Cubic Zirconia Crystal Healing: What Are the Truths and Myths?

Let’s start with an eye-opening fact: cubic zirconia is a man-made stone. But do you know cubic zirconia also exists naturally? Unlike what we knew about cubic zirconia a few decades ago, so much more has been discovered about these crystals today.

What’s a CZ crystal? Does cubic zirconia contain healing powers? Can it affect the chakra points? How to heal with CZ crystals?🤔

Cubic zirconia is a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Just like any other healing crystal, cubic zirconia has a wide range of healing traits too.

This diamond-look-alike crystal can improve your positivity, enhance your aura, and enthrall people around you. It’s a stone of calmness, cleansing, and joy. Today we’ll uncover the secrets and myths about cubic zirconia so that you can discover its metaphysical powers and put it to use right away.

These are the key concepts we’ll use to understand CZ crystals in-depth today:

  • What’s the meaning of cubic zirconia? What are its history and characteristics? How is it made? What are the differences between CZ and zircon stones?
  • Can cubic zirconia heal? What are its healing powers?🧘🏻‍♀️
  • What are the different varieties of CZ stone?
  • How do you use cubic zirconia stones and jewelry for healing?
  • What are the best ways to cleanse and charge CZ stones?
  • How do you pair cubic zirconia with other healing crystals for healing?
CZ Bracelet: Healing Powers of Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

The basics of cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia is literally what it says—a cubic crystalline form of zirconium oxide—first discovered in the baddeleyite mineral in 1892.

Chemically, zirconium dioxide is the crystalline derivative of zircon. The interesting thing is it’s often confused with the naturally occurring stone zircon throughout history. However, cubic zirconia is harder than a zircon crystal but softer than a diamond, with a higher Mohs hardness than most other gemstones at 8.5 on the scale.

Being cheaper than diamonds also helps to make it the most commonly used crystal in jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings nowadays.

You can get cubic zirconia stones in a variety of colors. Moreover, CZ crystals are as unique as diamonds. They are graded between A to AAAAA akin to many gemstones too.

Here’s a video on Diamonds vs. Cubic Zirconia from Business Insider worth checking out more about it. Read more about the complete guide to cubic zirconia here.

CZ vs. Zircon: What are the main differences to know about?

Two diamond lookalike gemstones—cubic zirconia and zircon are distinct from each other no matter how you assess them. Do you know cubic zirconia is often compared to a D-color diamond?

Zircon is zirconium silicate, which is softer than cubic zirconia with 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Apart from the difference in hardness, some zircon can exhibit pleochroism, which is where you see different colors when viewing from different angles. Whereas cubic zirconia crystals can exhibit excellent fire with great clarity.

Cubic zirconia is cheaper and durable than natural zircon. Another distinguishing factor between zircon and CZ is their age. Zircon stones are about 4.4 billion years old, but CZ crystals are mostly manmade.

While you can get a carat of zircon for $30 to $100 today, CZ crystals range from $1 to $20 per carat. As zircon stones are brittle, they crack over time while CZ healing stones are durable and can last longer. However, keep in mind that CZ crystals can get cloudy over time.

How is cubic zirconia made?

While synthesized cubic zirconia hit the market towards the late 1970s, the natural stone was discovered in the 1930s by German mineralogists. Unfortunately, they didn’t think much of it and hence, didn’t even bother to name it!

If you dive deep into history, Russians created and perfected the process of lab-grown CZ under the name of Djevalite.

Cubic zirconia stones made in laboratories are processed by melting the oxidized form of zirconium powder with stabilizing elements such as calcium and magnesium at 4,892°F for hours on end for stabilizing the crystals. They’re then cut and polished to create jewelry pieces that we adore nowadays!

The healing powers of cubic zirconia crystals

If you’re wondering how man-made stones can get metaphysical powers, think about why a heat-treated amethyst can still transmit healing energies. Even though manmade, your favorite pillow or journal also emits healing energies.

If you ask me, the power of crystals comes from the arrangement of atoms in their chemical structure. And cubic zirconia is powerful owing to the different types of energies inhabiting it. That’s why every cubic zirconia stone also has chakra powers, a ruling planet, and many astrological traits just as any other healing crystal.

Ruled by the element of light and the planet Venus, cubic zirconia crystals give joy and love due to the powers of Venus. That’s why it’s best to wear CZ crystal jewelry on the day of Venus—on Shukra or Friday by Hindu and according to medieval mythologies. As a diamond simulant, cubic zirconia powers the chakras of the solar plexus and crown.

Solar plexus chakra heals your physical issues while restoring the pink of health to you while the crown chakra awakens your abilities of intuition and divination. It’s the stone of health and ascension with the help of awakening both the chakras. CZ is an April stone ideal for zodiac signs Taurus and Aries.

The next section will teach you how the metaphysical properties of cubic zirconia we’ve discussed above translate into uses.

The benefits of using CZ crystals

You might’ve already guessed one of the benefits of cubic zirconia already—it’s great for daily wear! Now, let’s look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits of cubic zirconia below to see if it’s a crystal that would be specifically useful for you.

  • Stone of practicality: For people who find it hard to be pragmatic or get too emotional, keeping cubic zirconia crystals close by will help you make practical decisions and take objective actions.
  • Physical healing: Cubic zirconia is great for healing sneaky auto-immune disorders related to the thyroid, stomach, tissue, and skin if you use it around affected areas.
  • Bring enlightenment: CZ stones can also power up your intuition such that you’ll start receiving heavenly messages from your guardian angel after bonding with the healing stone. It makes your destiny clearer and brings it closer.💡
  • Eradicates fatigue: One of the visible effects of CZ gemstone is how it relieves drudgery and weariness by eliminating muscle fatigue. As a bonus, you’ll also sleep like a baby when cubic zirconia crystals are kept in your bedroom.
  • Motivation crystal: Cubic zirconia is also powerful enough to uplift people who often feel low. It’s a great stone for inspiration as it helps to achieve destined goals.
  • Eliminates ego: Keeping this man-made zirconium dioxide crystal on or near you throughout the day also removes selfish thoughts or tendencies besides your own delusions and confusions. Keep it close for a longer time and this stone will show you the ultimate meaning of your life.
  • Promotes joy: Whether you’re anxious, apprehensive, or depressed, cubic zirconia has a way of making you see wisdom and sense. It’s great for those who find it hard to accept happiness and joy in their lives.😃
  • Improves your charm: If social anxiety and anti-social tendencies affect you emotionally, wearing cubic zirconia jewelry will help to balance it out.
  • Radiates positivity around you: One of the long-term effects of living with vibrations of CZ crystals is how it hijacks your mind to remove negativity and spread positivity. The best thing is it will automatically boost your self-confidence too.
  • The Stone of Ascension: Besides grounding and psychically empowering you, cubic zirconia stones are excellent for spiritual and personal growth. It works well for those who are going through transitions too.

Types of cubic zirconia crystals and their healing powers

Different Types of Cubic Zirconia and Their Healing Powers

While the first-ever CZ stone was found in white color, you can add different dyes to the mix to create CZ crystals in a wide variety of colors.🌈 We’ll look at the metaphysical powers based on different colors of cubic zirconia crystals that commonly exist today.

  1. Colorless CZ: Most cubic zirconia stones are colorless and they awaken the higher chakras of the crown and galactic points to help you communicate with the higher realm and brighten your aura.
  2. Red CZ crystals: If you have a red cubic zirconia stone, it will attract vibrations of courage and protection towards you besides accelerating the healing of your physical wounds. When seen in maroon red, it’s often called a CZ garnet crystal.
  3. Pink cubic zirconia: CZ stones in the color pink are soothing and calming. They help with heartbreaks and help you resolve hurdles in your love life. You might also know it as Pink Ice.
  4. Orange CZ crystals: For those of you looking for a cubic zirconia crystal that’s good for personal power, orange CZ stones help recover your self-esteem by awakening the inner sun. The brownish variation of CZ is often called champagne cubic zirconia too.
  5. Yellow cubic zirconia: Popular as CZ yellow rough, this is a type of cubic zirconia ideal for communication, motivation, inspiration, creativity, and stomach health. Keep it always with you and it will attract luck and success too.
  6. Green cubic zirconia: Notably used for physical healing, green CZ healing stones are great for eyes, stomach, and brain disorders. It’s popular as CZ peridot rough among crystal users and brings balance to the wearer.
  7. Blue CZ crystals: The blue variety of cubic zirconia stones are known to calm overwhelming emotions and help with sleep disorders. Blue cubic zirconia can also heal ulcers and inflammation in the body. It’s often called CZ violet rough in the industry.
  8. Purple cubic zirconia stones: You might hear this being called CZ amethyst when seen in dark purple and lavender when seen in mild hues of purple. The best stone for those who’re drawn to mysticism, purification, meditation, and psychic work, purple CZ brings balance and healing to you.
  9. White CZ stones: Ruled by the moon, white cubic zirconia enhances sleep and protection from negativity. White cubic zirconia can also help you see the light and your spiritual destiny easily.
  10. Black cubic zirconia stones: The crystal for self-control and grounding, black CZ makes the wearer resilient too. It can help you get noticed as it magnetizes people towards you.

How to use cubic zirconia crystals and cubic zirconia jewelry for energy healing?

CZ crystals may not be as powerful as their natural counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use these crystals for accelerating healing vibrations. This section will teach you the best ways to use cubic zirconia.

Using CZ stones for healing

Unlike natural healing crystals, cubic zirconia crystals are cheap in bulk and work in many ways for different types of energy healing techniques that we will discuss next.

Reiki with cubic zirconia

CZ is an excellent stone for reiki healing of physical and emotional problems when you keep it on specific areas around your body. Ask your reiki technician to use cubic zirconia stones on chakras such as solar plexus chakra to enhance healing of your stomach and physical body.

Deep meditation using CZ stones

Many crystals can take you back to the birth of earth when you meditate with it and CZ is one such stone. A little-known quirk of cubic zirconia is how it calms down your mind to help you see the light of destiny. It can also improve clarity and focus when you meditate with it regularly.

CZ for Feng Shui

Feng shui uses the presence of vibrations to cultivate positivity towards spaces like home, office, cash safe, etcetera. Cubic zirconia stones when kept in the southern direction have the power to improve balance, peace, stability, harmony, and joy around the space it’s kept. For attracting luck and prosperity, keep it in the southeast direction.

Divination with CZ

Making tiaras with CZ crystals helps you tune into the crown chakra and receive galactic messages. It drives your mind and intuition. Holding CZ crystals close to your crown area will help you hone the higher chakras with this crystal!

Find answers using a CZ pendulum

Crystal pendulums help you find answers to questions, no matter their nature. Ask spiritual questions or fate-related queries, CZ can help you peek into the mind of the universe.

You can take a pointy-ended cubic zirconia stone to make a DIY pendulum that you can ask questions that are troubling you. It can find you the secrets of the universe if you ask the right questions!

CZ crystal grid for manifestation

Setting up a crystal grid using cubic zirconia stones can turn out to be a powerful method for attaining your goals. It’s best to activate the manifestation grid using a powerful crystal such as selenite. I suggest you write down a long list of positive affirmations to accelerate the energy work with cubic zirconia too.

Sunrise with cubic zirconia

Ruled by the element of light, I love spending the dawn with cubic zirconia energies embracing me. Any type of light can help to awaken the energies within this man-made crystal and regulate it to your work your way with the power of thoughts (affirmations/meditation) or touch (reiki).

Wear CZ jewelry for energy healing

Wearing Colorless Cubic Zirconia Earrings to Heal Higher Chakras

Do you know how extraordinarily hard is it to find natural cubic zirconia? Modern cutting-edge manufacturing technology has vastly improved the quality of synthetic cubic zirconia.

In its faceted form, CZ appears in many types of jewelry such as earrings, tiaras, necklaces, head jewelry, rings, bracelets, anklets, nose rings, studs, pendants, and even false eyelashes!

When worn as jewelry around higher chakras, CZ stones can help to clear your aura and balance your energies. It will also steer the negativity away so that you’re always protected from evil vibrations. CZ is actually best as a protective amulet as it shields the wearer no matter what energies.

Cubic zirconia earrings can help you make the right decisions all the while improving your self-confidence especially. It’s a great stone for intuition and that’s why CZ is a great engagement ring stone.💍

But one of the best ways to wear cubic zirconia for metaphysical powers is as a bracelet on your dominant hand as it’s known to attract money, success, and fame with the help of Goddess Venus if you wear it so.😊

Can I combine cubic zirconia with other stones for energy healing?

You might already know most crystals can be combined with other healing stones based on certain fundamental symmetries. I will describe the basic principles to combine CZ crystals and ways to do so as well as the best crystals to use with CZ below so that you can get started right now.

  • Color-wise: You can combine similar colors of crystals together. For instance, red garnets and red cubic zirconia are compatible owing to their matching colors.
  • Chakra-wise: Pairing cubic zirconia crystal type with a crystal of similar chakra energy is excellent. As CZ empowers the solar plexus and crown, crystals like citrine, tiger eye, pyrite, jasper, selenite, howlite, and moonstone are compatible.
  • Ruler-wise: Depending on the ruling planet, you can combine different healing stones too. As CZ awakens Goddess Venus, other stones ruled by Venus are naturally good with cubic zirconia such as emerald, turquoise, celestite, and green aventurine.
  • Element-wise: The chief element of CZ healing crystal is light and hence you can pair it with stones having the same element such as sodalite, selenite, citrine, amber, and sugilite.
  • Zodiac-wise: When it comes to astrological importance, crystals can be paired up based on their corresponding zodiac signs. For example, cubic zirconia in different colors can signify different zodiac signs such as orange CZ for November and so on.

Remember to pair up crystals that follow two or more of the above rules to avoid any unforeseen incompatibility.

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How to cleanse and charge CZ?

Cubic zirconia doesn’t turn toxic when it interacts with water and that’s why cleaning the crystal once in a while with a wet cloth doesn’t harm the crystal. Moreover, CZ attracts dirt easily and regular cleaning is a must for this crystal. You can use warm water and a lint-free cloth to clean it every month or two. Cleaning it with steam and ultrasonic elements doesn’t harm the crystal in any way.

But for cleaning off the negative energies absorbed by cubic zirconia, you need spiritual techniques. I personally find cleansing under the moonlight is perfect for cubic zirconia but sunlight works well too.😀

Other ways to cleanse and reset the healing energies of cubic zirconia stone are light, wind, soil, rice, smoke, and even thoughts. Learn all about it in our ultimate crystal cleansing guide and pick the best one that suits your lifestyle.

Once you’re done cleansing the negativity from cubic zirconia stones, the next step is to charge it. As we learned in using CZ stones for healing, you can charge cubic zirconia crystals with meditation, affirmations, reiki, feng shui, wands, and much more. My favorite way to charge CZ crystals is meditation with man-made light such as a candle.

Learn 20 exciting ways to charge healing crystals like a pro next.

Discover the healing powers of cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a man-made form of zirconium dioxide that has once existed naturally. It’s often confused with diamonds and zircon besides being softer than diamonds and harder than zircon stones.

CZ crystals are available in a range of grades and colors such as red, green, pink, blue, violet, yellow, orange, black, white, and colorless. Depending on the shade of the CZ stone, its healing powers can vary too.

Commonly, cubic zirconia opens the solar plexus and crown chakras. That’s why, it can heal the stomach, kidneys, skin, and thyroid besides enhancing pragmatist, positivity, joy, and charm. It can help you eliminate ego while improving your self-esteem.

You can use the powers of cubic zirconia with healing techniques like reiki, deep meditation, feng shui, divination, and manifestation. Cubic zirconia jewelry can also promote healing based on its colors, chakras, and placement on the body.

Keep in mind that CZ crystals may get cloudy or tarnish after regular use. But if you clean it regularly with the right method, crystals will look sparkling new. When it comes to its spiritual powers, you can cleanse it with manmade or natural light and charge it using meditation to tap into the metaphysical powers.😺

Find out more about winter stones like topaz and citrines next.

What’s the best type of cubic zirconia for you based on your birthday? Share your details in the comments and we’ll help you narrow it down.

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Sweet! I'm a crystal loving person and collect them since early childhood as i always been attracted to them. Recently i was browsing a certain site and i found "zircons" very clear and oddly shaped. I like my crystals to be as "rough" (close to nature) as possible. But for some reasons, even if the "rough form" i saw seemed unnatural, i was deeply attracted to some of them. I spent an okay chunk of money for CZ branded as "natural zircon". I'm still waiting for my order to get in here so it cant say much beside that the attractive feeling i had for these manmade CZ's is the exact same with natural minerals.
Time will tell about their properties and how to resonate with me, but appreciated your input on the matter.
Be well!


Amazing! I always knew CZ has healing properties - I adore them as they're so versatile! Man made or not, every material on earth holds its own innate energy, and can be programmed for intentions. Thank you for this awesome & comprehensive article!

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