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Question Is a 0.7 carat diamond too small for an engagement ring?

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Hello, I am in search of a diamond engagement ring to propose to my girlfriend. I have heard that a 1 ct. diamond is ideal, but it's too expensive for me. I have found that diamonds within the range of 0.7-0.8 ct. might be more affordable. Nonetheless, I am still uncertain if a 0.7 ct. diamond would be considered too small. Could you please provide me with some advice on this matter?

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In the US, the average carat weight for diamond engagement rings is around 1 ct., while in many other countries, it's typically less than this figure.

When considering the perfect carat weight for your engagement ring, it's essential to take several factors into account including the wearer's personal preferences, taste, and finger style, among others.

It's worth repeating that carat weight and diamond size are not the same stuff, although they are related. Some poorly cut diamonds could appear smaller than expected due to part of the weight being unnecessarily "hidden" in the pavilion, not only resulting in diminished visual size but also leading to poor light performance.

There are a few ways to create the illusion of a larger stone at the same 0.7 ct. You can opt for a fancy shape like an oval, pear, marquise, etc. instead of the classic round. You can also go for lab-grown diamonds, in which case you can upgrade the diamond carat and get a bigger stone but with the same budget.

Hope this helps.🤗 

Steven Kwok at JewelryTalk
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You can refer to the chart attached. For round diamonds with similar cut, quality, the face-up size difference between adjacent typical marks is not very remarkable actually.

That being said, you should adequately balance your partner's taste, your budget and related elements before your decision.

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