Fire Opal Healing Methods and Benefits Decoded

If you’re one of those who fell head over heels in love with crystals after chancing upon a fire opal, welcome to the club.🥂 Truth be told, fire opal has been enchanting people and the universe since the Bronze age according to historians.

What exactly is a fire opal? But more importantly, what are the healing powers of this mystical and scintillating crystal?

Fire opal, commonly known as girasol as we learned in the opal energy healing guide in August this year, is a gorgeous stone with strong powers. From passion to energy, healing, psychic abilities, and luck, it can bring you rare benefits.

Take a few minutes to go through our comprehensive guide on how to use fire opals for healing. We’ll unravel all the secrets of fire opal through these sub-topics today.

Let’s dive in!

  • What’s a fire opal?
  • What are the benefits of fire opal?
  • Who should wear fire opal? Who shouldn’t wear fire opal? When and how to wear/use fire opals?
  • 7 ways to use fire opals for healing
  • How to use fire opal jewelry for healing?
  • Frequently asked questions about fire opals

Overview: What is a fire opal? 

Known as the stone that awakens the fire within, this type of opal also stands for luck and love. It’s a captivating stone that’s believed to attract your true love and best of luck.🍿 It’s seen in vivid yellow to orange and red backdrops with scintillating fire owing to the presence of iron apart from water and silica.

That being said, the pattern of colors seems to dance in a fire opal unlike in ordinary opal stones. When it looks like a flickering flame made of gazillion colors much like the smart bulbs we use today, it’s called a "precious fire opal". That’s the type of fire opal that retails for heavy price tags. These are often more transparent than the mono-color fire opals that are often called the ordinary variety.

Fire opals may differ in costs based on their origin too. Most of the world’s fire opals come from Mexico and Australia. You’ll also find it in Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala, Turkey, Brazil, and United States (Oregon and Nevada). Mexican fire opal is one of the most sought-after varieties owing to its homogenous orange to cherry red colors with high transparency.

From Persian to African cultures, fire opals have been prominent for centuries when you look closer at the history of healing crystals. The healing powers of fire opal extend from physical to spiritual planes.

To cut to the chase, fire opal is primarily a sacral chakra stone. It works on your dormant kundalini chakra to awaken and push it towards the higher chakras. That’s why fire opal is often used as a third eye chakra stone. By working on both the chakras, fire opal is a stone that can ground you as well as enlighten you at the same time. Incredible, right? Most users agree so too!

Fun Fact
The oldest fire opal is found in East Africa where interestingly, there aren’t any fire opal natural sources at all! Where do you think it came from?

What are the meanings and healing properties of fire opals?

Fire opal meaning is passion and it stands for the "fire element".🔥 But it’s much more powerful and impetuous. Let’s look at the long list of benefits of using fire opals for healing to get a better idea.

Rekindle the fire within

We’ve already talked at length about how fire opal brings passion and romance into your life. But do you know this healing stone can also attract your true love apart from awakening your sexuality? It’s even great for fanning the fire of your creativity too.

Ideal for those who feel a little shy from the world, fire opal is a great healing crystal for introverts of all shapes and sizes as well. Personally, I have found it just best for pumping me up with self-confidence especially when I’m low or down.

Using Fire Opal to Rekindle the Fire Within

Spiritual benefits

Another main reason people wear or use fire opal stone is that it’s a lucky charm. Fire opal can attract success, wealth, and prosperity into your life. If you ask me, fire opal basically clears all the hurdles off your path so you can walk straight ahead without stopping.

Fire opal was often worn for protection from curses, evil eyes, and negativity in general because it can purify evil vibrations easily too.

Awaken psychic abilities

You can also use the fire opal for awakening your skills of psychic intuition such as premonitions, prophecies, and enlightenment. This stone is often recommended for those who want to find the meaning of life or their destiny. Oftentimes, making a strong bond with fire opal also means getting a peek or two at the future.

Physical healing

Apart from spiritual healing, there are also many physical benefits of wearing fire opal regularly. If you have a problem with your kidneys, it will help you resolve it better than most stones. The same is how it works on the intestines, and your stomach too.

Whether you’re a man, woman, or other sex, fire opal will help you overcome fertility issues. Fire opal can empower the cardiovascular system to pump blood to extremities and resolve underlying circulatory disorders.

Balance in the body

Bringing a sense of peace is usual with a healing stone such as fire opal. In addition, this precious healing rock can also normalize your hormone spikes whether it’s menstruation or pregnancy that’s putting them off-kilter. It can even balance water in your body and the secretion of adrenaline hormone.

Fire opal is a destressing stone known for calming the nerves and energizing you with calm vibrations. It can help you resolve underlying trauma like hurtful moments to episodes and events.

Who is best suited to heal with fire opals?

We’ve learned a lot about fire opals up until here. Who do you think should wear fire opals? More importantly, who shouldn’t wear fire opals? You might’ve already read about the opal bad luck myth we explained in the opal guide. But let’s find out the zodiac signs that astrologers recommend for wearing fire opals:💫


For Pisces, fire opal is a great stone because it can help you overcome your pessimism and find positivity. It’s great for transforming sensitive and lazy Pisces-born people too.


If your birthday is between November 22 to December 21, you’re probably angry or failing in luck and fire opal stone can help you with both. It can attract luck towards you besides calming you down and bringing discipline into your life.


Leos are usually impatient and fire opal can help you with that and beyond. It’s recommended by astrologers for Leos to grab success by awakening their creativity.


For people who are born under the constellation of Libra, dishonesty can stalk you for life. That’s why you should always carry a fire opal with you to find the truth about your destiny and self. It’ll also explore romance and other life goals.


Is your zodiac sign cancer? Then with a little help of learning how to put your sentiments at bay, you can be composed and relaxed throughout life and fire opals help you with that excellently besides polishing your psychic skills.

But that’s not all folks!

Do you know when is it best to wear fire opals?🧐

It’s best to wear fire opal on the Friday morning on your middle finger in the fortnight between the New Moon and the Full Moon after cleansing and charging it as per Hindu scriptures that you’ll discover towards the end of this post. It helps you attract wealth and success when worn on the ring finger of the dominant hand too.

If you ask me who shouldn’t wear fire opals, I’d say that’s for an astrologer to discover based on your birth chart because most people can wear fire opals. But like you do with any new crystal, observe the changes over the initial days to feel full well that it’s working for you.

Can you wear it every day? No, don’t wear fire opals every day. Instead, wear it on Fridays or once a week to balance your chakra system too.

How to use fire opals for energy healing? 7 sacred techniques explained

Fire opal has a hardness quotient of 5.5 to 6.5 just like all opals as we’ve learned earlier. But in order to put this healing crystal to good use, you need to be aware of how people have managed to tap into the healing powers of fire opals too.

The following list describes seven ways to do just that. Let’s get started!


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses energy. Reiki is generally performed by certified practitioners who hover their hand over your chakras where crystals are kept on. This energy healing technique helps in resolving physical pains as well as emotional problems.

Read more about reiki with healing crystals like a fire opal.


Just as fire opal can awaken your fire within, it can calm it down too. What’s the best way to calm yourself with fire opal?

Meditation is the key you’re looking for. Using fire opal to meditate will help you find your peace of mind. This technique also helps you resolve your internal conflicts and with fire opal, it can help you find a creative and positive goal to leap ahead in life.

Tarot Cards

Do you do or go for tarot card sessions?😜 Next time, take a fire opal with you. It will help you pick out the right cards to help you find meaning and truth in life about your destiny. Fire opal is believed to dispel negativity and improve psychic abilities too.

Try doing a tarot session today and see what the future has waiting for you!


Creating a crystal grid with fire opals is a good way to attract positive vibrations into your financial life. You can also keep the grid inside your safe or beneath the cash register. Remember not to disturb the grid once you’ve set it in motion with affirmations or crystal wands.

A crystal grid made of fire opals or fire opal stone in the center is how you manifest your desires. It’s a realization stone that can attract wealth, luck, success, and prosperity into your life.

Palm Stone

Without even knowing about palm stones, most of us carry crystals in our palms or meditate with them. A fire opal palm stone is excellent for calming your nerves and destressing you in unfavorable situations.

You can clutch onto a fire opal stone in your pocket when talking with intimidating people or if faced with confrontational situations. But because it’s hard to find fire opal palm stones that are flat, you can get it in any shape and use it the same way too.

Feng Shui

Another best use of fire opal is it can improve the sexual vitality in the bedroom. It can awaken your libido and sparkle the fire of romance and passion in your love life.

I would suggest you keep the fire opal stone in the southwest corner of the bedroom to tap into the romantic vibrations possible between your partner and you through feng shui.


Most people don’t talk about using fire opal with affirmations because there are so many more exciting rituals. But if you’re looking for something powerful yet quick when it comes to healing properties of fire opals, affirmations would work great.

All you need to do is take a pen and paper to write down the desires you want to manifest.

Take a look at the following examples:

  • I want prosperity.
  • I will find my true love.
  • I want to succeed in my career.
  • I will win this interview.
  • I want to find my passion.

Is it effective to heal with fire opal jewelry?

Fire opal or any other healing crystal for that matter contains powerful energies that can heal you.

You can cleanse, charge, and use fire opal jewelry such as fire opal rings, fire opal necklaces, or fire opal earrings to manifest your intentions, bring love into your life, attract luck, and more. The most interesting thing is you can even get a fire opal engagement ring with the precious and expensive type of fire opals set with the best iridescence for your special day too.😘

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FAQ about healing with fire opals

Do you know there are natural and manmade fire opals? Quite a shocker for most of us but there are manmade fire opals that look just as beautiful thanks to the meticulous work that takes to create them. But bear in mind that manmade fire opals are perfectly flat because two pieces are joined together to set it in while natural ones are irregularly shaped with bumps and uneven textures.

Manmade fire opals may not look like the gorgeous Australian fire opal stones but they are beautiful too. They can be made by cutting from growing opaline silica in the lab and spending a year or two on forming colors. This creates a stronger fire opal than the fragile natural variety.

If that was news to you, go ahead and scroll through our following FAQ to know even more interesting things about fire opals now.

Which type of fire opal is best for energy healing?

You might’ve heard that raw stones contain purer energy than polished stones. While that may be true in some cases, polished stones are powerful beyond our comprehension too. You can use a raw fire opal, faceted fire opal ring, fire opal wands, and anything you want to tap into its healing powers.

How much is a fire opal stone?

The most precious and rarest fire opals cost about $300 for each carat while the common ones with higher opacity and lesser sparkle costs around $5 per carat.

How to cleanse and charge fire opals before or after healing activities?

All types of opals can easily get damaged or cracked when kept out in the sunlight or in extremely hot conditions for a long time. That’s why manufactures often use oils or wax to provide a coating on all types of opals including fire opals. You can avoid this by keeping the fire opal soaked in water every once in a while.

Keep in mind that fire opal doesn’t fare well with acid too. You can cleanse it using water or moonlight energies. Clear quartz wands are also an excellent option.

Note that one of the Hindu ways of cleansing a fire opal is by immersing it in a bowl of equal amounts of yogurt, honey, basil, and clarified butter for 10 minutes. This helps to eliminate all the negativity on the fire opal stone and purify it spiritually.

What are the best healing crystals that go well with fire opals stone?

When you’re looking forward to using the healing properties of fire opal, one of the best techniques is to combine it with other healing energies of crystals. Fire opal generally pairs well with ruby, jade, agate, quartz, calcite, citrine, amber, and carnelian.

If you’re looking to activate psychic abilities with fire opal, diamonds are a good way to amplify the strength of your manifestations.

Awaken your inner fire with fire opal healing crystal NOW!

Fire opals are different than ordinary opals, thanks to their flaming fire of oranges, reds, greens, and yellows often seen as a flame inside the stone. They’re an all-rounder stone that awakens the sacral and third eye chakras. This type of opal can ground you and even transform your life.

When you spend time with it, fire opal can help in attracting luck and success into your life. This is an opal that not only looks gorgeous but brings love, charm, and balance into your life. Most users thank it for the adrenaline and hormonal balance it guarantees.

To realize these healing properties and powers of fire opal, you need to also select a ritual to use it the right way. For those of you who’re new to crystals, affirmations can help. But if you’re already familiar with techniques such as meditation or yoga, fire opal can be a great combination. All that being said, the best way to use fire opal for pain management and deep healing is via Reiki.👸🏻

You can also carry this stone in your pocket or keep it in the southwestern corner of your bedroom to transform positive changes into your life. It simply fills you with positivity, optimism, courage, and hope.

Some people even believe that the fire in the fire opal stone can burn the negativity away from your fate altogether! If fire opal charmed you, share your unique experiences with the stone with our community below.

Here’s a tip to try with your fire opal stone before you go: hold the fire opal stone right under a bright light source to see the maximum flames of iridescence inside it.😝

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