What Are Black Opal Healing Properties & How to Heal With It?

If you’ve been keeping track of our posts, you know that black opals are often called dark opals and may be seen in colors like blue and grey. But there’s so much more to know about this mysterious and enchanting healing crystal! 

What are black opals? How do you heal using this stone? Black opals are made of silica and are about 30 million years old. They can benefit the brain, mind, health, and even brighten your aura. Working with black opals can attract everything from wealth to true love and joy.😊

The best part is there are many types of black opal jewelry like black opal earrings to black opal necklaces and black opal rings you can pick to keep healing energies always close to you.

For those of you who want to buy a new black opal or work with a new black opal you bought, the following guide will help you steer the healing energies of this magical stone in the right direction.

Today we’ll learn about the healing powers of black opals through these topics:

  • Basics of black opals and common types 
  • Healing powers and benefits of using black opals 
  • What are the astrological features of black opals?
  • Which is the chakra of black opals? What can you do with them? 
  • Stepwise guide to use black opals for reiki
  • Ways to use black opals for meditation 
  • Other types of opals with similar properties to black opals
  • Learn to clean and charge black opals
Black Opal Stone With Play of Colors

Overview: Black Opal 

Let’s start with a shocking fact—only 5% of the world’s opals are black opals. They are the rarest form of opals and are found in Australia. Call it magic or mystery, it resembles the starry sky more than any other healing crystal you might know about.

Chemically, besides silica, black opals are also made of iron oxide and carbon elements that other opals don't have.

In Australia, there are people who still believe that opals were born from a rare event where a rainbow descended to the earth on which the creator came down and opals appeared where his feet touched the earth. Some aborigines also believe that black opals come from the Rainbow Serpent and are afraid of them.

It’s common to hear even stranger tales about opals from Australia because 90% of the world’s opals come from Down Under anyway. But that’s not the only place that black opals were known and used ages ago.

Ancient Romans also worked with black opals according to local legends. In fact, there are even scriptures talking about a stone that fell from heaven and magically blended the beauty of all the gemstones known at the time on the earth. That’s black opal.

When you move to ancient Greece, opals with the flash of colors are known as the tears of Zeus. Altogether, black opal meaning is harmony and healing.

Discovered in 1873 Australia, black opals are commonly used by psychics and energy workers today. It’s an amulet stone that was featured in many cultures and regions even though black opals mainly come from Australia.

How do black opals get their color? 

Do you know black opals are not actually black in color? But the colors you can see in a black opal are also many. Yellow to green, and blue are the most common colors seen on this type of black opal. The rarer colors include orange, red, and purple. 

Black opal typically has a waxy sheen that doesn’t look plasticine. They actually have a naturally present backing called the "potch" that imparts a dark body tone and hue to black opals.

In fact, black opals have several colors in them due to the diffraction of light through silica and not the presence of different chemicals themselves. It’s so sophisticated that such diffraction creates something called an "aurora of light" that black opals have.

Types of black opals

Professionally, black opals are separated based on their grading that opens the world to different types of opals. 

The process of grading involves rating the brilliance, pattern, and transparency of the black opal. Brilliance involves the flash of colors and patterns like pin, Chinese writing, ribbon, rolling flash, straw, and harlequin patterns are common on black opals.

Black opals may also be classified based on their different origins such as from Madagascar, Ethiopia, Honduras, etcetera. Amongst the best variety is the Australian black opal that comes from Lightning Ridge—the Black Opal Capital of the World. 

Other types of common black opals are chocolate opals and semi-black opals.

What are the healing properties of black opals?

Now that you know the meaning, composition, and types of black opals, let’s take a minute to look at the long list of benefits that come from wearing or working closely with them.✍🏻

For your love life 

Just like strawberries, mangos, chocolate, and wine, black opal is also an aphrodisiac. It can nourish your love life and relationships. Black opal helps you open up your heart to the right person and find love. Oftentimes it’s recommended for those with low libido or those who want to explore their sexual or romantic side.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Stone of prediction 

According to the Greek, black opal is a stone that can reveal prophecies through flashes or visions when you work with it. This type of dark opal brings the gift of prophecy with you by helping you peek into the future. 

Black opal can help you build a future you desire and help you find good fortune too. It’s believed to bring you wealth and success paved the way by your good fortune and luck.

Wearing Black Opal Ring for Energy Healing
TreeZoy / Etsy

Protection from the evil eye

The best thing I love about black opal is that this good luck stone can also keep negativity at bay. It’s a good gemstone to avoid getting affected by bad energies, curses, and spells. A popular belief is that it can also protect travelers and adventure-seekers in their everyday life.

Put your mind at ease

Many more things that black opals can resolve include anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, and obsession. People who easily get obsessed with things would find black opals a sweet solace. It can bring joy and happiness into life and help them see things differently and with clarity.

Find your charm

It’s easy to lose yourself in the struggle called life. The good news is working with black opals can bring back your confidence and improve your communication skills to help you socialize and live a more enjoyable life. Many psychics even recommend it for introverts because it helps to realize their hidden talents.🦚

Maintain balance in life

Living with the energy of black opal can also teach you how to bring order and balance to life. It can help you juggle a successful career besides a happy family and private space. How? Black opals do so by affecting your higher energies and guiding them on the way to your destiny.

Sleep health 

Finding your big calm can be hard in the rat race we call life in the 21st century. But opals, especially black opals can help you resolve underlying mental disorders that lead to poor sleep health. It can help you wind down in peace and switch into the necessary deep sleep phase by eliminating fatigue and short sleep.

Astrological importance of black opal stones 

If you ask most astrologers, they’d suggest a white opal over a black one because the latter doesn’t work well for everyone. Often worn as a talisman for protection from negative energies, black opals are more than just a fashion-favorite stone nowadays.

Who should wear black opal gemstone? While opals are good for persons with the Libra zodiac sign, black opals are associated with signs Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Moreover, the black opal you wear shouldn’t have any type of blemishes or black marks on it.

If your zodiac sign is another, it’s best to consult your astrologer before wearing black opals or wear them sparsely to keep a check on what’s happening to you.

The black opal stone is ruled by Venus while opals, in general, are ruled by Mars as well. 

Venus is known for romance and success in love life especially. With black opals, you get the benefit of love, luck, beauty, and balance with Venus watching over you. But a little-known effect of Venus is good fortune or prosperity. It’s a planet that allows you to enjoy life while working to your heart’s content.

Once you select the right black opal for you, there are many characteristics you need to learn about that we’ll introduce ahead.

Chakra powers of black opals

Black opal brings many psychic powers. For starters, it opens and charges the crown chakra, the highest primary chakra, and also the lowest chakra. When you cleanse and charge this chakra with black opal, it helps to guide your psyche by affecting the forehead.

Crown chakra helps you see ahead into the future, experience lucid dreaming, master astral projection, and even clean up clutter from your subconscious mind. The shielding power of black that protects you against evil comes from a charged crown chakra.

Black opal energy also awakens your root chakra. It can make you feel grounded, calm, de-stressed, calm, and attentive. When the root chakra is open with black opal, you feel confident, fit, and optimistic, with a bright red aura.

If you ask me, black opal is the portal to a great number of powers of the mind like spiritual journeys, see into the past, connect with nature, and enjoy the soundest sleep you’ve ever had!

Read more about the powers of crown chakra in this detailed guide and root chakra on this post right away. 

How to use black opals for reiki healing? 

Reiki is a spiritual technique that "helps to awaken your own life force energy as we learned in the Reiki healing post a few weeks ago. You can combine the healing energies of black opals easily with Reiki by placing the healing crystal on respective chakra points. Such a ritual helps to amplify the entire energy work.

As black opal supports both high and low chakras of crown and root, it can help in unblocking your other energy points to flush out the negativity that’s blocking the flow of energy inside you. Wearing the right carat size of black opal as per your body weight can even help in accelerating physical healing too.

A Reiki practitioner might use this healing stone for your crown chakra or root chakra areas while doing a session. You can also request the practitioner what you’re hoping for based on the list of black opal benefits we learned a few minutes ago or for the stone to be kept over specific chakras.

How to meditate with black opals? 

When you’re thinking of meditating with black opals, the target point is the higher chakra of the crown. Only if you learn to unlock the crown chakra with black opal you can bond and meditate with the energy of this stone.

You can try affirmations of the crown chakra to get started. But it’s quite an experience to bond with black opal. 

Just holding the black opal in your palm while sitting in your sacred space without disturbance is enough to bond with the stone and harmonize your own energies with that of the stone.

I’ve seen black opal palm stones on most healing crystal shops online that are best for carrying around and meditating with the same vibrations wherever you are. Black opals are also available as bracelets, necklaces, and rings that can keep you mindful and charged throughout the day with crown chakra vibrations.

Are there other opal varieties that have similar healing properties? 

While each gemstone has its unique properties, there are other opals that resemble the healing properties imparted by black opals. For instance, apart from black opals, white opals with the yellow or orange play of fire are believed to be good luck charms. 

Fire opals are another type of opals that protect from danger and negativity like dark opals. Blue opals are recommended for sleep-related disorders like black opals.

White and pink opals are generally considered to calm down the mind and ease it like a dark color opal. Pink opals and fire opals can rekindle your passion as well as love life like black opals. White opals also bring balancing energies that relax you like dark opals.

FAQ about healing with black opals 

Here are some more questions you should know answers to so that you can use black opal stones the right way. 

How to clean and charge black opals? 

Just like any other opal, black opals can release elements that lead to silicosis under certain circumstances. Put simply, you shouldn’t soak the stone in water for long hours. Hence, cleaning and cleansing the stone with tap water, stream water, holy water, and elixir are the best.

Cleansing the black opal stone is easy with herbal smudging, sunlight, and moonlight while charging may need wands, aromatherapy, affirmations, or crystal grids. Learn about cleansing and charging crystals like black opals next.

What type of black opal jewelry is available nowadays?

Most black opals are processed to form oval cabochons but you can get other shapes too such as teardrops. Trillion is another popular shape seen with black opal jewelry in the market. 

Note that some black opals you see in jewelry shops and online catalogs are cut with low domes due to their slim color bars. When the color bar of opal is extremely thin, you can’t add any domed surface or style it any other way. That’s why you may not be able to find as expansive collections as a diamond.

Can you wear black opals every day?

Wearing any crystal day-after-day isn’t a good thing. At the end of the day, you should take off your healing crystal jewelry and cleanse it using a wand or the moonlight.

With a powerful stone like black opal, wearing it every day isn’t good. Astrologically, it’s best to wear it on Friday mornings between sunrise and sunset. If black opal isn’t gelling well with you, make sure to consult an astrologist to check if your stars agree with the stone’s energies.

Start using black opals today right away 

Although many of you must have heard about the hilarious bad luck history of opals, black opals aren’t associated with any of it. Black opals are the rarest type of opals.

For starters, black opals are great for bringing back love and romance in your life. They help you calm down your nerves and resolve mental problems so that you can get a sound sleep. Black opals also protect you from curses, spells, and evil eyes. It’s a great healing stone to bring balance and order into your life. 

Ruled by Venus, black opals are excellent for attracting love and luck. This is a unique healing crystal that awakens both crown and root chakras, imparting divination and grounding at the same time. You can keep black opal stones on these chakra points during reiki or hold them as palm stones during meditation for unblocking chakras and flushing out toxic energies.

Take care to cleanse and charge it regularly and avoid wearing it consecutively. If you have a few questions about black opals, write to our community in the form below.

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