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Does charging with moonlight work on every healing crystal?

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Yes, you can cleanse and charge every crystal with moonlight. Unlike crystals that crack, melt, or break under sunlight, all types of healing crystals are safe with moonlight.

But before you learn the quick way to charge crystals with moonlight, let's find out what’s so special about moonlight that it can charge the energy within a crystal.

First off, not all days of the moon affect our world in terms of tides, etcetera in the same way. The full moon is considered the most powerful time while the new moon is a dark and challenging time. 

The waxing crescent is the ideal time for taking decisions you believe in and the waning crescent is a difficult time. The dark moon is a time without moonlight and it’s better to keep your crystals inside unless they’re black in color during this time. 

In short, the full moon is the best time to charge your crystals with maximum energy. That being said, you can put your crystals out in the night at any phase other than the dark moon for charging and cleansing. 

The best part is you don’t have to do any extensive ritual to charge crystals with moonlight. All that’s necessary is you build a bond with the healing crystal under the moonlight and manifest your desires while doing so. 

You can chant, meditate, create a grid, and do a lot more to charge a crystal with the moon energies. This is a detailed article on different ways to charge crystals that you can try under the sacred light of the moon.

If you’re still wandering about cleansing or charging with moonlight, this video from Hibiscus Moon will lead you to light. 

Cleansing a crystal is a very intimate process that often cleanses the negative energies sediment in your chakra system too.

Moonlight makes you let loose your own inhibitions and find the light.

Let it heal you and yours~

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