop it in any other case.

Contrary to the above, old traditions recommend pearls for those born in the months of February and November.

Because pearl is a gem interspersed with various cultures, you’ll notice it’s ruled by different heavenly bodies too. In the West, pearls encompass the powers of Venus, and the East associates pearls with Moon and Saturn rulers.

When to wear pearls? How to wear them?

Ideally, pearls are best worn on Mondays. And that’s exactly when I wear it. Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear it only on Mondays. It only means pearl energies are most powerful on Mondays.

The rule of thumb is to wear pearls that are at least 5 carats on your pinky finger and above between, 10:00 am to 11:00 am. But if you ask me my favorite time to wear pearls, it’s when I notice or feel touched by the energy of the full moon or eclipses.

Ideally, the pearl jewelry should be made with silver because it’s one of the noble metals that represent the Moon in Vedic astrology. I have pearls with silver and gold because the sun rules the metal gold and it gels well with the moon energies of pearls.

Embrace the power of pearls in a few seconds

Whether you fell in love with pearls for their shimmering glow or the tranquilizing effects, pearls are gems that can enchant you in a blink.😘

While most people still think pearls are formed from a grain of sand, that’s just a myth. We learned how it can help you grow your wisdom, intuition, beauty, charm, joy, and luck besides healing disorders of the body. It can be charged with reiki, moon, meditation, affirmations, and grids besides other crystal charging techniques we learned in November.

Most people don’t realize that pearls can repel negativity easily and cleanse the aura. Put simply, that means, wearing pearl jewelry can help you unblock several chakras, defend evil vibrations, and activate your strengths.

I have a 70-inch pearl necklace I bought a few years ago during Diwali (a Hindu Festival of Lights) in antique gold that I wear as a headband, necklace, waistband, and anklet if I’m in the mood for whole-body healing.

When not in use, this super-long pearl necklace of mine finds it next to the French vanilla scented candle on my bedside table for emanating romantic vibrations in our "happy place".

Pearl is a powerhouse of beauty and luck; I hope you find all its powers.😊

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