Diamond Healing Is Going to Be Big: What, Why, and How!

Diamond is made of a single element—carbon. Truth be told, every living thing from man to birds, plants, and even air is also made up of carbon. But that’s not why diamonds are celebrated since they were discovered more than 2,000 years ago.

What is diamond healing? Why and how does it heal?🤔

Diamonds are one of the earliest and most powerful healing crystals used for divination, love, luck, harmony, and heart healing. Besides being the most valuable gemstone in the world, diamonds don't need any charging either. It can be worn on your body or infused as an elixir by Virgo and Libras to trigger healing.

I’ll tell you all about the metaphysical powers of diamonds, healing therapies, cleansing methods, and everything you need to start using it for energy rituals. Ready? Let’s dive in!🙌🏻

Revealing Diamond Healing Properties and How to Heal With Diamonds

Are diamonds healing stones? History of diamond healing

Yes, diamonds are healing stones with powers ranging from physical to spiritual benefits. It can attract wealth and psychic powers into your life. Even more prominently, diamonds don’t even need charging owing to their long list of metaphysical powers.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word "Adamas" meaning unbeatable, unstoppable, and invincible. Being the hardest stone on the earth, that’s an accurate description to hold onto.

In Sanskrit, diamond is called vajra, which also means "something that sparkles". Interestingly, Vajra is also the name of the thunderbolt of Indra (a Hindu King of Gods).

If you go back in history, diamonds were esteemed in almost all cultures and regions across the globe.🌎

Hindus, back in the day, believed crystal vibrations in a diamond can transmit healing energies. Today, you’ll find yogis and gurus recommending diamonds for healing different organs like the kidney, heart, and brain.

In Buddhist text called Vajracchedika or Diamond Sutra, the diamond is symbolized as the epitome of "purity". Diamonds are also believed to be embedded on the throne at the Tree of Life according to 7th-century Buddhist texts.

When you move further west, diamond changes from the symbol of perfection or healing to protection and divination.

Romans believed diamonds were original parts of stars and rings of planets that had fallen to the earth. I’ve also read western historical excerpts calling diamond "tears of Gods and Goddesses".

Diamond also grew in popularity as the stone of winners centuries ago. That’s why it was worn by conquerors like Louis IV, Napoleon, and Julius Caesar. It became a prominent center stone for engagement rings during the Renaissance.

Diamonds were also used as talismans and amulets to repel evil eyes and curses throughout the world.

According to a celebrated Persian poet, “rainbow is confined in a diamond forever”.

It was in the Middle Ages that the West began to see diamond healing powers more clearly. One of the most popular practices at the time was heating the crystal at bedtime and sleeping with it. This was believed to detox the body.

While Diamonds were only found in India in the 4th century B.C, they are found in over 35 countries today. Australia, China, Russia, Botswana, South Africa, and Brazil are the world’s largest producers of industrial-grade diamonds.

Fun Fact
Real diamonds disperse both rainbow colors and white light when observed in front of a source of light. If it’s a fake, you would only see the white light or rainbow.

Do different colors of diamonds have different powers?

Yes, different colors of diamonds exhibit different energies, frequencies, and chakras. To be honest, most diamonds are perceived as white even if they have a soft yellow, brown, or gray tint.

We’ll see the powers of each type of diamond below so that you can pick the one that appeals most to you.

White Diamond

One of the most valuable colors of diamond, white diamonds stand for eternal love. It’s known to empower two chakras at once—the crown and third eye.

Orange Diamond

A rare color for a diamond, orange diamonds are the most metaphysically powerful diamonds today. Why? You ask. It can stimulate the sacral chakra to drive up your creativity and unblock all the seven major chakras too.

Green Diamond

Known to unblock the heart chakra, green diamonds are excellent for bringing luck and prosperity into your life too.

Yellow Diamond

You might’ve heard of this diamond color like a canary yellow diamond, golden diamond, or champagne diamond. It opens the solar plexus chakra to heal physical disorders besides imparting thoughtfulness and compassion.

Blue Diamond

A great stone for powering the throat chakra, blue diamonds are believed to heal the wearer and stimulate confidence. But just like the cursed tales of blue Hope Diamond, it can backfire if it’s not astrologically meant for your birth chart.

Pink Diamond

Another heart chakra stone is known to increase your beauty and charm, pink diamond also attracts your true love into your life. It’s great for celebrities, actors, athletes, and public figures too.💑🏻

Black Diamond

The best stone for grounding and balancing your base chakra, the black diamond imparts courage to the wearer too.

Are treated and lab-grown diamonds powerful for healing?

Yes, treated and lab-grown diamonds contain healing powers too.

If you ask me, lab-grown diamonds are more ethical than blood diamonds any day. Moreover, when you’re using a crystal for metaphysical results, it’s best to have the least negativity associated with it.💡

Whether or not a diamond is made in a lab, the structure inside it is the same and hence it can emanate the same healing vibrations. That’s why gemologists can’t set apart a lab-grown diamond from a natural one unless they use specific detection methods.

Here’s a video from CNBC staff proving just that:

That being said, natural diamonds have a history of billions of years whereas a lab-grown crystal may just be a few weeks, months, or years old.⚖️

Just as the innate energy of two healing crystals can never be the same, natural diamonds have a different energy that taps into past and future karmas while lab-grown varieties target other things on the diamond healing spectrum.

Do diamonds have stronger healing powers than their simulants?

Yes and no because simulants have different healing powers than diamonds.

Simulants like moissanite and cubic zirconia may look like diamonds in a flash, but they aren’t like diamonds when you take a deeper look into their lattice. Moreover, nothing beats the fire and brilliance of a diamond!

Do you know cubic zirconias don’t even contain any carbon atoms? But it’s powerful too. Here’s a CZ healing guide that’ll help you understand more about it.

Why can a diamond heal?

We know the healing properties of crystals are based on the metaphysical characteristics within them. For diamonds, it’s the same process too.

Depending on the color of the diamond, its chakra powers can be varied too. If you’re talking about white diamonds, crown and third eye chakras are the main energies. But orange, green, blue, black, and yellow diamonds collectively activate all the other major chakras too.

Apart from the chakra system, the tattva or element also decides its healing properties. Diamond is ruled by the fire element. This is the main reason why diamond stone powers passion, drives creativity, beckons true love, and motivates you.✊🏻

What is the effect of diamonds in astrology?

The astrological nature of healing crystals has a lot to say about the energy within a gemstone just like chakra and classic elements do. That’s why it’s important to consider the ruling planet as well as deities that rule the healing stone.

Romans believe diamonds bring the powers of two goddesses—Angerona (Goddess of Winter Solistice) and Latona (Goddess of Light).

Diamonds are ruled by the planet Venus according to Hinduism, which brings true love and beauty into your life. Venus is also known for happiness, stability, and success. Some astrologists also say diamond is ruled by the energy of the sun and that’s where its brilliance, beauty, and psychic powers come from.

To tell you the truth, Hinduism also describes goddesses based on diamond colors. Take a look at Hindu goddesses against diamond colors below.

  • White: Hanspati
  • Green: Vanaspati
  • Blue: Vajraneel
  • Pink: Kamlapati
  • Gray: Shyamvajra
  • Orange: Sanloyi
  • Black: Vasanthi

Who can wear diamonds in astrology?

As a rule of thumb, diamonds are recommended for people born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Libra, and Virgo.

Aries will find their passion and luck with diamonds. For Libras, diamonds help to find your self-worth and destiny. In the case of Virgos, they will learn the value of acceptance and patience. For most zodiac signs, diamonds can shower good luck and prosperity.

Can everyone wear diamonds?🤔

No, diamonds aren’t an ideal stone for all types of people. In fact, wearing a diamond can turn out to be as harmful as a blue sapphire if you aren’t careful.

For starters, observe your own energies to ensure you aren’t getting negatively affected by the diamond. Better yet, find an astrologist and confirm if diamonds are indeed right for your birth chart.

Can you wear diamonds all the time?🤔

Yes, you can wear diamonds all the time because they’re the hardest substance on earth. That being said, diamonds can get dull over time from oils, dust, dirt, and grime. So make sure to clean it every week if you wear diamond jewelry all the time.

Which zodiac should not wear diamonds?

Pisces and Scorpios aren’t recommended diamond crystals. Moreover, it’s bad for people who are extremely emotional or sensitive too.

Pisces can get more pessimistic about their life if diamond starts to affect them negatively. Scorpio on the other hand can get more obsessive and defensive if diamonds negatively influence them.

If you ask any astrologist, they’ll say diamonds can end up bringing chaos, commotion, and pandemonium into the lives of people with these zodiac signs. So always, double-check with a reputed astrologist!

What healing properties do diamonds have?

Now that you know all the reasons why diamonds can heal you, it’s good to know how it does and what it does. We’ll be going through the benefits of diamonds based on how it affects your mind, body, and soul.✅

Let’s find out what can diamonds do for you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What happens to your mind when you wear diamonds?

Diamonds can help in many ways to bring stability to your mind and emotions. I’ve personally found that it’s a great stone for empowering your dedication and commitment in a relationship. Now you know why it’s popular as an engagement ring for ages.

Wearing or keeping a diamond close can help you block stressful things. It also protects you from electromagnetic stress and radiation from gadgets like cellphones, laptops, smart devices, etcetera.

Using the hardest stone in the world for a long time can make you fearless, powerful, and next-to-invincible. It often helps you mitigate fear and find more confidence to trust yourself. It’s recommended for people who suffer from restlessness.

I personally think holding a diamond brings a breeze of inner peace. Diamonds are excellent for clarity too!

What happens to your body when you wear diamonds?

When it comes to your physical body, diamonds can direct the flow of chakras to heal ailments like kidney stones, bladder problems, and intestinal issues. If you suffer from chronic stomach or abdominal pain, the touch of a diamond in the affected area can alleviate the distress.

Ever feel dizzy or vertigo? A diamond might help you feel fine again!

Another noteworthy effect of diamonds is how it makes you stronger to fight infections, fevers, and illnesses. With long-term use, it can make your immune system stronger, thereby reducing fatigue and weariness.🏋🏻

You’ll feel more energetic when the diamond starts working on you. Another benefit of diamonds is it works on your metabolism and amplify your endurance. If you have somnipathies or recurrent nightmares, diamonds can help to sleep better and soundly.

Diamonds have been recommended for patients with respiratory allergies in many cases as they can accelerate the effect of medicines. When it comes to eye problems like conjunctivitis, styes, and even glaucoma, diamonds help a lot.

What happens to your soul when you wear diamonds?

The soul works very differently than the body or the mind. But that doesn’t mean diamonds can’t heal or affect the spirit. In fact, diamond is known to bring about enlightenment and many incomparable spiritual perks.

With the amount of time you spend with diamonds, you’ll notice your senses are heightened than they were before. Diamonds impart psychic powers besides protection from snakes, fire, drowning, assaults, thieves, predators, poison, and the evil eye. 

If you’re having trouble with coping with motherhood, diamonds can transform your heart, spirit, and soul to fill it with unending love for your child. When used with the right crystals, diamonds can amplify the manifestation ritual too.

Diamond Healing Therapies: 7 simple ways to do energy healing with your diamond

In order to manifest the benefits you want from a diamond, you need to do the correct energy work that attunes it. I’ll elaborate on seven simple yet effective ways to use diamonds for healing your mind, body, and soul from your home.

Where to wear diamonds?

The most popular diamond jewelry is the ring. Moreover, most of us have diamonds in some way on our engagement ring or wedding band. I can personally vouch that wearing a diamond ring will help you make better decisions.👨🏻‍⚖️

But you must make sure to wear diamond rings on your dominant hand so that it blesses your actions and attracts luck. It’s best to wear blue diamonds as pendants and necklaces to strengthen your voice and charm but white diamonds are great for earrings to awaken the third eye chakra.

Diamond Elixir

Do you know many cultures believe the diamond is a great tonifier for the heart?

All you need to do is take a glass of water and place it inside the water if you’re using a loose diamond. In case you have a piece of diamond jewelry, it’s best to keep it above the glass of water atop a coaster to infuse energies and not toxins.

You can remove the stone and drink the diamond elixir after 6-12 hours of infusion. Make sure to place the setup against the sunlight when making a heart tonifier with diamonds.

Why sunlight? We’ll learn about it in the next section.

Sun Salutation Yoga

Popular as Surya Namaskar amongst yogis and Hindus, the sun salutation is a form of greeting the morning sun and meditating with its energy. If you ask me, it’s actually several yogic postures rolled into a single ritual than one or two poses.

What you’re doing is saluting the rising sun while tapping into the elemental powers of a diamond.

If you have a diamond, keep it around or on you while doing a sun salutation as shown in this video.

3 Diamonds Meditation

An extension of reiki, this Japanese technique involves following three stages of meditation that moves the hara (chakra in Japanese) energy. The 3-diamonds meditation is excellent for awakening the third eye chakra in your body to improve meditation.

Earth Connection

You can do whatever feels right to you for connecting with the earth like scooping up the earth, sitting down, bowing down, or anything else that makes you feel connected to Mother Gaia.

Heavenly Connection

In this stage, instead of bowing to the earth or looking down, invert the ritual for respecting the heavens, ether, or Akash.

Inner Connection

The "Oneness healing technique" as it’s called helps you become one with earth, heaven, and the reality you’re in.

The best way to make that connection is by doing heart chakra exercises. You can also pray to the God you believe in to activate this connection. I also love loud prayers as a Christian because it feels like affirmations to me. Get started by making your own affirmations!

Beautiful Girl Using Diamond Jewelry to Build Up “Connections”

Diamond Pendulum

A crystal pendulum helps by revealing truths.

Put simply, you can find answers to mundane questions to critical life decisions using a sharp-pointed diamond. You can also use a terminated diamond crystal pendant or get a pointed loose diamond and hang it via a cotton twine like a pendulum before you ask questions.

Feng Shui

You might know already that feng shui directs the flow of energy to create favorable settings. How do you use a diamond for this? Place a loose diamond or jewelry made of it for feng shui placements as shown below.

  • Place it near the window sill so that light entering your home is cleansed and charged through the diamond with sunlight.
  • Keep a piece of diamond jewelry in the southernmost part of your home for success, fame, and prosperity.
  • Keeping a diamond in the wallet, safe, or even next to the cash register will boost your financial gains.

Diamond Love Grid

A crystal grid uses divine symmetry to activate manifestations to carry them to the center of the universe.

When you have a specific thing on your mind, it’s better to set up a diamond grid than turn to other crystal charging techniques like sunlight, moonlight, affirmations, meditations, and so on.

Select a grid or make one on your own to set up diamonds with compatible stones (we’ll learn about them in the coming sections). Make sure to place the diamond in the middle of the grid and other stones around it.

Use a Herkimer diamond wand to activate the grid and let it stay undisturbed for 27 days. That being said, diamond doesn’t need charging like other crystals. Hence, you can skip the activation step if you feel so!

How to cleanse your loose diamonds and diamond jewelry?

To be honest, diamonds don’t need to be cleansed or charged.

So if you’d like to skip the next part, that’s totally fine!

But I prefer cleansing diamonds under the sun because it’s the base element of the healing crystal itself. But moonlight is equally powerful too. Other methods to cleanse your healing crystals like diamonds are tap water, seawater, rice, salt, aroma, and even soil.

The best way to CLEAN a diamond is using soapy warm water and a soft-bristle brush. But if you’re thinking of cleansing crystals, that’s a whole other story!

What stones go with diamonds?  

Do you know diamonds can amplify the power of other crystals?🔔 That’s because it’s a natural amplifier crystal. But that doesn’t mean you can use diamonds with random stones.

Yellow Gold Navaratna Ring
Image: Wikipedia

A gorgeous option to combine the diamond with its compatible gemstones is the Navaratna or nine-stone ring.

This is a setting embedded with nine gemstones representing the nine ruling planets. The combination usually involves a diamond and other gems like a pearl, emerald, ruby, coral, blue sapphire, cat eye, yellow sapphire, and Gomed. Hence, all of these eight stones are compatible with diamonds.

A Navaratna ring is believed to contain a sacred symmetry and hence is a tiny grid in itself. Wearing it on your dominant hand is believed to bring luck, success, and an abundance of wealth into your life.💯

  • Tanzanite is another stone that goes well with white diamonds and can be easily set with jewelry. It attracts beauty, true love, and happiness into your life. I often recommend using clear quartz with diamond because it’s great for directing the powers of a diamond.
  • Citrine is great for affirmation associated with success and amethyst is great for spirit communication as well as mental clarity when paired with diamonds.

What crystals shouldn’t you wear with diamonds?

Although rubies and pearls find their place with diamonds in a Navaratna setting, they’re not preferred for use with diamonds alone.

Diamonds are so powerful and ruled by several deities that it’s better to consult an astrologer before experimenting with new diamond combinations.

Unlock the power inside your diamond jewelry NOW!

Diamond isn’t just a girl’s best friend. It can be your guide and pal too. The only issue is affording it. But today you can even get lab-grown varieties that are just as powerful are accessible without having to empty all your savings.

That said, stimulants are different from created diamonds don’t work the same way. Although that doesn’t mean they are powerless either.

Being a powerful stone made with one element unlike most gemstones, diamonds attract luck, success, charm, beauty, physical healing, and emotional intelligence. 

I love doing sun salutation with diamonds because it’s a great way to start your day, especially if you’re going through tough times.☀️

The same is true for its metaphysical powers because diamonds can repel negativity and cleanse as well as charge other gemstones. Because it’s ruled by Venus, the best time to wear diamonds is on Fridays from 5 am to 7 am.

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