Citrine for Energy Healing: The Best Practices & Steps

If you love gold, the transparent citrine stone in golden yellow color will stun you right away. Even if you aren’t a fan of gold, citrine stones can bring wealth and gold into your life, especially this November!

But what exactly is a citrine? What’s so powerful or metaphysical about it?🤔

Some call citrine a merchant’s stone and others the "summer stone", but all the people who’ve studied and love this stone describe it as the success stone.🥇 That’s because this quartz stone beckons prosperity apart from creativity, emotional intelligence, and energy clearing.

The color of citrine is so diverse that it was often confused as yellow tourmaline, topaz, or beryl in the past. Because of its varying yellow to orange, red, brown, and even greenish tints, even people today get confused with citrine identification.

That’s why today we will learn every bit about the healing powers of citrine so that you can find out about its powers and how to use them.

These are the topics that will help us to learn all about the healing properties of citrine:

  • What is a citrine crystal? What is citrine crystal meaning?
  • Understanding citrine properties and healing powers
  • What are the various types of citrine stones?
  • How to distinguish between a real citrine crystal and a fake one?
  • What are the different ways to use citrine stones for healing? Can you heal with citrine jewelry, how?
  • How to pair the powers of other healing crystals with citrine?
  • What’s the right way to cleanse and charge citrine healing stones?
  • What makes topaz and citrine healing energies different for November?
  • How do you care for citrine stones?
Citrine Crystal Cluster for Energy Healing

Understanding the basics of citrine

The name citrine comes from the Latin word "citrinus" which can translate to "yellow" in English. It’s also an alternative meaning for lemon or “citron” in French. Perhaps that’s why the colors in a citrine healing stone can be seen in the various shades of lemon too.

Apart from the lemon hues, the color of citrine healing rock has also gathered the nicknames "whiskey" and "butterscotch" when it’s fiery orange or red these days.

Citrine is actually a coarse type of silica with a color that often fools you into thinking it’s a rare imperial topaz. The colloidal suspension of iron within the citrine gemstone is what gives it the iconic golden tint. The citrine meaning is defined as "success and luck".

That’s actually the reason why it’s called a merchant’s stone and sometimes the "money stone" too. It can attract good fortune by clearing negativity in your space.

Do you know citrine is a popular type of yellow quartz? Being quartz, citrine scores 7 on the Mohs hardness and hence, offers great durability for daily wear jewelry.

This is why you’ll find citrine was actually called "yellow quartz" until the 16th century if you go back in time. It was yellow quartz until George Bauer renamed it into the popular lemon synonym we know.

The history of citrine with Romans and Greeks goes as far back as 300 B.C. It has also been discovered on many Scottish weapons such as daggers and knives often studded with citrine who believed it would bring victory and courage to warriors who wielded it.

But what catapulted citrine back into the world as we know it began with Queen Victoria who is believed to have worn it as jewelry and embedded it onto her dresses in the early 19th century. Later, Hollywood actresses started flaunting citrine around the Art Deco age. Truth be told, the rave around citrine hasn’t faded to date since then!

Fun Fact
The largest citrine stone in the world weighs 2,258 carats. If you’re interested, get a peep at it at the Smithsonian Museum.

Citrine and energy healing

As citrine is very rarely found naturally, most of the citrine available around the world is nothing but heat-treated amethyst and smoky quartz. Natural citrine is mined from Uruguay to Russia, Argentina, Zambia, Myanmar, Congo, France, Scotland, Madagascar, the United States, and Spain.

Citrine healing properties primarily come from its chakra energies. It’s predominantly controlled by chakra powers of the solar plexus and sacral where the kundalini energy rises, and powers up into the solar plexus to promote healing and stability.💆🏻‍♂️

But the interesting fact is that citrine can also awaken root chakra or crown chakra depending on its colors and vibrations. Hence, it can ground you or walk you on the path of divinity too.

Ruled by the messenger God Jupiter, citrine is one of the rarest healing rocks that also derive energy from the sun as well. Jupiter can help you manifest your desires and wants while the sun brings light and luck into your life.

Citrine is ruled by goddesses like Demeter, (the Greek Goddess of Food), Persephone (the Greek Goddess of Spring), and Sekhmet (the Egyptian Goddess of War). Citrine also has dual-elemental powers of fire and earth with vibration energy of the number six.

Citrine benefits and healing powers

Do you know the citrine healing stone is so powerful it can even cleanse other stones at times? Citrine geode is famed for this. But that’s not the only power of citrine, folks!

Let’s find out what you get spiritually, emotionally, and physically when you embrace the energy of citrine.

Physical healing

From balancing your thyroid-stimulating hormone to regulating the digestive system and even healing pancreatic disorders, citrine can help you heal internally. It can also help in alleviating pain of any type too.

Boosts Vitamin D in the body

With our convenient indoor and WFH lifestyle, most of us are losing out on the sunlight and Vitamin D that comes with it. Citrine not only brings the sun but enhances the absorption of Vitamin D in your body too.

Strengthens you emotionally

When the mind is off-kilter, chakras and emotional psyche derail too. Citrine can help by bringing relief to mental agonies like anxiety and depression.

Balances your hormones

One of the rare chakra powers of citrine is the root chakra that helps you ground and connect to Mother Gaia. This brings you physical and emotional stability.

Attracts good luck

Many people talk about the ability of citrine to attract gold, wealth, and good fortune and that’s partly true. The truth is, citrine attracts abundance and success your way, and prosperity follows.🙏🏻

An Excited Young Girl Wishing For Good Luck

Removes negativity

Citrine can cleanse your aura and even unblock other chakras. It’s the perfect stone if you live in a place with a lot of radiation, mobile towers, or electronics too as it can eliminate EMF too.


Whether you’re looking for physical or spiritual protection, citrine is a good crystal to keep close. That’s because the yellow quartz is an excellent companion during travel and trade to keep you safe.

Removes your anger

Are you looking for a crystal friend to uplift your mood? Citrine can also boost your self-confidence and cleanse your frustration or anger the moment you hold it or connect with it.

Makes your productive

Another one of the popular benefits of wearing or using citrine energies is how it powers your creativity. Citrine can inspire you and help you find purpose and your destiny as well.

Spreads positivity around you

Expect your passion to reach sky-high and brace your heart wide enough to embrace immense joy when you start using citrine healing stones. It’s a powerhouse of good vibes.

Citrine varieties and their different healing powers

Like topaz, opal, and many other healing crystals, citrine is a stone seen in many different colors and with varied powers as well as properties. Citrine stone even coexists with amethyst to form ametrine naturally. Have you seen this half-purple half-yellow gemstone? It’s gorgeous!

The best thing is different types of citrine also power different chakras that can help you focus on different parts of your body, mind, or spirit. Citrine may exist in green to yellow shades like lemon or yellow or brown like a peach.

Let’s take a minute to distinguish the top different types of citrine next.

Fire Citrine

Deep golden color with orange flares is the signature characteristic of a "fire citrine". Most importantly, it’s the priciest citrine among these yellow quartz healing crystals. The highest price a fire citrine fetches is circa $30 per carat.

If you’re eyeing these beauties, make sure to get those sourced strictly from Brazil. It’s a sacral chakra stone great for jewelry, feng shui, luck grids, and reiki.

Yellow Citrine

Often seen with a backdrop of yellow and mild-orange or brown flashes, yellow citrine is the cheapest variety. It’s typically sourced from Bolivia and priced at $10 per carat. Yellow citrines are used in jewelry and shape like tumbled, wand, and even raw for everything from feng shui to anxiety. This type of citrine healing crystal powers the solar plexus chakra.

Golden Citrine

A step above the yellow citrine, the golden citrine often mimics real gold with its shimmering brown flashes. A spiritual-healing stone, golden citrine attracts gold and wealth your way besides clearing fears and negativity. It’s usually recommended for solar plexus and sacral chakras and can be used as jewelry or palm stones.

Palmeira Citrine

Named for where it’s found in southern Brazil, this type of citrine has an amber color with prominent orange hues. Palmeira citrine can sometimes fetch higher price-per-carat than the golden variety of citrines. These are great for crystal grids and reiki apart from jewelry as they can help you manifest your desires with the help of Jupiter God.

Madeira Citrine

Unlike Palmeira citrines, Madeira citrines are named for their deep orange color with red dotted flashes all over just like that of the Portuguese Madeira red wine. Just like fire citrine, Madeira citrines fetch higher prices than golden or yellow varieties and are only 2% of natural citrines.

Madeira citrines can command the sacral and crown chakras and are often recommended for feng shui, pendulums, wands, grids, and amulets. I find it particularly useful for gearing up inspiration, productivity, and creativity.

How can I tell if my citrine is real?

According to Mindat, natural citrine is so rare that large amethyst and smoky quartz stones are often treated with heat for finely distributing a brownish-golden color of citrine during treatments. Additionally, coats of iron oxides or limonite on transparent quartz can also create a  simulated citrine.

The best way to identify a real one is to observe under a bright light to watch out for air bubbles, inclusions, or other flaws that mark authenticity. Citrines also have a homogenous color all-over, unlike heat-treated quartzes. So, look out for uneven hues too.

How to use citrine and citrine jewelry for energy healing? Expert’s notes

You can cut, carve, or chisel citrine in any which shape you want. Let’s look at how to use it based on its shapes and settings.

Using citrine stones for healing

Just like amethyst and clear quartz, citrine is available in a number of shapes and sizes.

Mostly, you’ll find them in shapes like pointed wands or tumbled stones but citrine geodes and clusters are also available if you dig deep. But even more common are citrine balls for fortune-telling and palm stones.

Read more about various shapes of crystals and how to use them for fitting energy healing rituals in this article next.

Here are seven easy ways to use citrine stones for healing:

  1. Feng shui: Keeping a citrine in the center of your house, cash box, safe, or office can attract good fortune, success, luck, and wealth towards the space. The best thing is keeping it in the center also attracts light, creativity, inspiration, and productivity too.
  2. Cleansing: Besides keeping it in feng shui spaces, you can keep tumbled citrine stones in a bowl at the door or windows to clear EMF and radiation that enters your home. You can also carry it with you to prevent radiation from affecting you while you’re in traffic or out of the home.
  3. Personal use: If you often experience panic attacks or episodes of anxiety and depression, citrine palm stones are a great way to cope. They’re also great for energy healing therapies like reiki with crystals too.
  4. Attract money: Just as Chinese retailers kept their citrine healing stones in their cash box or safe for thousands of years to attract wealth and fortune, you can do so too. Better yet, activate the crystal with an affirmation or energy ritual before placing it too!
  5. Meditation: If you want to open up your mind or clear the clutter inside it, citrine is a great stone to hold onto while you meditate in the open sun. It can help to clear the negativity and help you make decisions that lead to success.
  6. Find answers: Whether you’ve heard of a crystal pendulum or not, investing in a citrine sudden one is good for those desperate to find answers in life. Citrine can reveal life’s secrets and truths when activated via a pendulum in front of the fire (a candle or fireplace will do!)
  7. Detox: Citrine being a harmless healing stone, it’s great for making elixirs by dipping the stone in water or keeping it over a coaster on a glass of drinking water. You can thereafter consume the elixir to remove physical ailments like thyroid, digestion, or circulation issues.

Wearing citrine jewelry for healing

Being an easy-to-cut stone available in large sizes naturally, citrine is made into all kinds of generic shapes, facets, and even custom-cuts for specific jewelry. There are often zero visible flaws in this stone and hence they’re made into engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and even nose studs with diamonds and other precious stones.

Wearing bracelets, and rings made of citrine healing stone affects the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras while earrings connect with the crown chakra. Pendants, lockets, and necklaces may connect to one or more chakras at once.😚

Wearing Citrine Ring and Bracelet for Energy Healing

A citrine ring is best worn on the index finger of your dominant hand on Thursday mornings preferably. The best thing is you can even wear citrine every day of the week unlike blue sapphire or red coral. It’s a positive stone that doesn’t affect most people negatively.

That being said, make sure to test it out for a couple of days before wearing it all the time. In any case, wearing frequently keeps you protected from radiation, negativity, and evil besides keeping you charged mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Also, remember to keep it close to you when making important decisions so that success chooses your side swiftly. Legends say that citrine also protects wearers from snakebites; so, if you’re a trekking or camping fanatic, make sure to wear it on the next trip.

Best ways to combine citrine and other stones for healing

Just like any other stone, citrines can be combined with other gemstones for increasing the energy circle or amplifying the power of your energies. Take two minutes to go through the general rules for pairing up other healing stones with citrine for positive aftereffects.

  • Based on the color. For instance, a yellow citrine goes well with smoky quartz or yellow topaz and red citrine with red jasper.
  • Based on the chakra. You can combine stones of root, sacral, solar plexus, and crown chakras to pair up with citrine gemstone.
  • Based on the ruling planet. A smart way to find the right healing rocks for citrine is by finding those ruled by Jupiter such as topaz.
  • Based on the element. Another way to find the right stones to pair with citrine is by its elements such as fire and earth.
  • Based on the zodiac signs. Because topaz and citrine are best for November, they can be combined for enhancing your manifestations. Find other zodiac signs that match with the citrine you have.
Based on legends, you can also combine amethyst, hematite, black tourmaline, agate, or rose quartz with citrine without experiencing any side effects.

How to cleanse and charge citrine?

Being a water-safe crystal, you can clean citrine with tap water or a wet cloth every few days to clean the dust sediment on it. Never place it in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner as it can damage. But cleansing and charging a citrine physically requires different rituals and techniques.

How to cleanse citrine?

  1. Take your citrine stone in the palm of your hand.
  2. Place it under the moonlight after the moon rises.
  3. Keep it at a place where it can soak moonlight and can be safe from intruders as well as environmental factors such as rain, hail, snow, and sun.
  4. Take it inside in 4 to 6 hours before the sun comes up.
  5. You can charge the citrine healing stone now.

Read more on ways to cleanse negative energies from crystals.

How to charge citrine? 

Just like cleansing, there are many ways to charge citrines like meditation, aromatherapy, Tibetan singing bowls, sunlight, moonlight, smudging, crystal grids, and more. I love charging citrine with affirmations and meditation in the presence of candlelight or bonfire under the moonlight because it awakens the fire element apart from the chakra powers of citrine.

Here’s an article on 20 ways to charge healing crystals like citrine in detailed steps.

Citrine vs. Topaz: The difference in energy healing

Ever wondered why citrine is recommended as a November birthstone after topaz? Ruled by Jupiter and chakras like sacral and solar plexus, topaz and citrine is a great way to make your November exciting and lucky.

Why? While topaz calms you down and protects you, citrine can attract success, money, and luck towards you.✌🏻

Citrine exists in colors like yellow, gold, and orange with flashes of red or green while topaz shows blue to green, colorless, white, red, gold, and even rainbow tones. Both are different, yet best for wearing or combining in crystal grids, feng shui, jewelry, and likewise.

How to care for citrine?

While it’s okay to wear citrine daily, thanks to its durability, citrine is sensitive to a wide range of energies. You should never expose citrine crystals to extreme heat as they can fracture, crack, and fade easily. It’s also vulnerable to alkaline solutions, oils, bleach, and high-alcohol cleansers.

Get started with the ultimate manifestation stone

You’ve learned all the secrets and citrine benefits that you can start using right away. It’s yellow quartz great for attracting prosperity, good fortune, luck, creativity, confidence, and good health towards you.🥠

The range of citrine metaphysical properties includes thyroid, heart, and digestive healing apart from resolving anger, depression, and anxiety issues. It also brings Vitamin D and positivity into your body. Citrine can help in clearing the clutter out of your mind and bringing stability. With luck and success too by your side, it’s a great stone for helping you advance in your career too.

Who shouldn’t wear citrine? One of the few stones for cleansing your aura, spaces, and even vibes, citrine is for everyone. That being said, if you ask me who should wear citrine, I’d say Scorpio, Libra, and Sagittarius apart from Leo and Aries.

Citrine crystal shows colors and flashes ranging from red to orange, green, yellow, golden, and brown depending on its variety and origin. Amongst all types of citrine, Madeira and Fire citrines are the most sought-after.

Different varieties also power up different chakras such as solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. It’s ruled by Jupiter with the powers of fire and earth elements. Citrines are quite rare naturally and hence, most citrine in the market is either heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz.

You can place it in the center of your house or cash box for prosperity, chakra points for reiki, make an elixir for detox, and much more. In jewelry like rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, citrine can help you keep your chakras charged and tuned.🏋🏻‍♀️

Citrine is also an easy stone to pair up with other stones like topaz, red jasper, black tourmaline, etcetera. Cleanse, charge, and start using it to realize your desires TODAY!

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