Crown Chakra Secrets Revealed by Expert (New Tips)

The chakra system begins from the root chakra that binds us to the earth and moves onto the sacral chakra. From there, the life force energy moves through the solar plexus to the heart and into the throat chakra, further into the third eye chakra, and finally into the crown chakra.

We’ve learned all the chakra until the third eye. But we haven’t learned about the crown yet. What does crown chakra do? What is crown chakra responsible for? How does it open? What’s the best way to heal it?🧐

Crown chakra is the highest chakra and is thus named for being on the head or crown area for all animals. It’s last on the ladder of primary human chakras and is known for giving powers like divination, awakening, and enlightenment.

The following article will answer everything from A to Z on crown chakra physical symptoms, effects, signs, and all your crown chakra questions through the topic bubbles listed below.

  • What is the crown chakra meaning?
  • What are the traits of crown chakra like its location, symbol, color, ruling planet, and signs of opening?
  • What are the signs of underactive and overactive crown chakra? What causes these?
  • Crown chakra when compared to other chakras in the system
  • How to heal the seventh chakra in seven ways?
  • Ways to heal the crown chakra with crystals
A Complete Sahasrara Crown Chakra Guide

Getting started: What is the crown chakra and what does it do?

Are you attracted to the color violet? If you are, then your crown chakra might need a cleansing or charging session!

The chakra of selflessness and cosmic consciousness, the crown chakra is the seventh chakra according to tantric yoga in Hinduism. Crown chakra in Sanskrit is सहस्रार (Sahasrāra) chakra and it translates to "thousand-petaled".

Crown chakra is the center of psychic abilities, wisdom, and powers beyond ego. It’s the highest chakra in the human chakra system and is often called Akasha chakra, forehead chakra, kapalasamputa, parama, shantyatita, shunnya, and niralambapuri by energy workers.

Within the crown chakra are the higher levels of consciousness such as Ama-Kala, Nirvana-Kala, and Nirvana Shakti.😊

Crown chakra meaning is the path to divination. Oftentimes, yogis call it the chakra of realization or one that ensures eternal peace and a sense of togetherness with people as well as nature. Many also say crown is where death and life meet or where the finite meets the infinite. It typically develops around the age of 43 to 49.

When your crown chakra is open, it can connect you to the heart of the universe and help in finding your spiritual destiny. It’s often said that crown chakra and Jesus have a strong connection because most believe the halo of Jesus is the beaming crown chakra.

Fun Fact
The crown chakra of Earth is located on Mount Kailash in Tibet, which is 22,000 feet tall peak. The interesting thing is Mount Kailash is often called the crown of the Himalayan ranges. Moreover, no one has climbed this peak yet in the history of Earth.

Zooming into Crown chakra traits

One of the calmest chakra but one that’s closely connected to the cosmos, Sahasrāra chakra is associated with pure and pristine consciousness. With the crown chakra frequency of 963 Hz, this is a chakra that can calm you down.

The Hindu crown chakra God is Siva and Buddhist God is Demchong. If you check the scriptures, Eagle is the official animal of this chakra center.

Where is crown chakra located on the body?

While the general consensus today says Sahasrāra chakra is located on the forehead or the above the head, the scriptures aren’t in agreement.

The Siva Samhita scripture claims it’s above the body and others place it atop the head at the position of brahmarandhra (the fontanelle of the skull) where the soul is said to leave the body when you die. Put precisely, it’s at the coronal and sagittal sutures of the human skull.

Some sources say it’s around the pineal gland, and other pituitary glands or the hypothalamus. Some scriptures even position crown chakra as overlapping the third eye chakra.

What’s the crown chakra symbol?

Crown chakra lotus is thousand-petaled, with myriad rainbow colors on each of its petals. There are 20 layers of petals on the Sahasrara lotus and each layer holds about 50 petals. The center is golden and a moon is seen at the center of it with an illuminating triangle that’s straight or inverted.

What color is the crown chakra?

The central color of the Sahasrara chakra is violet, followed by white. While violet is the color of letting go, white is the shade of purity and wisdom. Together, they symbolize the emotional and spiritual freedom as well as intelligence borne out of this thousand-petaled chakra.

What’s the crown chakra element?

The element of the crown chakra is mostly believed to be light or cosmos and sometimes as thought. The seed sound of the Sahasrara chakra is the letter "aum" or "om".

Energy practitioners may also say that when you’re activating the seventh chakra, more care must be given to listening to your thoughts and that of others more than chanting the mantras.

What’s the planet ruling the first chakra?

While we learned about the Hindu and Buddhist Gods that rule the seventh point, the crown chakra deity is actually the Guru within.

Saturn is the ruling planet of the crown chakra. It brings luck and manifests your desires. Saturn can bless your endeavors and help you excel in life.

What happens when you open the crown chakra?

If you’re new to the chakra system, you might be confused when your crown chakra opens for the first time. You might even have several burning questions.😊

Woman Healing Her Crown Chakra

Why is my crown chakra tingling? What is crown chakra responsible for? What are crown chakra emotions?

We’ll look at all the crown chakra opening benefits to find answers to all these and more today. Scroll away!

  • Emotional balance: Crown chakra activation brings joy, peace, positivity, hopefulness, and higher self-esteem.
  • Brain health: Most energy workers say crown chakra nervous system connection is deep and it helps to resolve many brain disorders in the long run.  
  • Psychic abilities: Your basic sense of intuition heightens with an open crown chakra and it brings clarity, clear vision, and powers to see ahead into the future as well as into the past.
  • Crown chakra visions: You might notice purple or white flashes with crown chakra throbbing as part of the opening signs. You may see clear visions about people, places, and things.
  • Hair health: There are also chances of seeing the benefits of chakra activation with crown chakra hair health that makes it shiny, glossy, and healthy.   
  • Universal connection: Many people feel motivated or inspired when their crown chakra awakens. Finding your spiritual destiny and realization of God is also part of activating this chakra.
  • Sound sleep: Crown chakra has a way of calming you down and you, in turn, end up enjoying long and deep slumber when this energy point is activated.
  • Enlightenment: From cleansing your aura to brightening it, the ethereal connection due to the open crown chakra can result in many spiritual abilities.🤩
  • Divination: It’s common to become more viable for spirit communication, lucid dreaming sessions, and even Astral Projection when your crown chakra gets unblocked.

Crown chakra imbalances: Overactive and underactive crown chakra

Understanding the symptoms of an open crown chakra isn’t enough to decode the center of thousand petals. Let’s look at the signs of crown chakra imbalances with what causes it next.

What happens when crown chakra is blocked?

What do you know about crown chakra overactive symptoms? It can manifest physical and emotional signs. The following describes all the crown chakra imbalance symptoms.

  • Diseases: There are many crown chakra diseases that can arise when this chakra is deficient. Common diseases to be wary of are Parkison’s, epilepsy, pituitary problems, endocrine disorders, arthritis, constipation, bladder problems, and colon problems.
  • Brain disorders: A long list of brain disorders such as delusions, coma, psychosis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and amnesia are common with Sahasrara blocks. Chronic headaches that are commonly known as crown chakra headaches may also happen in this case.
  • Lack of energy: When your crown chakra is depleted, you constantly feel exhausted. You mightn’t feel any excitement, maybe fatigued or even disoriented too. Crown chakra nausea is another thing you may feel intensively.
  • Sleep disorders: Sleep problems like nightmares and crown chakra insomnia are common when this chakra is out of whack.
  • Hair problems: You might also end up with several hair diseases and problems. Crown chakra itchy scalp is a usual symptom too.
  • Emotionally deficient: Many people end up being overly sarcastic, cynical, confused, aimless, hopeless, frustrated, blind, and gullible without this chakra.
  • Mental health problems: It’s common to end up with obsession, nihilism, lack of hope, mental fog, mental chatter, and crown chakra depression when the Sahasrara energy is drained.
  • Negative thoughts: You’ll often feel narrow-minded, dogmatic, and ungrounded thoughts when this chakra gets blocked.  
  • Maturity: Some people feel superior and others arrogant or entitled when crown chakra is overactive.
  • Oversensitivity: If your crown chakra was drained suddenly, you’ll feel uncomfortable with intense light and loud sounds.  

Explain what causes crown chakra  imbalances

Crown chakra is the highest of the major chakras in the human body. It connects us with our spiritual side. Oftentimes, crown chakra can get derailed when you have an accident or a traumatic incident. I have also seen the crown chakra of people getting quickly drained from stress, sadness, and depression.

Ungrounded energy can also realize as a crown chakra problem eventually. Sahasrara chakra energy famishes when you get into fights with people, nature, or animals. Any sort of crime also takes a stab at the crown.

Emotional and mental disorders, greed, and materialistic goals also block the Sahasrara. Betrayal and fear may also close this chakra when left ignored.

Crown chakra vs. Other six primary chakras

Primary Chakra System

The fire within you is translated as kundalini energy or nectar that initially stays dormant in the root chakra. It starts at the sacral chakra, flows into the digestive fire to burn, and goes higher into the heart to blaze up the truth within you via throat chakra.

What happens when kundalini reaches crown chakra? If you ask yogis, kundalini energy helps you attain Nirvikalpa Samādhi when it flowers into the crown chakra over your head. Some even believe that the crown is the origin of the chakra energy itself.

When the crown chakra is filled with fire, it fills up the energy of all the chakras and charges each one. If you think about crown chakra vs. third eye, both empower your intuition and hone your psychic abilities. Sahasrara opens your mind to accept the enlightenment received by the third eye.

Crown chakra healing: 7 effective methods explained

Why open crown chakra? The seventh chakra brings together the fire of all chakras so that you can raise your mind to a level it’s never experienced before. And the best thing is you can open the Sahasrara chakra with the easiest of things.

Let’s find the best healing method for opening your crown chakra from the list below.


The element of Sahasrara energy that is thought of as the best way to power up your thoughts to manifest desires is with prayers. It can help to tone your spiritual vibrations by directing thoughts exactly towards your goals to make them a reality.


Another way to unblock your crown chakra is with guided meditation sessions that are available on YouTube. You can even take a walk outside, spend time with nature, and renew your cosmic connections.

Here’s a video about crown chakra meditation you can use.


For unblocking the crown, you can also eat crown chakra foods that include vegetables, fruits, herbs, and beverages. Common crown chakra vegetables to eat are eggplant, ginger, coconut, radish, turnip, and garlic.

Herbs to pick for Sahasrara energy include lavender, sage, chamomile, and basil. Herbal teas and green tea are good for keeping your seventh chakra charged. Fruits like blackberries and blueberries also help a lot.


Besides using crown chakra herbs, crown chakra incense like frankincense, myrrh, sage, and copal, lotus, sandalwood, rosewood, and gotu kola are known to invoke the Sahasrara energies.

Lemon and crown chakra flowers like lotus can help in charging your crown chakra. Crown chakra essential oils like neroli, vanilla, sweet lavender are great for awakening blocked areas of the crown chakra.


Another way to manifest your thoughts into unlocking the power of the Sahasrara chakra is using a crown chakra chant that you made. Combined with crown chakra visualization such as imagining the symbol, the following crown chakra affirmations can help you heal manifest spiritual goals.

  • I am in harmony with the universe.
  • I can see the truth.
  • I am a divine being with a beautiful destiny.
  • I can see my spiritual future.
  • I have nothing to fear and everything to love.
  • I will fulfill my goals with the power of the mind.
  • I am guided by the universe.
  • I can release negativity and self-doubt easily.
  • I am pure and powerful.
  • I trust my intuitions.

Yoga and exercises

When it comes to physical exercises, mudra of a thousand petals can help to warm up your focus and mind. Adi mudra is a thousand petal mudra that can awaken the cosmic consciousness within you.

Crown chakra exercises to keep in mind are brisk walking in the park or out in the open, swimming in lakes, or spending time under a tree. You can also do crown chakra asanas or crown chakra yoga like Shirshasana, Vrikshasana, Khatu Pranam, Singing Om, and Kriya Yoga to awaken the seventh chakra.


Wondering which are the crown chakra crystals or where to place crown chakra crystals? Crystals with crown chakra energies are great if you’re looking for healing or psychic abilities. Scroll away to find out the best healing stones for the seventh chakra in the next section.

How to heal with crown chakra stones and jewelry? 

Now that you know everything about healing your mind, body, and soul with the crown chakra, you can use the power of crystals that are exclusively tuned for this chakra easily. The following will teach you how to use these healing stones as well as the benefits of doing so.


Apart from being called liquid light, selenite has a story behind it. The story goes that liquid light that was shattered from God’s breath during the creation of life is selenite. It’s a gypsum crystal that can dissolve if left for too long in the water.

Selenite is a crown chakra stone that can awaken the sense of higher consciousness. Using the gypsum crystal is known to make the person creative and patient.🤗 It’s a cleansing stone that can remove negativity from your aura, crystals, and spaces too.

To invoke the powers of the crown chakra, try a session with a selenite wand, candles, and meditation on a full moon night. You can also chant affirmations for awakening the Sahasrara chakra.


When you think about healing crystals, amethyst is one of the first things that jumps into most people’s minds. The purple stone is a powerful crystal known to hone your psychic abilities, divination, and intuition. It brings clarity to the mind and helps you shake off bad habits because amethyst is ruled by the God of Wine.

Amethyst is perfect for powering up your immunity, healthy hair, digestive health, hormone balancing, and healing chronic headaches.

This crown chakra stone can be kept on the forehead like you can see the way I’m doing in the image below. I like to lay down like this for a few minutes at dawn or dusk to bond with the purple stone.

Healing the Crown Chakra With Amethyst Crystal
© JewelryTalk

Another way to use crown chakra amethyst is by placing it under the bed when sleeping. Truth is, amethyst is known for invoking crown chakra and dreams that are positive.

Clear Quartz

Another healing crystal that can cleanse people, things, and other crystals, clear quartz is a must-have for every crystal user. It can keep your halo and aura clean when you’re working, doing household chores, enjoying your vacation, or just winding away the day at dusk in your garden.

Clear quartz is an excellent store for meditating and realizing crown chakra manifestations. It’s a clearing stone that brings clarity to muddled thoughts most commonly.

I like to wear clear quartz as a nose ring or some type of crystal jewelry close to the physical location of the crown chakra. I have felt it can keep this high chakra charged wherever I go.


The first time I chanced upon a howlite, I knew it calmed me down like no other because I could feel a strange crown chakra tingling sensation that made me sit down and look deep inside my mind. It’s great for finding more about past life and alleviating insomnia.

Howlite is a great stone to unblock the crown chakra and help with brain disorders. This is a crown chakra balancing stone that can help you see your destiny and purpose in life.

As howlite is only soluble in acids, you can create a crown chakra elixir by placing this stone in the water or atop a coaster on a tumbled filled with water.


Are you looking for answers from the universe? Pick up a sugilite stone and hold it in your palm with closed eyes. Sugilite often gives visions to people who are looking for enlightenment. It’s a stone that teaches the true depths of life and shows you spiritual quests to complete throughout life.

Most people use sugilite when their crown chakra is overactive or blocked as it can free the soul from toxic thoughts and lead you to your destiny. You can wear earrings made of sugilite stone to keep your intuition charged besides looking gorgeous every step of the way too.👂🏻

Rainbow Moonstone

When I saw the rainbow moonstone for the first time ever, I actually saw the moon flashing on it. After wearing a rainbow moonstone necklace to the evening party I went to, I felt confident and inspired throughout the event like never before. It’s a gorgeous stone that makes you radiant like the moon whilst clearing clutter from your mind.

Crown chakra awakens when you wear a charged moonstone for a few hours, especially if you wear it on a full moon night. The soothing crystal also detoxifies your body and mind so that you can see the spiritual journey ahead of you.


If anxiety, confusion, or depression are the signs that are making you wonder whether your crown chakra is weak, lepidolite is the stone you need. The best way to use it is for crown chakra reiki that uses multiple lepidolite stones on your Sahasra area to open the chakra.

I often make lepidolite grids because they help me fill my bedroom and working space with positive and welcoming vibrations.

Lepidolite is often used for treating fatigue, exhaustion, and sometimes even epilepsy. It can relieve headaches, tensions, and even allergies. It balances hormones in the body and calms down agitated minds like magic.

Flowing from the root to the crown chakras: What to do next?

The chakra system is the invisible proof of the energy flow in the body as we learned in the Chakra 101 article.

After learning the first root chakra grounds by connecting us to the earth, we explored the sacral chakra where the kundalini energy moves upwards. From there, it burns in the fire of the solar plexus to create energy while moving into the softer side of your being into the heart chakra.

After powering up your emotions at the heart chakra, the chakra energy flows into the center of truth and communication at the throat chakra. It further flows into the third eye, where the visions of the higher realm are revealed. Lastly, the energy enters the crown where those visions take shape, form, and life when you activate the Sahasrara energies. Finally, you attain Nirvikalpa samadhi.

Crown is the highest of the primary chakras. It’s a violet chakra that’s located above your head and is famous for lighting up the intuitive senses in your mind. Because Saturn rules this chakra, it helps to manifest your desires easily.

While opening the crown chakra makes you peaceful, happy, blissful, wise, and enlightened, a blocked Sahasra leads to depression, anxiety, brain disorders, mental health problems, and emotional deficiency.

When the crown fills up with the nectar of life force energy, all the other chakras also charge up automatically. You can heal blockages of this chakra using rituals like prayer, meditation, aromatherapy, foods, chants, yoga, and exercises.

But if you ask me, the best way to awaken any chakra is using crown chakra crystals and stones. It takes away all the waiting time and gets you in the vibe quickly.

Crystals help you directly cleanse and charge relevant chakras and crystal jewelry does it even better by staying on your body throughout the time of wear.

A quick guide of relevant crystals by chakra is here for reference:

  • Jasper for root chakra
  • Citrine for sacral chakra
  • Carnelian for solar plexus chakra
  • Rose quartz for the heart chakra
  • Aquamarine for the throat chakra
  • Blue sapphire for the third eye chakra
  • Amethyst for the crown chakra

The chakra system is as important as the digestive system or the respiratory system. Amongst experts, we call it the food for your soul.🧘🏻

In case you’ve any doubts, don’t hesitate to share them with our community no matter how it sounds to you. We’re always here to guide you!


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