Aquamarine Healing Properties for Body, Mind & Spirit With 7 Therapies

The color of aquamarine is so unique there's a color named after it since the 16th century. The watery-blue stone looks simple and soft, but it's anything but that, both physically and spiritually.

So, what does it do? What are the healing properties of aquamarine? How do you use it for healing?🤔

Aquamarine is a beryl mineral in soft blue to dark indigo shades with the throat, third eye, and heart chakra powers. It's ruled by the water element and easily charged by affirmations, meditation, water rituals, feng shui, and wearing aquamarine jewelry.

Today, I'll show you all the seven therapies to charge this crystal apart from its spiritual, emotional, and physical healing benefits.

Ready to soak into the powers of aqua? Let's plunge in!

Aquamarine Crystal
Ronald Werner, Aquamarine Beinmyr, Cropping, CC BY-SA 4.0

Basics of the March birthstone: Aquamarine meaning and history

Let's start with a fundamental question—what does aquamarine mean?

The word aquamarine is a derivative of the Latin word Aqua Marinus, which translates to water of the sea. No wonder this healing crystal is named after the deep blue color of the ocean!🌊 Can you name another crystal that represents the gorgeous colors of the sea like aquamarine?

Popular as the stone of life, stone of breath, and even the stone of memories, aquamarine can calm you no matter how agitated you are. What's more, you'll soak into not just any calmness but the tranquility of the deep blue sea when you bond with it.

Roman fishermen were the first to call this crystal the water of the sea. They used aqua crystals as amulets to protect their spirits and bodies when venturing into the bluey depths. The same crystal is linked to St. Thomas as his protection amulet, all the while he traveled by boat from the middle east to India.

Further down in time, Roman physicians are known to have used aqua crystals for curing the ill effects of poison, bloating, and indigestion. Romans also sculpted goblets made of aquamarine healing crystals and drank from them to detox and purify themselves.

👉🏻Egyptians also have a thick bond with aquamarine as it has been found in pits, while the Greeks used the crystal for creating intaglios going as far back as 2,000 years. The most famous intaglios were crab and frog, with the crab attached to joy or wealth and the frog signifying protection from enemies.

In other parts of the world, the blue-green crystal was the treasure of mermaids and used by sailors for good fortune. Some also believed it would make the wearer eternally beautiful.

Mythologies say the color changes of the stone during divination rituals can predict the future.

Aquamarine also has physical healing impacts on liver diseases, including jaundice and cirrhosis. It’s believed to rekindle the fire between married couples❤️, remove doubts and cravings, and strengthen the mind against depression.

According to the Jewish sacred books and the Bible, the high priest wore two aquamarine shoulder stones for intuition. Historically, it was also used by teachers and community leaders.

Moreover, aquamarine spheres were popularly used to track the moon phases, which helped ancient psychics predict the future.

Today, healers believe aquamarine is an excellent crystal for removing fears and protecting the wearer from enemies, their evil eyes, and curses.

Which other stones does aquamarine look like?

While the transparent blue color of aquamarine is entirely gorgeous, many gemstones are often mistaken as aqua today.⚠️

Nerchinsk aquamarine is a blue topaz named otherwise, or siam aquamarine that’s actually heat-treated blue zircon. Even pink aquamarine is a misnomer as it stands for morganite crystal. Another famous misnaming is mass aqua, which is just a glass stone mimicking the gorgeous colors of aquamarine.

What are the aquamarine healing properties?

Related to peace, clear-headedness, and calmness, the healing powers of aquamarine are based on its metaphysical properties.📋

Aquamarine awakens several chakras, such as throat, third eye, and heart. The throat is responsible for self-expression and inner truth, while the third eye makes you intuitive and psychic. Finally, the heart chakra is the sole reason for self-love and love towards others that this gemstone provides.

Other than the ruling chakras, aquamarine is also empowered by the element of water. It keeps you serene like the ocean and the akasha (sky) it reflects.

Two planets rule the gemstone aquamarine—Saturn and Neptune. 

As it's primarily empowered by the planet Saturn, aquamarine can pave your way towards luck, and success. Saturn is also responsible for making your dreams come true and revealing the cosmic destiny.

Who should wear Aquamarine?

You may already know aquamarine is the March Birthstone. That's why it's an excellent option for zodiac signs like Pisces and Aries.

For starters, Pisces will achieve intelligence, kindness, and balance in life by bonding with the light blue healing crystal. On the flip side, Aries ends up with empathy, self-expression, and hopefulness when connected to aqua.

But there's also a third zodiac sign that benefits spiritual connection—Scorpio.

If you're a Scorpio, you'll find it easy to transform yourself, accept new ideas, and open your mind to things you're unable to believe in usually.

That said, it’s good to wear the March birthstone throughout this month to cope with spiritual challenges, no matter what your zodiac sign is.

Who shouldn't wear Aquamarine?

You'll find it hard to bond with a gemstone like aquamarine if your zodiac sign is either Cancer or Leo.

Cancers will also find creative blocks and constant self-doubts when they wear aquamarine jewelry. It may also negatively affect your enthusiasm, energy, and wisdom by attracting toxic energies.

A Leo begins to disrespect others and lose themselves when aquamarine fails to work. If you're a Leo, your leadership skills will fail, and so will your emotional intelligence and the ability to get along with others whose views don't align with yours.

Can you wear aquamarine every day? Does aquamarine scratch easily?

One of the biggest reasons to consider before wearing aquamarine daily is its hardness.

As the stone scores a high Mohs of 7.5 to 8, it's not a bad idea to wear it every day. If you manage to clean the stone daily, there are no metaphysical risks too.

Start by wearing aqua crystals in the month of March first.

Types of aquamarine and their powers

Besides polished shapes, it’s easy to find aquamarine crystal wands in several shapes and sizes nowadays.

While aquamarine floaters with a natural termination sans any polishing are the most popular, double-terminated aqua crystals are also available with two pointed ends. Another popular type of aqua is the clusters that appear naturally with several tiny wands popping out of them.

Let's look at the various types of aquamarine crystals and their powers.

Cat-Eye Aquamarine

One of the rarest types of aquamarine crystals, cat eye stones, are excellent for communication, decision-making, and good fortune. This is a green-blue type of aqua crystal with prominent throat chakra powers.


Brazilian aquamarine is a heart chakra stone with yellow and pale green shades of blue that helps you find love and respect for yourself. This variety of aquamarines is recommended for career success and luck in finances as well.


The darkest blue type of aquamarine that's also the costliest in the mix is the best stone for combining the powers of throat and third eye energies. It helps you communicate with spirits and develop cosmic awareness!


Also called Maxixe beryl, this aquamarine looks very similar to blue sapphire with its indigo hues. It's an excellent stone for the third eye chakra as it improves your intuition and psychic abilities at once.

Santa Maria Aquamarine

An aquamarine with a mix of sky blue and indigo shades, Santa Maria aqua gemstone, is next to flawless with an incredible tone. But the metaphysical power of the stone is even better because it can purify the soul and clear karmic debts.

Aquamarine crystal uses: Why use aquamarine stone?

Wearing aquamarine crystal as jewelry, using it for charging your chakras, or realizing your deepest desires are the popular uses and benefits of this crystal.✅ So, what are the other uses of aquamarine stone for your physical body, mind, and spirit?

Let's find out!

Healing the physical body

Aquamarine affects many body parts because it's a powerful higher chakra stone. As it affects the throat and heart chakras, the stone is popularly used for ages to relieve respiratory problems.

When you wear aqua crystal jewelry around your neck or hands, it can heal disorders related to your lungs. These include bronchitis, pneumonia, allergies, hay fever, and breathing troubles in general. Chronic wheezing to coughing is also cured with this healing stone.

Higher up in the body, aqua crystals can heal puffy eyes, vision problems, and glaucoma too.

Aqua is also an excellent tool for all kinds of headaches like cluster headaches, migraines, and sinus disorders. Wearing aquamarine necklaces offers relief to people suffering from pain and discomfort around the gums, teeth, jaws, and cavities.

The good news is this blue healing crystal can also heal your lower body organs such as the liver, the endocrine system, and intestines. It may even cure chronic GERD, IBS, cirrhosis, and nausea.

Wearing it long-term also improves blood circulation in the body to prevent many skin disorders from aggravating like psoriasis, hives, rosacea, and eczema.

If you were diagnosed with herpes, you can prevent outbreaks by keeping an aquamarine tumbled stone in your pocket at all times.

Mind healing

On the emotional side, aquamarine works on your trust issues and helps you let go of the past. It's a great stone to get over your exes and express discomfort against toxic partners, friends, or family members clearly.

Aquamarine also fills you with a fiery spirit that dissolves every ounce of fearlessness inside you. I typically wear this crystal to deal with bullies and intimidators.

The best thing is, it's a great stone to help you express emotions clearly about abusive situations and talk openly about your mental status.🙆🏻‍♀️

Suppose you also suffer from general anxiety as I do. In that case, aquamarine can keep you cool and tranquil throughout tense moments. Wearing it for a long time also transforms the inner you from insecurity, inferiority, and confusion to self-reliance, self-worth, and clarity.

The stone helps you eliminate inhibitions and transform actions as well as thoughts with self-love and compassion for the world around you. What I love most about the emotional healing powers of aqua crystal is how it calms your nerves quickly.

That's because it also protects you from intense negativity. You can manage anger, bad habits, and the tendency to procrastinate by keeping an aquamarine close. The healing crystal also helps you rise up by filling you with the wisdom of the universe.

Besides courage, it can dispel your negative beliefs about others and the world. I love this gemstone so much because it helps you rehabilitate after traumatic events and situations, including deaddiction.

Healing the spirit

One of aquamarine's best chakra balancing aspects has to do with spiritual healing via the higher chakras. Because it targets middle to the highest chakras, you'll find it as the best companion for meditation.

When you use it for rituals like yoga or meditation, aquamarine will uplift your cosmic connection and spiritual awareness to a higher level. You'll begin to nurture your intuition and get a peek into your destiny and future!🔭

Aquamarine can enhance dormant psychic abilities too. This may include clairaudience, clairvoyance, and scrying powers. All the while, you will also feel powers of the divine feminine tugging at your heart and paving the way to your spiritual purpose.

The destiny stone is popularly used by healers and psychics to reveal karmic debts so you can do penance for them in this life. It works by enabling soul travel by letting you access the Akashic Records. Once you do, you'll also see all the secrets of cosmic reality with ease!

The stone is excellent for psychics because it improves your spiritual wisdom in this way. It'll help you prevent attacks from people and evil spirits before they get a chance to touch you. That's why it's a great tool to use if you're trying to make spirit communication via ouija boards.

Moreover, you can also attract abundance, luck, and success by using greenish-aquamarine crystals for a long time. There are several rituals to make it happen, and I'll describe them in the coming sections.

How to cleanse the crystal aquamarine? Best way to take care of aquamarine

Without regularly cleansing a stone such as aquamarine, it's impossible to absorb the complete spectrum of its positive energies. It keeps the energies of the blue crystal undiminished.

Can aquamarine go in the water? Can you cleanse aquamarine with water?

Before cleansing aqua, remember that it's not harmful to clean or cleanse in water unless you're soaking it for long hours.

For cleansing purposes, hold the aquamarine stone under tap water or a natural water body like a stream for a few minutes while turning it from one side to another.

Moreover, every type of water ritual can be energizing and cleansing as the ruling element of aquamarine is water.

Can you clean aquamarine with vinegar? Yes, you can clean aquamarine with vinegar if you're careful about it. But the rule of thumb of not soaking it for more than 10 minutes applies here, as vinegar is a strong acid.

Can aquamarine go in the sun? Yes, you can place aqua crystals under the soft rays of early morning or late evening sunlight. It's actually one of the most popular options for cleansing this crystal.

But remember not to leave it out in the sun for too long as it can fade quickly under intense sunlight. So, make sure to keep it away from direct light or take it after cleansing with sun energies for 5 to 10 minutes.

Crystal therapies: How to use aquamarine in 7 simple ways?

Bonding with the powers of aquamarine isn't a challenge if you know what exactly to do. Use the March birthstone with our stepwise guide below to find peace, healing, and cosmic truths.

#1 Water rituals to charge aquamarine

One of the best ways to invoke the healing energies of aquamarine crystal is with water rituals, as it's the core ruling element of the crystal.

Besides cleansing and charging the crystal with water, there are two straightforward ways to infuse the energies of aquamarine into the water for consumption and cleansing your physical body.

The first method is making a gem elixir. You place an aquamarine crystal on top of a glass of water or on top of a coaster. Additionally, make sure to keep it undisturbed overnight.

Afterward, it's recommended to consume the water within a day or two to alleviate physical disorders of the lungs, heart, endocrine system, and liver.

Another simple yet powerful ritual of making gem elixir with water and aquamarine is using Tibetan bowls with water charging. You can place the aquamarine gem elixir in the Tibetan bowl and strike the rim of the bowl a few times to activate healing vibrations.

The second method to activate aqua healing powers is using a gem bath.

First off, the easiest way to do so is by placing the aquamarine crystal in your bathtub for a few seconds. Note that this is before adding bath salts, bubbles, or anything other than tap water so that you can infuse the healing energies quickly.

Once you're done, remove the stone and step into the bath to soak in for a few and flush out heart, throat, and third eye chakra toxins quickly.

#2 Feng Shui with aquamarine

Feng shui is the art of using the flow of energy for attracting good.

Feng shui crystals work by balancing the yin and yang energies. All you need to make it work is by placing the suitable crystals in the right direction.

To promote the crystal healing vibrations of aquamarine around your home or office with harmony, you can charge them and place them in the northern area of your bedroom or office. I believe it's a great way to attract luck, prosperity, abundance, success, and creativity.

By placing the stone in the most left corner of your office or house, you can attract wealth towards you. For expressing love, keep the crystal in the right corner.

#3 Aquamarine wand for charging grids

Crystal grids are orderly arrangements of crystals on top of a printed pattern that invokes divine symmetry. If you have loose aquamarine stones, setting up grids is a great idea too. They're great for making your wishes and desires resonate with the vibrations and frequencies of the universe.

But you can also do the same by getting an aquamarine wand instead of several loose stones. After setting up the grid with healing crystals you feel close to, you can tap on each crystal on the grid with an aqua wand to activate it.😊

#4 Affirmations that work best with aquamarine

You can also create your own set of mantras or chants to recite and invoke healing vibrations from the stone aquamarine directed into the heart of the universe. I typically write short sentences to transcribe my wishes to work as chants.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations for powering aqua crystal that might help you:

  • I am filled with cosmic consciousness.
  • I can see into my past and future.
  • I am an intuitive being.
  • I can express my deepest thoughts with clarity.
  • I am calm and tranquil.
  • I know my spiritual destiny.
  • I am surrounded by the love of the universe.

#5 Aura cleansing

Are you feeling blockages in your throat, third eye, or heart chakra? Aquamarine can help!

One of the quickest ways to brighten your aura is with an aquamarine wand. All you need to do is circle it clockwise over your throat chakra or the head to begin the cleansing process.

You can also keep it under your pillow for overnight cleansing of the higher chakras. I particularly love combining the above with other crystal therapies to amplify the manifestation wishes easily. What do you want to manifest?😍

#6 Meditating with aqua stones

Meditation is one of the earliest uses of aquamarine stone. It involves focusing on the visualization energy of the blue crystal to activate higher consciousness by opening the third eye energies.

You can do so by sitting in a comfortable pose like the Lotus Pose at dawn just before sunrise.

Next, hold the aqua stone in the middle of your palms. Close your eyes and focus on the aqua stone touching your third eye, throat, and heart to amplify the spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits.

I suggest you try it on a full moon night to soak in the healing energies of the moon and find your inner truths. When I'm in the mood, I also do moongazing to empower my visualizations.

#7 Wearing aquamarine jewelry for healing

The easiest way to absorb the healing vibrations of aquamarine is by wearing it.🤩 You can do several shapes and forms of aquamarine crystals for the same.

But, the most powerful crystal jewelry with aqua crystals is those worn around the neck.✅ That's because an aquamarine necklace and pendant keep your throat and heart energy centers attuned.

On the flip side, wearing an aquamarine earring will make you intuitive by charging your third eye chakra.

However, that doesn't mean other types of aquamarine jewelry aren't helpful. In fact, you can cleanse your aura, meditate, and amplify affirmations even while wearing an aquamarine bracelet or ring too.

Aquamarine Earrings and Necklace
"Aquamarine", Cropping (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Celladoor

Aquamarine combinations: Stones that go well with aquamarine

Pro Tip
Combining the powers of aquamarine healing crystal with healing stones that compliment it is a wise way to find out more about the cosmos and your own destiny that’s hidden in the Akashic records.

The best way to decide which crystal to combine safely with aqua crystal is by checking its metaphysical properties like ruling planet, element, chakras, color, and astrology.✍🏻

The rule of thumb is, any crystal with two or more matching properties to aqua is safe to combine with its vibrations!

Typically, people use aquamarine and ruby rings, or aquamarine and diamond engagement rings to bring blessings into their marital lives. You can also combine apatite and larimar crystals with aquamarine when working on your psychic abilities.

Other ideal combinations with aqua are garnet, jasper, and agate for physical health. It can also be safely mixed with the healing energies of moonstone and blue agate for intuition and communication skills.

Welcome aquamarine healing energies into your life

We learned all about the history of aquamarine to its metaphysical properties in detail today. This knowledge will heal your respiratory system, make you fearless, and even tone your psychic abilities as experts and psychics do.

The best thing about this water-element healing crystal is it works with the third eye, throat, and heart chakras. As a result, it can attract intuition, self-expression, and love into your life and not just a single chakra.

I recommend wearing aquamarine rings and necklaces as a great way to amplify its energy in your life. You can also add aqua colors to your clothes, accessories, and interior decor to enhance healing vibrations by feng shui.

But my favorite way to use aquamarine is by having a gem bath on moonlight nights. What's yours?🙌🏻

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