Top 10 Purple Gemstones: Features, Meanings & Outfit Tips

On its own, gemstones are minerals or rocks. But everyone recognizes gemstones after they’re faceted and polished, when they’re worn as jewelry. Gemstones have an amazing history and have intrigued us since the dawn of time.⏳

There are a variety of gemstones in all different colors, including the color purple.

Purple is the perfect gemstone color because it symbolizes luxury and creativity. It’s also a beautiful color and many people wear purple gemstones for aesthetic reasons. Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone, but there are even more purple gemstones out there.

Are you interested in learning more about purple gemstones? Continue reading and see why purple gems are so amazing.

Pear-Shaped Purple Gemstones on a Purple Cloth

Why people love purple gemstones

Purple is a combination of the colors blue and red. These two unique colors give purple a distinguished identity; like blue, purple is a relaxing color but it still holds the intensity of red.

Purple often symbolizes:

  • Power
  • Luxury
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Magic

This symbolism also depends on the shade of purple. There are many forms of the color purple, such as:

  • Light purple
  • Violet
  • Mauve
  • Plum
  • Lavender
  • Bright/neon purple
  • Lilac
  • Magenta
  • Orchid
  • Dark purple

Lighter shades of purple, such as lilac and lavender, are more feminine. Brighter purple shades, such as orchid or even magenta, correspond with wealth. While many say darker shades of purple, such as eggplant, convey sadness, dark purple also represents spirituality.

Purple is a powerful color, which means purple gemstones can impact your life.🚴🏻‍♀️

Many people wear purple gemstones for spiritual reasons; for example, purple represents the Crown Chakra. This is why many say purple gemstones improve concentration, strengthen the brain, and promote mindfulness.

Purple gemstones are also ideal for those who suffer from anxiety; purple is a calming color and wearing purple gemstones can aid in stress management.

Top 10 purple gemstones to represent your purple passion🔮

Purple gemstones are not only lovely but they’re powerful and unique. If you want to implement more purple gemstones in your jewelry wardrobe, read our recommended purple gemstones list.


Amethyst is the most recognizable purple gemstone for a reason. Very few gemstones are naturally purple. Not only that, but amethyst is easy to find and this stone is affordable. Amethyst also has good hardness so your amethyst gems and jewelry will last for years.

Amethyst is recognized all over the world. In Greek mythology, amethyst is the symbol of the god Frey, who represents kingship.

Amethyst also has an extensive history; the ancient Romans used amethyst in their rituals to cleanse their sins and pray for the undead. They would perform these rituals in February, which is why amethyst is February's birthstone.

Today, amethyst is a popular meditating stone because of its powerful spiritual properties. It’s said to bring safety, tranquility, wisdom, and inspiration—whether you’re meditating with amethyst or wearing it.

Teardrop Shape Amethyst Purple Gemstone on a Rock
James Allen Amethyst and Diamond Ring: 14K Gold
See the amethyst ring HERE

You can find amethyst in all shades of purple, but deep and vivid purple is the standard. While deep purple amethyst is the most desired, you can find light purple amethyst and even amethyst that looks pinker.

Purple Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones and are synonymous with luxury. While diamonds are typically clear, colored diamonds can form naturally.

Purple diamonds are made when there’s more hydrogen in the diamond’s formation. The hydrogen also hardens the stone, making purple diamonds more durable than traditional diamonds.

The more vivid the purple diamond, the rarer and more expensive it is. Purple diamonds have a higher carat value than clear diamonds. This makes purple diamonds extremely expensive.

The shade of purple in the diamond also impacts its quality—deep purple diamonds are higher quality than a light orchid diamond.

Purple diamonds can also be treated and colored synthetically. This produces an attractive gemstone at a lower cost.💵

Brilliant Earth 0.3 Carat Pink-Purple Diamond
Find the purple diamond HERE

A color-treated diamond is still very unique. Take this pink-purple diamond from Brilliant Earth as an example. It’s a high-quality diamond and the slight pink-purple hue makes the diamond stand out.

Purple Spinel

Purple spinel is one of the rarest gemstones, even though it’s affordable. It’s a brilliant gemstone available in all shades of purple, though lilac and mauve shades are the most popular.

Spinel is available in many colors, but the purple spinel is one of the most popular variations. Take a look at this purple spinel gemstone from JTV. The stone is a unique lilac shade and the faceted cut shows off different colors.

Spinel is rarely treated, meaning the purple hue is completely natural. Beryllium forms the purple color; because of this, the color cannot be synthesized. Purple spinel is very durable, ideal for daily wear.

2.9ct Royal Purple Spinel 14K Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
Purple Gemstone Jewelry: Purple Spinel 14K Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

See the purple spinel HERE

Purple Chalcedony

Purple chalcedony is one of the most unique gemstones. You can find this gem in different shades of purple. In addition, the gemstone can also look both translucent or opaque. This stone is very affordable and is also durable, perfect for daily wear.

You can find purple chalcedony in different jewelry styles and is also popular for engravings. It’s also one of the most versatile gems; it’s not only used in fine jewelry but is also ideal for ethnic and bohemian jewelry.

Purple chalcedony also has spiritual properties. Wearing this stone daily keeps the wearer safe from negative energy.

Purple Chalcedony Plain Heart Bead Bracelet
Click here to see this item.

Chalcedony is a symbol of the moon and also has a close connection with water. Wearing purple chalcedony when close to the water will provide protection against water-related accidents.

Purple Jade

Jade are typically green gemstones, but you can also find purple jade. Both nephrite and jadeite can be purple—these two forms of jade vary in quality and price. Purple jade is often cut into cabochons and features smooth cuts.

Gold Vermeil Purple Jade Pendant Necklace by Marty White, Etsy
See this purple jade pendant necklace.


Even though iolite is abundant and affordable, it has the appearance of a fine gemstone. Iolite is a brilliant stone that sparkles when cut and shaped. This is why iolite is ideal for those who want an exquisite purple gem but are working with a limited budget.

Iolite is available in both blue and purple shades, though its violet purple color is the most popular. The name “iolite” is taken from “ios,” the Greek word for “violet.”

This is also one of the strongest gemstones (7 to 7.5 Mohs) you can find—it’s even powerful against chipping and cracking. You can find iolite in just about all types of jewelry.

Purple Iolite Teardrop Pendant Necklace With Yellow Gold Chain
Find this purple pendant necklace here

Purple Fluorite

Fluorite comes in many colors, but its brilliant purple is by far the most recognizable shade. It’s also unique because it has good transparency.

Fluorite is a popular gemstone but is not often used in jewelry. That’s because fluorite is very weak. If you want to wear fluorite, it’s recommended you wear it as earrings😊 or any other low-impact option.

Purple Fluorite With Reflection on Black Surface Background

Purple Sapphire

Sapphire is a fine gem that’s one of the most popular blue gemstones. But you can find sapphire in a variety of different colors, including purple.

Purple sapphire is one of the rarest purple gemstones, making it even more luxurious than blue sapphire.🤩 Since the purple hue is naturally brilliant, these stones usually don’t undergo any treatment.

The color can also change when the sapphire is exposed to heat and radiance. If you overheat light purple sapphire, the color fades. But if you overheat a dark purple sapphire, the stone turns to a rose color.

On the contrary, exposing a light purple sapphire to radiation will darken the purple hue.

Purple sapphire forms when more chromium is present during the gem’s formation. Purple sapphire’s beauty and strength make this stone perfect for colored engagement rings.

Purple Gemstone Used in Jewelry: Oval Lavender Purple Sapphire Ring
See this beautiful purple sapphire ring HERE

Purple sapphire also ranges from a rich purple hue to bright pink gemstones. You can see the different color options in this collection that James Allen offers.

Purple Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the most common gemstones and comes in a variety of different colors, including purple. Purple tourmaline varies in purple shades, from bright magenta all the way to dark purple gemstones.

Tourmaline usually goes under extreme treatment and is heavily faceted to enhance its brilliance, which makes tourmaline an exquisite yet popular gemstone.

Another reason why tourmaline goes through heat treatment is to strengthen the stone. Compared to other purple gemstones, tourmaline is relatively weak. The heat treatment will harden the stone’s structure so you can wear it every day.

✍🏻To determine its quality, it’s still recommended you ask your jeweler what treatment the tourmaline has been through.

If you prefer to not wear tourmaline, you can always meditate with it. Purple tourmaline has many spiritual qualities. It can inspire creativity and inspiration, making it a popular stone for artists.

Purple Tourmaline Raw Stone Necklace by Rachel Anna, Etsy
Purple tourmaline raw stone necklace by Rachel Anna / Etsy

Purple Kunzite

Kunzite is one of the most exquisite gemstones but doesn’t receive a lot of attention.

You’ll mainly find kunzite in both purple and pink shades. Kunzite is famous because it exhibits pleochroism (meaning one stone has two different colors). Kunzite is also unique because it emits a diamond-like phosphorescence.

Compared to other gemstones, kunzite is relatively new. It was only discovered in 1902 by Tiffany & Co. gemologist George Frederick Kunz.🕵🏻 The stone was named after him.

Purple Kunzite Mineral Sample on a White Background

Purple kunzite is typically very light, though there are bright and vivid purple kunzite shades available. The best kunzite has good transparency, no inclusions, and no treatments should be done.

Kunzite isn’t the most durable stone but is still a popular jewelry pendant, specifically for costume jewelry.

Lesser-known purple gemstones

While the previous 10 purple gemstones are some of the most cherished gemstones, there are many unique purple gemstones you may not know about. Consider buying these purple gems!

Purple Jasper

Jasper is one of the most popular red gemstones, but purple jasper is also available.

Jasper is one of the most unique-looking stones out there; each jasper stone has a natural pattern and no two jasper stones are alike. In addition, purple jasper is slightly more opaque than its counterparts.

Purple Jasper Drop Dangle Chandelier Earrings by ICE CARATS
Find this item HERE

Jasper is also rarely faceted so you’re wearing the stone in its natural form.

Jasper is very durable. If maintained well, purple jasper can last for a very long time. Its individualistic look is perfect for costume jewelry and other statement pieces.


Sugilite is one of the rarest gemstones. This stone is renowned for its unique mix of colors, ranging from a light pink-purple to deep blue-purple. The highest quality sugilite is a very vivid shade of purple and is even-toned.

Sugilite is also not commonly worn as jewelry because it’s a weak stone. If you find sugilite jewelry, only wear it during special occasions.

Like jasper, sugilite has interesting patterns so no two stones look alike. Sugilite can be found in its natural form and faceted for style. It’s rarely enhanced, so you’re receiving your sugilite in its natural form.


Charoite is another rare gemstone that’s only found in Siberia. This gemstone is also soft, so it’s not ideal for everyday wear. Charoite varies in color, like light purple gemstones to dark purple.

How to choose purple gemstones in jewelry

Now that you know the best purple gemstones, you’ll need to know how to choose the best jewelry featuring purple gemstones. Here’s some buying advice.

Basic quality indicators

Like diamonds, there are many quality indicators that determine a purple gemstone’s value. This includes:

  • Shape
  • Hardness
  • Carat size

Carat size is the most popular indicator of quality. Carat is a unit of weight specifically given to gemstones. While bigger carats don’t determine quality on its own, it’s important to know the carat size as well as identifying any flaws or inclusions.

As stated previously, every purple gemstone has a different hardness scale. Softer stones, such as charoite, are more prone to breakage and should only be worn sparingly. A strong stone such as iolite is ideal for daily wear.

While many buyers may not consider the gemstone shape as a quality indicator, the way the stone is cut can determine its brilliance. The light hits the stone in different ways, depending on the shape.

Different Cuts and Shapes of Purple Gemstones

Some shapes are also more common than others. You’ll likely find more oval cuts than other shapes, whether they’re cabochon or faceted. That’s because the oval shape evenly distributes the karat weight while still retaining the gem’s brilliance and aesthetics.

In addition, gemstone shape is also a matter of preference. For example, pear-shaped gemstones aren’t better quality than other gemstone shapes but they look larger and more extravagant than other shapes.


You can find purple gemstones in a variety of different shades of purple. But the hue determines quality in some gemstones. For example, deep purple amethyst is the most popular variety. Other gemstones are renowned for their pleochroic properties, such as iolite.

Patterns and texture

While many purple gemstones are faceted, shaped, and treated, many gemstones are left in their natural form. This is to show the unique patterns and textures the stone naturally holds.

Take jasper, as an example. Purple jasper has a distinguished vein design that looks lovely in jewelry.

Textures of Purple Gemstones: Dark Purple Jasper Isolated on White Background

Texture is also another important factor to consider. Some stones, such as purple jade, are polished so the stone is smooth. Texture also defines purple jade’s quality, specifically when buying a purple jadeite variety.

The jewelry material

The gemstone isn’t the only important factor when choosing purple gemstone jewelry. The metal or material will also impact the jewelry piece’s quality and how the gemstone looks.

You’ll find purple gemstones matched with white or silver metals. That’s because lighter-colored metals make the purple hues more brilliant.🌟 Common metal examples include:

It’s also important to ask your jeweler about the grade of metal. For example, you want to choose 925 sterling silver metals to ensure the piece is strong.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the purple shade and how it corresponds with the metal color. While silver and white metals are the safest choice, yellow gold looks stunning with lighter purple gemstones.

Tips to choose an outfit with purple gemstone jewelry

You can find purple gemstones in all types of jewelry, such as necklaces and rings. If you plan on wearing purple gemstones, you’ll want to wear the right outfit to match with the gems. Here’s some style advice.

Types of purple gemstone jewelry

Purple gemstone jewelry is available in many different types, including:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • And more!

👉🏻The outfit you wear with your purple gemstone jewelry depends on the type of jewelry you’re wearing.

Take necklaces as an example. Different necklaces lengths and pendant types match with certain necklines better.

Shorter choker-style necklaces look better with high-neckline blouses and dresses while long necklaces with long pendants look better with v-neck necklines. You can also customize your necklace, such as adding a purple birthstone to your name necklace.

Some jewelry types are also meant for certain occasions versus daily wear. While you can wear small amethyst stud earrings every day, you’ll want to save exquisite amethyst and diamond dangle earrings for fine occasions.

Outfit color

There are many considerations when matching purple, and this causes us to turn to the color wheel.🎨

There are two different types of color that match with purple:

  • Monochromatic
  • Contrasting color

Monochromatic colors are closer to purple on the color wheel. These colors are blue and pink.

Contrasting colors are opposite on the color wheel. These colors are orange, yellow, and green. They give an interesting effect when paired with purple and don’t take away from the gemstone’s brilliance.

You can also choose neutral shades of clothing. These colors include silver, gray, black, beige, and white. They match with purple while not taking away from the gemstone’s extravagance.

Woman in Natural-Color Gown Matching Purple Gemstones

How do you wear these colors with your purple gemstone? You’ll want to pay close attention when choosing a gown for an exquisite event. The color of your gown will impact the way the gemstone looks.

The way you wear the gemstone also matters. While choosing an outfit color may not matter as much when wearing a small amethyst ring, you may want to choose a neutral-colored outfit when wearing a large purple jasper statement necklace.


There are many different purple gemstone styles and your outfit of choice should match the style and occasion. For example, purple diamonds and purple sapphire are extremely rare. 💃🏻That’s why you should save these gems for your best outfit and for the most luxurious occasion.

On the other hand, purple tourmaline is a more common stone. It’s also extremely durable and perfect for all types of jewelry. Purple tourmaline is also affordable, perfect for special occasions and daily wear.


More valuable stones, such as sugilite, should only be worn for special occasions. If you want to wear your purple gemstone everyday, opt for common and affordable gems such as purple chalcedony.

Outfit ideas

Still not sure what outfit to wear with your purple gemstone jewelry? Here are a few recommendations with jewelry ideas.

  • White or beige blouse with small amethyst pendant necklace
  • Black gown with purple diamond stud earrings
  • Navy blue gown with a purple spinel stud bracelet
  • Silver blouse with a purple chalcedony statement ring
Lady Wearing Yellow Top to Match With Casual Purple Gemstones

You have more room for creativity when wearing casual purple gemstones. If you’re wearing a simple purple jade nephrite, match it with an intense green outfit. You can do the same with purple jasper; match a purple jasper statement necklace with a yellow or gold blouse.

You should also consider stones that are available in different shades of purple, such as iolite. If you find an iolite stone in a blue/purple color or a magenta tourmaline stone, match it with a brilliant purple outfit for a unique monochromatic look.

Buy purple gemstones today

There are many colored gemstones and purple gemstones are some of the most popular. The color purple is unique because it represents power while also conveying relaxation.

From amethyst to purple jasper, there are many lovely purple gemstones available. 👏🏻You should also know how to buy a gemstone and know how to match your purple gem with your outfit for the best measures.

There are many purple birthstones out there. Do you know your birthstone? Read about all of the different birthstones and the best way to style them.

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