Healing Properties of Herkimer Diamonds (10 Perfect Ways to Use It)

Do you know the Herkimer diamond is a naturally double-terminated gemstone? It’s not a diamond, and the name itself is a misnomer. The exciting thing is that it naturally has 18 facets. Also, it’s the hardest variety of quartz!

So, what are the healing properties of Herkimer diamonds? What are they good for?🤔

Herkimer diamond meaning is high attunement as it’s a medium for a large source of energy. It’s called so owing to where it’s from—Herkimer County, New York. It’s powered by the crown, third eye, and heart chakras and ruled by the element of Storm.

That’s why Herkimer diamonds are great for purification, charging, amplification, protection, psychic abilities, and much more.

We’ll talk about the healing properties of Herkimer diamonds from A to Z today through these topics:

  • What are Herkimer diamonds? What does it mean?
  • What is the difference between a diamond and a Herkimer diamond?
  • 5 types of Herkimer diamonds
  • Chakra, ruling planet, rulers, astrology, and benefits of Herkimer diamonds
  • 10 ways to use Herkimer diamonds
    • Meditation
    • Amulet
    • Crystal Grid
    • Feng Shui
    • Reiki
    • Gem Elixir
    • Sun Salutation Yoga
    • Aura Cleansing
    • Charger for other Crystals
    • Scrying
  • How to cleanse and charge your Herkimer stones?
  • Which stones go perfectly well with Herkimer diamonds?
Small Herkimer Diamonds in a Cylinder Cube
"Herkimer diamonds" by Jared Tarbell, Modifications: resizing and cropping is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Basics: Is the Herkimer diamond a real diamond? What is a Herkimer diamond crystal?

A misnomer when it says diamonds, Herkimer diamond is a colorless quartz stone that looks like a diamond. Their natural faceting and double termination are why it’s associated with powerful metaphysical attributes.

Herkimer diamonds were discovered in the 18th century and, for a while, were thought of like diamonds. But more about the history later. First, let’s get to know the quartz more.

The double-termination of Herkimer diamonds is due to the lack of contact with the host rock cavities. They date back 500 million years!

So many cultures, such as the Mayans and ancient Romans, used it in the past. Its powers of high-vibration and attunement traits come from the Iroquoian-speaking North American Indian tribe from an ancient New York, USA.

Herkimer diamond was a widely used gemstone in the U.S and is currently found in Arizona, Italy, China, Ukraine, Norway, Pakistan, and Norway too. You may come across it as Arkimer diamonds or colorless quartz too.

Shamans and healers say the Herkimer diamond is a harmonization gemstone that helps you connect with the higher realms to access Akashic records, dreams, and the future.

Fun Fact
Most of its chemical, physical, and metaphysical properties come from gemstones, clear quartz and amethyst, ruled by the highest of the seven chakras (crown chakra).

Why is it called a diamond? Is Herkimer diamond a diamond?

Straight up, scoring a 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Herkimer diamond is much less durable than diamond (10 on Mohs).

When General Herkimer first found it during the war, he mistook them for diamonds and promised their mines to fund the war.

As soon as they were found out as quartz, they became known as Herkimer diamonds.

Moreover, it originates from Herkimer County in New York.

That said, REAL diamonds are more durable than Herkimer diamonds as they have exceptional atomic stability.

Types of Herkimer diamonds and their properties

Unlike quartz, there aren’t so many Herkimer diamonds. With perfect Herkimer diamonds growing up to 1 inch in length, you can see 18 facets with double terminations in colors such as smoky, clear, gold, and Enhydro in this type of quartz.

Herkimer diamonds are also often found with druzy black or white crystals on one side. Such a stone contains many impurities like phantoms, smoke, clusters, tabular forms, and even water bubbles.

Out of these, the last one is fascinating because it contains decayed plant life from ages ago. So, you can see a floating water bubble in Herkimer diamonds too.

These are Enhydro crystals often referred to as water-included Herkimer.

Impurities can give it different colors and shapes like prismatic druzy, blue druzy, snowball druzy, needle druzy, parallel terminations, and more!

What chakra is Herkimer diamond?

👉🏻Herkimer diamond is a higher-chakra stone. It activates two chakras at a time—the crown and the third eye chakras.

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra in the system responsible for your psychic abilities. It’s located in between your brows in the pineal gland. The third eye is defined as your spiritual eye. It helps to get to know more about your spiritual purpose and journey.

The crown chakra is where your life force energy moves from the lower chakras. It envelops you in a bright light of enlightenment that radiates a purple light around your head like a halo.

📝Apart from the third eye and crown chakras, the Enhydro Herkimer diamond awakens the heart chakra. It’s the seat of unconditional love, oneness, and physical healing.

What’s the ruling planet and element of Herkimer diamond?

Sun is the ruling planet of the colorless quartz or Herkimer diamonds. It symbolizes the powerful energies hidden within your spirit.🌞

Sun in astrology is synonymous with life-giving qualities.

Sun brings strength, health, willpower, energy, immunity, and courage. That’s why the Herkimer diamond is recommended as a protective stone.

You’ll learn to contain your emotions and temper when you have this gemstone on your dominant side (based on whether you use left-hand or right-hand more).

People feel creativity and vigor like they do at their best with this stone by their sides. Sun brings you all that and much more with the Herkimer diamond!

Ruled by the element of Storm, Herkimer isn’t like other crystals. It’s believed to be created by mystical force boosters. The storm is a mix of earth and wind elements. Even thunder and lightning as elements feature under Storm.

Which goddess rules the Herkimer diamond?

Once regarded as an excellent healing stone for teachers and healers, many gods rule it by different cultures.

The Roman gods Angerona and Latona are famous for bringing calmness and wisdom to wearers. Goddess Angerona is the Goddess of Silence, and Laton, the Goddess of Light.

But the healing crystal brings critical thinking, high achievements, and strong positive vibrations with the help of the Hindu Goddess of life force energies—Kundalini.

Physically, Herkimer diamonds are the strongest type of quartz and are naturally terminated on both sides with so many facets. They’re an energy generator without any need for polishing as a raw stone.😚

Astrology: Which zodiac signs should use Herkimer diamond?

Herkimer diamonds are regarded as the best gemstones to appreciate in April. Moreover, they’re also recommended for Aries, Leos, Virgos, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

  • Aries will find ego-death and a universal connection that makes them sensitive to others with a Herkimer diamond. It helps them become more mellow, open-minded, and humble too.
  • Leos become more committed, loyal, and confident. The quartz stone makes them more down-to-earth, kind, and compassionate to others.
  • By wearing the Herkimer diamond, Virgos will find the right spirit to devote to goals. They’ll find peace, relaxation, faith, and contentment in little things.
  • People born in December like the Sagittarius zodiac find creativity, critical thinking, and success. The energy of Arkimer diamonds teaches them patience and broad-mindedness.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear Herkimer diamonds if your birthday falls under another sign. It’s an adaptive stone that fares great for these zodiacs, but they work well if you bond with the healing crystal.

Herkimer diamond healing properties: What is Herkimer diamond good for?

The above attributes of chakras, ruling planets, goddesses, and astrology clear the reasons that make the Herkimer diamond a dearly-loved stone in spirituality.

So, how does it affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

Let’s discuss the metaphysical traits of Herkimer diamonds next.

Physical Benefits

The most commonly known advantage of using Arkimer diamonds is physical healing. Legends say this quartz accelerates the work of medicines. It’s an excellent stone when you’re detoxing or trying to boost your blood circulation.

These colorless quartz crystals are great for repairing cellular imbalances and metabolic problems. Herkimer diamonds are often recommended for treating migraines, chronic illnesses, and motion sickness.

In total, Herkimer diamonds heal the body from head to toe. Many healers use it for mental disorders that are passed on hereditarily. It can correct the eyesight and renew cells.

Another interesting thing about this quartz is great for suppressing physical pain related to arthritis, aging, and surgery. Some stories say keeping the stone on the pain-inflicted area for even 10 or 20 minutes can eliminate any discomfort.

Emotional Benefits

Herkimer diamonds are a great solution for finding your truest self.

The stone helps the wearer release and move on from repressed fears, negative self-talk, and toxic thoughts.

Healers say it can cleanse the body and mind from all types of fears. Users say paranoia, delusions, schizophrenia, and social anxiety become easy to manage with an Arkimer diamond by the side.

Herkimer diamond is also great as a clarity stone. It helps to clear the mind chatter and purify impure thoughts in your mind. As the stone helps you connect to the rest of the universe, you grow emotions like compassion, gratitude, humility, and more.

Spiritual Benefits

One of the best things about the Herkimer diamond is that it opens the world of psychic abilities to you.🌌 They’re often called ascension stones for helping one discover their spiritual purposes.

Being powered by both the highest chakras—third eye and crown, you can use this type of quartz to re-align your entire chakra system.

Some of the most famous psychic benefits of bonding with a Herkimer diamond are clairaudience, astral travel, karmic recall, and transformation. It can even open dimensional doorways into the realm of guardian angels and spirits.

Essentially, this type of crystal increases your spiritual awareness. It brings whole new energy to the table that can cleanse out the blockages to take you on the right road.

Many crystal users call Herkimer diamonds a transformative healing gemstone with an ethereal brightness.💡

How can you use Herkimer diamond? 10 ways

Just like citrine crystal can attract money when kept in your wallet or cash box, Herkimer diamond has many healing quirks.

I’ll list and explain ten incredibly easy ways to use Herkimer diamonds in your daily spiritual life.🐬

1. Herkimer Diamond For Meditation

As a higher chakra stone, Herkimer diamonds are great for focus and awareness. That’s why it’s a great stone for being mindful or when trying meditation.

Just holding on to the colorless quartz physically for a few seconds can help you clear the clutter in your mind.

So, carry a double-terminated Herkimer diamond in your pockets or bag to take it wherever you go.

Because this quartz is also the stone of attunement, it’s often used for setting goals and intentions. It can help you find solutions to complex problems by using your intuition, wisdom, and knowledge.

2. Amulet or Protective Jewelry

Next comes the wearable healing properties of Herkimer diamonds.

As they’re available in a wide variety of pendants, rings, necklaces, tiaras, earrings, and bracelets, you can wear any Herkimer diamond jewelry for spiritual protection.😍

  • A Herkimer diamond pendant can connect your heart chakra with intuition and bring a sense of universal connection from the higher chakras.
  • When you wear a Herkimer diamond ring, it works much like a wand by focusing your thoughts and sending your manifestations to the heart of the universe.
  • A bracelet made of Herkimer diamonds on your dominant hand helps you make the right decisions that follow your spiritual purpose.

3. Crystal Grid Under the Bed

As Herkimer diamonds are double terminated, they’re a great crystal amplifier stone. Put simply, a Herkimer diamond can magnify the healing properties of other crystals. Hence, it’s a great stone for powering up every type of crystal grid.

These colorless quartz stones are especially useful for healing sleep-related problems. They help with insomnia, nightmares, lucid dreaming, and immunity.🛌🏻

When you set up a crystal grid with Herkimer diamonds under the bed, make sure to add crystals for sleep like rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone.

Together, these crystals are harmonizing in nature. So, they attract love and intimacy to the bedroom anyway!

4. Feng Shui: Where to Keep a Herkimer Diamond in Your House?

Feng Shui is the art of balancing energy flow in a space.

So, is there a perfect place to keep a Herkimer diamond in the house?

Yes. Just place a Herkimer diamond in the southeast direction of your house to attract good fortune. 

A Herkimer diamond takes energy from the sun and turns it into positive vibrations that flood your room.

As the element of Storm rule it, Herkimer diamonds are a good way to purify the air in living rooms, windows, doors, and bedrooms.

5. Reiki for Psychic Abilities

We learned all about the powers of Herkimer diamonds for third eye attributes like clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel, and karmic recall. It’s a result of connecting with all the energies in the universe.

That’s why keeping a Herkimer diamond on your third eye or crown chakra for reiki activates dormant corners of your psyche. Reiki with Herkimer diamonds is excellent for waking up your kundalini energies too.

Next time you drop in for a session of reiki, ask the reiki master to use Herkimer diamonds for your higher chakras. It’ll flush out the negativity blocking your crown and third eye chakras quickly!

6. Herkimer Diamond Elixir for Immunity

Another way to absorb the healing powers of the colorless quartz called Herkimer diamond is by infusing its healing attributes into the water you can consume.

Some Herkimer diamonds are known to contain a floating water bubble that records the history of the earth and our ancestors.

In any case, keeping a Herkimer diamond atop a coaster set on a glass of water for a few hours can help you make a gem elixir with it.🥛

Consuming this within two days is a good way to heal your heart, third eye, and crown chakra from the inside. You can also sprinkle this elixir around spaces to smudge them with the cleansing energy of colorless quartz.

7. Sun Salutation With Herkimer Diamond

Because Arkimer diamonds are ruled by the planetary energy of the sun, astrology says sun salutations or Surya yoga is a great way to charge it.

All you need to do is take the healing quartz crystal during sunrise and place it in front of you on the yoga mat.

Now, perform sun salutations or yoga facing the sun. This energy ritual will cleanse and charge the Herkimer crystal with the energy and strength of the sun. It’s also great to attract wealth into your life with the solar attributes!

8. Aura Cleansing With Herkimer Diamond Wands

Do you know each of us has a biofield around us? Called the aura, this spans about 5 ft. around our chakras. Moreover, psychics can detect the colors of our aura and what they mean because of its connection to the chakra system.

As Herkimer diamonds are double terminated natural wands, they’re a great way tool to cleanse your aura.

All you need to do is circle the Herkimer diamond thrice over your head while holding it in your dominant hand. This will convert muddy green, red, orange, yellow, and other auras to your brighter counterparts.

Herkimer wands also offer the quickest ways to cleanse other crystals, people, and spaces!

9. Charging Other Crystals With Herkimer Diamonds

Just as you can use the Arkimer diamond to cleanse other healing crystals, you can also amplify their energies.

Hence, rose quartz glows and attracts more love, beauty, and joy into your life when programmed in the presence of a Herkimer diamond.

The red jasper grounds you against negative vibrations, and tanzanite gives you foresight when you use it adjacent to a Herkimer diamond.

Often called the crystal amplifier, Herkimer diamonds are a great way to charge your clothing, non-crystal jewelry, and objects of personal use too.

Walking with a Herkimer diamond in your dominant hand through a garden can rejuvenate and renew the plant cells around you. I love it because it’s a great stone for physical healing and wellness. Try it!🙌🏻

10. Scrying With Herkimer Diamonds

Do you know about scrying stones? These crystal mirrors help you peek into a different realm, dimension, or time.

As a high attunement stone, Herkimer diamonds are great for accessing the Akashic records of the past and future. It can help you show you the reality hidden behind your perspective.

When you also keep a Herkimer close by during scrying, you’ll be able to find what you’re searching for. With the colorless quartz by your side, you also get a protective cocoon of the crown chakra.

Scrying mirrors tone psychic abilities already awakened by the crown chakra and the third eye chakra from the Herkimer diamond.

Herkimer diamonds also help with astral travel. Hence, they’re good for rituals that need high-vibrational energy.

How to clean and cleanse herkimer diamonds?

You can find beautiful Herkimer diamonds around the U.S around Routes 28 and 29 close to Middleville, New York. If you just bought one of these beauties, remember to cleanse them too.

FYI, cleaning is different from cleansing. The latter suggests removing negativity absorbed by the Herkimer with energies.

You can clean a Herkimer diamond by soaking it in a bowl of tap water for a few minutes. But remember to pat it dry once you take it out of the bowl for storage.

But in addition, you should also cleanse a Herkimer diamond at the end of every usage. The best way to cleanse it spiritually is with the healing properties of sunlight.

You know Sun is the ruling planetary body of Herkimer diamonds. So, just a few minutes in the early morning sun is enough to remove the negative energies sediment on this crystal. You can also cleanse it with other cleansing wands made of selenite or clear quartz.

Read more about cleansing crystals here.

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What crystals go with Herkimer diamonds?

Being a higher chakra crystal, many other crystals can exist with Herkimer diamonds. That’s why it can amplify the energies of other things like plants, crystals, feng shui, and more.

Herkimer diamond pairs well with moldavites to open the heart chakra. It can help you find unconditional love for yourself and others. Moldavite and Herkimer diamond rings are a great combination to wear on your dominant hand to attract love into your life.

Jade is another heart chakra stone that goes great with this colorless quartz to activate the heart chakra. It’ll bring you good luck when worn to your office.

Prehnite and unakite stones are great for abundance and success in life. They open doors to your spiritual purpose with traits of manifestation.

Tiger eye helps you find support and wisdom in life. Wearing a Tiger eye with colorless quartz stones helps to feel grounded.

At the same time, carnelian is a good way to bring good physical health, creativity, and stability.

When you place a moonstone with a Herkimer diamond on your nightstand, your sleep troubles will stop. It’s a great duo for meditation as well!

You can also wear obsidian with Herkimer diamond jewelry to establish a ring of spiritual protection around you. Obsidian is a great stone that pairs with the crown chakra in an Arkimer diamond.

Use Herkimer diamonds for high attunement

Herkimer diamonds are a misnomer, but they are powerful too. You can use them for spiritual protection, physical healing, and spiritual awakening. They’re double-terminated colorless quartz crystals naturally born as energy amplifiers.🤖

Ruled by the crown, third eye, and heart chakras, they’re excellent for unblocking multiple chakras at once. Aries, Virgos, Leos, and Sagittarius will connect easily with these colorless quartz crystals.

Being a combination of amethyst and quartz, they’re great as earrings, necklaces, and reiki. Do sun salutations with the stone to cleanse in the mornings and wear them on you for bringing critical thinking, creativity, and higher consciousness into life.

Do you like Herkimer diamonds? How do you use them? Share it with our JewelryTalk community!

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