Blue Nile Discounts (Promo Codes and Extra Saving Tips Included)

Blue Nile Discounts (Promo Codes and Extra Saving Tips Included)

Blue Nile was established in 1999 with a mission to revolutionize the jewelry industry with a customer-centric business model that enables customers to shop for extraordinary high-quality diamonds at a great value. All of the over 150,000 loose diamonds sold on Blue Nile are ethically sourced, quadruple-checked by diamond experts, and graded by the top-class GIA (Gemological Institute of America). With the latest Blue Nile promo codes gathered for you, you would not miss any discounts offered by Blue Nile. We're here to help you shop for bigger and more sparkling diamond jewelry at fantastic prices!🔥

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Blue Nile sales: Cost-saving opportunities on quality products...

Blue Nile is one of the largest names in online jewelry sales, and it’s easy to see why! With their unbelievable stock of quality diamonds and settings, outstanding customer service, and generous return policy, Blue Nile is a leading retailer for buyers who wish to shop online. While Blue Nile offers jewelry at every price point, did you know they also provide discount codes and coupons for further savings?💰

So how can you save money on your next Blue Nile purchase? Let’s look at popular Blue Nile promo codes and discounts as well as how to track them for future use.

Latest Blue Nile Promo Codes

What types of discounts or sales does Blue Nile offer?

You can find great discounts throughout the year, and there are even some sales specifically for special groups. Here are just a few of the Blue Nile discount codes you can expect yearly:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • Military Personnel Discount
  • Other Sales

Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for something sparkly for your sweetheart, be sure to check out Blue Nile’s Valentine’s Day sale.❤️ In celebration of the national day of love, Blue Nile offers up to 40% off select fine jewelry and even some engagement rings.

You can follow Blue Nile’s Valentine’s Day sales by visiting this page.  Just remember, these promos cannot be combined with other deals.

Mother’s Day

Shopping for the first special lady in your life? 👩‍👧Blue Nile provides several Mother’s Day deals each year, which includes up to 50% off select items.

Similar to other promotions, these deals cannot be combined with other offers. To follow their website for updated information on Mother’s Day deals, be sure to bookmark this page.

Memorial Day

While not a traditional jewelry holiday, Blue Nile does offer discounts around the three-day weekend of Memorial Day. Right now, Blue Nile is showcasing 20% off deals as part of their Milestone Moments sale.

Black Friday

Black Friday is a celebration of shopping and sales, so of course, Blue Nile’s Black Friday deals are sensational! Shoppers can expect as much as 50% off select items, including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.🔥

Typically, the Black Friday sales do not include any “Build-Your-Own” options, so it’s limited to jewelry that’s ready to ship. These deals can be found by subscribing to Blue Nile’s email campaigns or searching this page.

Blue Nile Black Friday Jewelry Deals and Discounts

Cyber Monday

Much like other online retailers, Blue Nile takes advantage of Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. Sales can reach up to 50% off, and qualifying products include most of their inventory.

Similar to Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday discounts exclude custom items. Additionally, both sales do not allow you to stack promotions. You can follow this page on Blue Nile’s website for more information on Cyber Monday deals as it becomes available.


It's the season for giving, and Blue Nile provides shoppers quality deals during the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas sales are typically 50% off qualifying products and varying discounts on other jewelry as well.🎅🏻

You can follow Blue Nile on social media or via their email list for more information on Christmas discounts as the holidays approach. These sales also cannot be combined with other deals.

Other Sales

Outside of major holidays, there are plenty of websites that provide discount codes and promotions for shopping at Blue Nile. Some offer 10% or small amounts of savings over a certain dollar amount, but sometimes you can find deals of up to 40% off!

Follow sites such as Groupon, Coupon Follow, Slick Deals, and Daily Beast to see the latest Blue Nile coupon codes. Most of these websites also verify coupons, so you’ll know which ones actually work!

Blue Nile Summer Sale Promo Codes

Military Personnel Discount

Military members rejoice: there is a Blue Nile military discount for those who serve or have served. Military personnel receive $100 off diamonds valued at $1,000 or more, or they can purchase any other item for 10% off the price.

Blue Nile even provides military members and families a dedicated phone line for faster service. Additionally, Blue Nile can ship any order under $25,000 to an APO, DPO, or FPO address for FREE. Returns are still expected within 30 days, but there is a slightly longer grace period for APO/FPO addresses due to more complex shipping requirements.

As of 2021, Blue Nile does NOT offer student or senior discounts. However, given the exceptional sales they offer throughout the year, you can still save without these particular offers!

Other ways to get discounts at Blue Nile

If you’re looking for a deal without waiting around for the next major holiday, there are several ways to save at Blue Nile throughout the year. Try these three methods to save on your next purchase:

Register with Blue Nile

When you register to receive emails from Blue Nile, you immediately save money! Enter your email address here and earn a $50 reward simply for signing up.  

Join Blue Nile’s “Refer a Friend” program

That’s right, the Blue Nile Refer-A-Friend program gives you the opportunity to save up to $100 on a purchase. Simply visit this page and enter the email address of a friend who has never bought anything from Blue Nile. Once they make a purchase, you’ll receive an email from Blue Nile with savings instructions!

Just be aware that not all purchases qualify for $100 in savings, and it depends on how much you spend.

Apply for the Blue Nile credit card

If you’re looking for a new credit card with fun perks, you’re in luck! The Blue Nile credit card offers special members-only promotions and deals for you to take advantage of.

In addition to savings on purchases, this credit card has no annual fee and flexible financing options. Apply for your own Blue Nile credit card here, and be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up.

How can I track Blue Nile's sales events?

You can also track Blue Nile’s sales at your leisure by following these simple steps:

Check the website

A super simple way to keep track of sales at Blue Nile is by bookmarking their homepage. Typically, Blue Nile promotes their best deals on the landing page of their website. By bookmarking the page, you can return any time you like to see what the company is offering.

We recommend checking more frequently around the holidays, as this is the time of year where sales reach their peak. Start checking about 1 to 2 weeks before a major holiday!

View the sales page

You can always stop by Blue Nile’s sales page to see which products are currently discounted. Blue Nile has a consistent inventory of rings, earrings, necklaces, and more already priced to buy!

As a note, these sales only apply to items that are ready to ship. If you want to create a custom piece it will not count as a sale item.

Join our email list

If you want to know about great deals at Blue Nile but don’t want to do the legwork of checking their website every few days, just join our email list!😛 We can provide you information on any upcoming Blue Nile discounts in a timely fashion.

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How to save more money when shopping at Blue Nile

Blue Nile strives to be affordable and accessible even without coupons and discounts. Overall, the company offers a commitment to clients, with conflict-free diamonds, free secure shipping and returns, insurance with purchase, and complimentary cleaning and servicing for products every 6 months.👍🏻 As such, you know you’re getting a quality product with superior service.

If you’re looking to save more money while shopping for Blue Nile engagement rings or other diamond jewelry, consider these tips and tricks for shaving off a few dollars:

Remember the 4Cs

The 4Cs are the main tenets of diamonds, and the combination of these characteristics is what creates a shiny diamond.📝 You don’t need the “best” grade in each category, as you can mix and match different grades to find the right sparkle for you. Balance the 4Cs to find an eye-clean diamond within your budget.

Know the difference between color and clarity grades

Color and clarity grades balance each other when it comes to diamonds, so often we can save money by finding the lowest possible color to balance our chosen diamond’s clarity and vice versa. G color diamonds are affordable, and typically you can opt for VS2 clarity and still have an "eye-clean" diamond free from visible inclusions. 

Be sure to do your research and figure out which combination of color and clarity works best for you.

Think about lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are literally carbon copies of natural stones for a fraction of the price. These lab-created gems are both ethically and environmentally conscious, and they cost 30-50% less than natural diamonds! Save some serious cash by opting for a lab-grown diamond that will shine exactly the same as a natural one.

Follow our diamond buying guides

A diamond’s recommended specs can vary widely based on its carat size. Because different carat weights have varying table sizes, some diamonds can show imperfections more clearly. Read our guide on popular diamond sizes to learn how to buy more diamond for the right price:

Buy the right metal

While most people think platinum is the superior metal, it’s really not a requirement for all buyers. Platinum IS durable and bright, but white gold is also a strong alloy that requires less money upfront. Similarly, yellow and rose gold are glowing, durable metals that can withstand daily wear. By opting for less expensive settings, you get nearly the same durability for a fraction of the price.

Buying with Blue Nile

When it comes to discounts on fine jewelry and promo codes for engagement rings, saving a few dollars can be an incredible relief on a budget!😚 Whether you shop at Blue Nile or another respected online retailer, be sure to do your homework and seek out deals and coupons beforehand. That way, when you find the ring of your dreams, you can buy it without any hesitation!

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