Healing Properties of Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Diamonds vs. Simulants

Do you know diamonds are high-vibrational healing crystals? Natural diamonds are actually great for cleansing, protection, love, healing, and more. But what about lab-grown diamonds and simulants? Are they as powerful as natural diamonds?🤔

While lab-grown diamonds have the same traits as natural diamonds, they aren’t marred by the evils of some unethical diamond trade. So, cultured diamonds are a purer version of diamonds. On the other hand, diamond simulants are neither. They’re small sources of power that awaken minor chakras and amplify rituals.

Today we’ll compare the metaphysical powers of natural diamonds against lab-grown diamonds and simulants to pick the best. Are you ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

  • What are natural diamonds?
    • Why wear natural diamonds?
    • 5 ways to wear natural diamonds
  • What is a lab-grown diamond?
    • Why wear lab-grown diamonds?
    • How to use the metaphysical properties of lab-grown diamonds?
  • What are diamond simulants?
    • How to use diamond simulants in jewelry and at home?
  • Natural diamonds vs. Lab-grown diamonds vs. Diamond simulants
  • Verdict: Which to pick?
Healing Properties of Diamond-Lookalike Gemstones

Healing properties of natural diamonds

From Hindus to Romans, French, and Greeks, diamonds are considered cleansing by some and powerful, lucky, or harmonizing by others.

There are many legends and stories surrounding diamonds worldwide because it’s one of the oldest and hardest gems.

Natural diamonds are available in several colors, such as black, white, pink, red, green, blue, and colorless. And different diamonds rule over different chakras in the body. As a result, their properties also differ from one another.

Read more about the healing properties of natural diamonds here.

Benefits of wearing natural diamonds

Natural diamonds are capable of cleansing the body, mind, and spirit. When used in rituals, it can repel negativity, diseases, stress, and evil energies.

Depending on their color, differently-colored diamonds can also open every one of the seven primary chakras. Let’s look at different diamond colors next.

  • Natural black diamonds are great for safety and protection. That’s because of the root chakra energy. Psychics say black diamonds are great for grounding, stability, and balance in life.
  • Orange diamonds are powered by the kundalini energy of the sacral chakra. That’s why they’re great for creativity, courage, and confidence.
  • On the other hand, yellow diamonds awaken your power or luck with the help of the solar plexus chakra. It also brings stability, good fortune, and physical health.
  • Both pink and green diamonds are great for the heart chakra. Pink diamond helps you find your inner beauty and unconditional love💝, while green diamonds attract wealth and success into your life.
  • When it comes to blue diamonds, throat and third eye chakras may be awakened. Together, these chakras fill you with confidence, honesty, charisma, and empathy.
  • White and transparent diamonds awaken the crown and third eye chakras. So, they amplify and cleanse other crystals. That’s why colorless diamonds gel well with other crystals, especially in engagement rings.
  • Lastly, white crystals keep you sharp, intuitive, and wise.

How to wear natural diamonds for healing?

Diamonds can clear the toughest evil vibrations in a matter of seconds.

💎Moreover, wearing a diamond on certain parts of the body can nurture several chakras. As a result, you may find personal power, creativity, protection, psychic abilities, and confidence.

So, instead of wondering where to wear natural diamonds, take a look at the five options below with their chakra properties.

You can chant to charge diamond pendants

Before wearing diamond pendants, charge them with mantras by chanting.

Besides using religious prayers, you can also use positive affirmations that you’ve written down. Finally, chant them while holding the diamond pendant or necklace in your hands. Do this before wearing diamond pendants to set intentions in them.

Blue, pink, green, white, and colorless diamonds are great for pendants owing to their closeness with throat, heart, and crown chakra locations.

You can charge diamond rings with wands

If you have a diamond ring, charge it with clear quartz or selenite wand before wearing it to set intentions easily.

Diamond charging with wands is an easy technique.

All you need to do is circle the quartz wand thrice over your diamond ring in a clockwise direction.🕞 You must do it daily and wear it on your dominant hand.

Charging this way will help you find divine guidance in all your decisions. They’re also good for auric shielding.

The best-colored diamonds to wear as rings are pink, green, orange, blue, and black.

You can meditate with diamond earrings

Focusing your thoughts on a high-vibration crystal such as a diamond will charge it with higher chakra energies. Meditating before wearing diamond earrings is a great way to get started.

That’s why it’s best to wear diamond earrings ruled by higher chakras in colors like blue, white, or indigo for earrings. Charged diamond earrings keep you alert, energetic, powerful, and composed. They’re great for office, school, and college.

Charge your diamond bracelets with solar energies

You can wear lower chakra diamonds like red, orange, yellow, pink, and green on your wrists to keep them tuned to associated chakras.

You can also charge them in the early morning by holding your diamond bracelet in your palms. When holding the stone to manifest your intentions, try to visualize intentions of power and luck.☀️

Finally, you can wear the diamond bracelet on your dominant hand. It’ll help you be your best at work, life, and career.

Salt charging with diamond nose rings or studs

Another interesting way to wear natural diamonds for higher chakra enlightenment is diamond nose rings or studs.

You can charge the crystal with salt to cleanse the bad energies stuck to the diamond. Plus, it also amplifies higher chakra powers within the diamond.

Diamonds in white, blue, pink, and green are best charged with salt before wearing them. It’s a great technique to invoke the psychic abilities of the wearer too.

Healing properties of lab diamonds

Natural diamonds aren’t news anymore, but lab-grown diamonds are. Also called cultured or created diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are every bit brilliant, strong, and gorgeous as natural diamonds. They aren’t as expensive as natural diamonds but are costlier than simulants.

The best thing about lab-grown diamonds is they’re untarnished, unlike "blood diamonds".👍🏻 In the lab-grown diamond industry, there aren’t any humanitarian evils as those happening with their natural counterparts.

A psychic in the Western Ghats once told me this unforgettable thing about its healing powers that explains their importance well.

Lab-grown diamonds are purer than natural diamonds. They are manmade keys to unlock a pure that beyond unseen and unimaginable with natural diamonds.

What are the benefits of lab grown diamonds?

As we learned under the section on natural diamonds, the color of a diamond determines its healing properties. Some rare colors of natural diamonds can be comparatively easy to find in cultured diamonds.

That’s why lab-grown diamonds have numerous properties too.

Compared to natural diamonds, the healing properties of lab-grown diamonds are vaster, purer, and stronger. On top of it, different shades of reds, pinks, and browns in lab-grown diamonds open your minor chakras too.

I’ll try to explain the long stretch of their benefits next.

Blue natural diamonds empower the third eye and throat chakras, but a lab-grown blue diamond unlocks truth and spiritual destiny. 👉🏻And the unique shade of blue in lab-grown diamonds, such as teal, are miracle stones that can attract success and creativity.

Purple diamonds are such a rarity, naturally. But not so much when they’re grown in a lab. Cultured purple diamonds are so powerful that they link your soul with the higher realms. These are best for meditation or reiki because purple diamonds also amplify energies.

While natural orange diamonds are plenty, the peach color lab-grown diamond is great with metals like rose gold, silver, and platinum. Peach lab-grown diamonds bring luck and love into the wearer’s life.💝

On top of what natural red diamonds are famous for, lab-grown reds also bring strength and commitment. To be honest, they’re more vivid and purer in power than their predecessors.

Black diamonds are pretty in the natural world. But they become flawless in the lab-grown industry. Moreover, natural black diamonds have incessant flaws or blemishes absent in lab-grown ones.

All that said created black diamonds are excellent for grounding and cleansing ceremonies like exorcisms. The facets on a polished black diamond shine flawless brilliance from all angles like no other diamond.

In comparison, brown lab-grown diamonds are another unique color of created diamonds that are grounding. But brown cultured diamonds work well when the wearer is anxious, afraid, or under pressure. It brings courage and support from Mother Gaia directly.

Yellow lab-grown diamonds aren’t prized so much in the world of precious diamonds but are in spiritual circles. You can use yellow-created diamonds to attract luck, prosperity, and good fortune🥰 as it has a strong connection with the sun.

Green cultured diamonds are great for abundance, fame, and physical healing, while pink lab-grown diamonds bring unconditional love. They’re much like green and pink natural diamonds, but the good news is they’re excellent manifestation crystals too.

Gray cultured diamonds are a must-have for doctors, teachers, and those who interact with many people daily because it has shielding powers. Most people don’t know this, but gray is also the color to tap into the heart chakra for instilling you with empathy, harmony, charm, strength, and support.

How to use created diamonds for healing?📑

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t second to natural diamonds, whether you look at their physical brilliance or spiritual prowess. That’s why they’re as versatile for home and personal use as natural diamonds.

And because cultured diamonds are created in a lab, you can use them for powerful energy rituals. If you’re a crystal expert, created diamonds are a better buy. ⚠️👏🏻Not only will it save you money, but its purity and power are incomparable to blood diamonds.

You can wear lab-grown diamonds just like I described under natural diamonds.

But for unique colors like purple, peach, and gray lab-grown diamonds, go for rituals associated with their chakras rather than randomly wearing them on different body parts.

For instance, purple is a crown chakra (7th chakra) color. So, place a purple diamond on your forehead or head during reiki (laying down) or meditation (sitting up) to open your highest chakra. It’ll also help you open your mind to the higher realms and psychic abilities.

Wearing lab-grown diamonds is excellent for cleansing people, auras, chakras, and spaces around you. As natural diamonds are high-vibrational, lab-grown diamonds are perfect for feng shui and homes.

You can place your created diamond around the house (in safe places, of course!) to cleanse bad vibes from your bedroom, living room, garden, or kitchen.

Healing properties of diamond simulants

Before getting into diamond simulants, do you know what simulated diamonds are?

A diamond simulant is a term referred to natural and artificial stones that look like diamonds. Put simply, a diamond simulant is a diamond-lookalike crystal.

Whether for environmental, humanitarian, or financial reasons, diamond simulants are used by crystal users, jewelry lovers, and other fashion aficionados. Many of these are even more respected in the spiritual world.

For instance, most natural diamond simulants are made from clear quartz, zircon, topaz, rutile quartz, and spinel.

And by wearing clear quartz, you’re wearing the ultimate cleansing stone. Zircon is another crystal as old as the earth that fills you with the world’s wisdom like no other stone.

Synthetic diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite are powerful crystals that activate our minor chakras in the wrists, fingers, toes, shoulders, and so on. So, simulants open the upper, middle, and lower chakras when worn with natural diamonds or other crystals.

Benefits of wearing simulants

As natural simulants and synthetics bring in different energies, wearing diamond simulants is perfect for setting intentions.

For instance, wearing a zircon stone can help you set intentions for harmony, luck, and prosperity. That’s because zircon is the stone of love, support, and compassion.

Clear quartz is a high-vibrational crystal like a diamond. It’s popularly used for cleansing other crystals, spaces, and chakras.

Topaz is another simulant, yet a healing crystal you can use for different healing powers like diamonds. For example, imperial topaz is a good luck stone, while pink topaz brings unconditional love to you.

In the same way, green topaz taps into harmony around you, and gray topaz into your higher power.

Spinel and rutile are extremely powerful crystals for passion and psychic abilities. Wearing or placing them with compatible crystals will help you discover your most authentic self.

Even synthetics like cubic zirconia improve concentration, focus, and alertness. Wearing simulants with other diamond jewelry also amplifies the total energy.

In the same way, you can use moissanite to attract success and good luck into your life. Moissanite jewelry is good for students, kids, and people going through transitions.

Another little-known thing about moissanite is it increases your luck in love. So, give a moissanite promise ring to your beloved before proposing with a diamond engagement ring.

How to use diamond simulants for healing?

Diamond simulants can be used for many forms of healing, much like diamonds. You can wear clear quartz pendants, spinel rings, moissanite rings, and zircon bracelets for healing, protection, and clearing.

Some diamond simulants can even amplify major chakras by tapping into minor chakras inside and outside the body.

Wearing clear quartz pendants in the office will help clear negative energies and toxic people from affecting you. Along the same line, diamond simulants like cubic zirconia bring focus and alertness best for employees and students.

Some diamond simulants of topaz even naturally attract harmony, health, abundance, luck, and prosperity into the wearer’s life.

I recommend wearing diamond simulants with most crystal jewelry because they support, enhance, and empower major chakras. In short, diamond simulants seldom conflict with other crystals.

You can even wear synthetic and natural diamond simulants to create crystal grids on your body.

Charging them with intentions, meditation, chants, mantras, and singing bowls are my favorite ways of using simulants in day-to-day life.

Difference between healing properties of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and diamond simulants

There are many metaphysical and physical differences between diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and diamond simulants. While they may all look alike, they look different from each other under the magnifying loupe.

👉🏻Moreover, their healing powers may also differ based on purity, origin, strength, and bond.

Natural diamonds are high-vibrational, but lab-grown diamonds have even higher and purer vibrations. That’s because there isn’t any taint of the humanitarian perils surrounding the diamond trade when made in a lab.

Moreover, lab-grown diamonds have nearly no characteristics or traits that may be flagged differently from natural diamonds. So, no gemologist can tell a lab-grown diamond apart from a natural diamond unless told. They’re the same in every chemical way as a natural diamond.

Similarly, natural diamond simulants like clear quartz or zircon are powerful crystals popular among crystal users, shamans, seers, and psychics.

So, you can’t rank the powers of natural diamonds over diamond simulants based on the price difference.

But lab-grown diamonds may be more powerful of all. Because it’s made with minimal human interactions and natural disasters, cultured diamonds may have raw power, often missing in their counterparts.

Can I wear natural diamonds with Lab grown diamonds or simulants?

Yes, you can wear natural and lab-grown diamonds together without conflicting with one another. As Venus rules all diamonds, you can wear them interchangeably sans any hassles.

Natural diamond simulants like clear quartz and zircon complement lab-grown and natural diamonds when worn together. They’re good spiritually besides looking gorgeous together.

But before wearing diamond simulants, it’s best to cleanse stones like zircon, moissanite, and spinel with a wand, sunlight, water, or other age-old cleansing techniques.

Learn 20 simple methods to cleanse crystals.

Verdict: Healing properties of natural diamonds vs. Lab diamonds vs. Simulants

Diamonds were one of the earliest and most powerful healing crystals for divination, love, luck, harmony, and psychical healing.

The real-world values natural diamonds more than lab-grown and simulant alternatives. But in the spiritual world, natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and simulants have their unique importance.

The spiritual benefits of diamonds come from chakras associated with their colors. For instance, a pink diamond opens the heart chakra, and a red diamond opens the root chakra.

Natural diamonds appear in colors like pink, green, yellow, blue, and black, but lab-grown varieties can be available in unique colors like purple, peach, and brown.

While natural diamonds behave like raw stones (like sources of untapped energy), lab-grown diamonds show up with diverse energies at their zenith.

Comparatively, lab-grown or created diamonds are purer and more powerful than their natural counterparts. However, natural diamonds have unique powers, while simulants are another category altogether.

I say lab-grown diamonds are the best whether you look at them ethically, spiritually, or physically. So, do you have or love diamonds? What’s your opinion on the healing powers of created diamonds? Share it with our community!

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