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Why some crystals don't need cleansing? What are these crystals?

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If you’ve been using crystals for a long time, you already know some healing crystals can cleanse and others can’t. That’s because some crystals can absorb the negativity from their surroundings to cleanse it while other crystals dispel or repel the negativity to work on your manifestations. 

Crystals like clear quartz, selenite, and shungite are some of the self-cleansing crystals that you can even use to remove negative energies sediment on other crystals. Apart from cleansing themselves and other crystals, just placing them in your home, at the entrance, in your office cabin, or bedroom can eliminate negativity that’s stuck onto you from your long day. 

If you ask me, the easiest way to cleanse anything, whether it be crystal or anything else, is with a gentle tap or clockwise hovering with a clear quartz wand.

I have a 4-inch wand I often use for cleansing because it's so handy and palm-friendly. 

Attached is a snap of it. 😊

I got this off a spiritual shop in the North of India but I'm sure there's a lot of quartz to be found everywhere, offline and online!

You can also use self-cleansing crystals for high-vibration rituals and grids to keep external energies from affecting it too. I always activate my crystal grid with a clear quartz wand or place one in the middle. 

So overall, what I mean is, you NEVER need to cleanse some crystals. While quartz and selenite are the popular options, obsidian, kyanite, carnelian, and citrine are the lesser-known options that can cleanse their own and other negative energies around at times (meaning self-cleansing nature in these lesser-known crystals are a rarity and depend on their specific traits that we’ll discuss in the future).

Read more on ways to cleanse crystals in many other ways here.

I fell in love with selenite when I first trod the path of healing crystals but now it's all about quartz. I love double-terminated quartz wands.

What's your favorite self-cleansing crystal?

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