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I'm a newbie; any advice on doing crystal healing when at work?

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Hi folks,

I'm a newbie to using crystals for energy healing; it is an indispensable part of my life. But the disappointing news is that I've gone to a new position that is rather busy.

I feel that I cannot arrange a sufficient time for this activity even after work. Just imagine that when I arrive home, it's already about 10:00 PM, and I also need to stay with my two little kids for a while.

So, do you folks have any advice on doing crystal healing when at work? I know wearing the right jewelry pieces is an alternative, but I wanted to get more advice, aiming to do my best! 🤪 ❤️ 

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Ceida Uilyc at JewelryTalk
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@lesaperkins First off, congratulations on your new position, and sorry for the late response Lesa (I had a house shifting due).

Getting right to the gist, you can charge a healing crystal with positive affirmations, intentions, or mantras and carry it on you if crystal jewelry doesn’t make you feel whole.

When I was new to crystals and office life, life got really hectic. To say the least, I didn’t have time to cleanse any of my crystals, let alone do a long-term meditation session.

So, you can try what I did. Every morning, I’d charge a crystal I want with me using positive affirmations or manifestations for the day. Then, I’d carry it in my right pocket or purse.

This has turned out to be my go-to option because I used to take it out of my pocket and have 10-second, 1-minute, or 3-minute meditation sessions, chants, and visualization while in the office, besides on breaks. spending real time with the crystal.

Would that work for you Lesa? I'm sending truckloads of positivity to your busier life. 

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