Top 10 Lovely Pink Gemstones (With Bonus Styling Tips!)

Pink gemstones: pretty, playful, and popular...

When buying new jewelry, some shoppers prefer a gemstone that suits their personality. The best way to channel your own energy and identity through jewelry is by color, and gemstones come in all colors of the rainbow. Pink gemstones are a great vehicle for showing a little bit of your fun and flirty demeanor. With their bright color and playful shine, pink-colored gemstones appeal to the imaginative side of wearers, creating endless styling possibilities.😘

But how do you know if pink gemstones are right for you? Here are 10 lovely pink gemstones we think you will adore, plus suggestions on how to style them for every occasion.

Pink Gemstones: Pink Diamond Heart-Shaped Earrings

Why do so many people love pink gemstones?

The popularity of “pink”

It’s easy to see why pink gemstones are so popular!

Pink is the color of femininity, innocence, and sweetness. It reminds people of their childhood, or it can symbolize romance and charming fairytales.

A pink gemstone’s meaning can even be found in nature, as the name “pink” derives from a flower: dianthus plumarius or “common pink”. Similarly, pink is the color of cherry blossoms, cute animal noses, and so many more pleasant images.🌸

Pink gemstones can also look luxurious. Some, such as pink diamonds, are rare and expensive, and they can make any outfit look pricey. In fact, one pink diamond is famous for its high price tag: Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring!

The power of pink gemstones

Finally, some pink gemstones even have a place in astrology and are said to have healing benefits. For instance, pink sapphires are said to help depression and anxiety, heal digestive and heart issues, and bring about financial prosperity. Additionally, rose quartz is thought to soothe burns and blisters, alleviate chest and lung problems, and increase fertility.

Individuals may have many other reasons they choose to wear pink gemstones, but their appeal is the same nonetheless. If you’re considering buying a pink gemstone, do some research to ensure the stone you pick conveys the right message for you.

📝Top 10 pink gemstones for every style

So which gemstones are pink? Here is a list of pink gemstones you might want to consider when shopping:

Pink Diamond

Mohs Scale: 10

A rare gemstone, pink diamonds are classified as “fancy diamonds”, which includes all colored diamonds. Pink diamonds are luxurious gemstones that symbolize eternal love, romance, and decadence.

Unlike white diamonds, a pink diamond’s color is rated on a scale from “Faint” to “Fancy Deep”. Scientists still disagree regarding what causes the deformity that gives these stones their pink hue, but it is believed to be an excess of pressure over time. However, because they get their color from a deformity in the stone’s lattice structure, pink diamonds are more likely to be low quality.

This is why high-quality pink diamonds are often more expensive than their white counterparts. Speaking of pricey, one notable pink diamond—the Graff Pink—sold at auction for $46 million!💵

Halo Style Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

No other gemstone is as hard as a diamond, so these pink stones are prized for their durability and beauty.

Pink diamonds are perfect for engagement rings for traditional brides who want a bit of flair. If you can afford it, a pink diamond is sure to dazzle your bride to be.

Pink Sapphire

Mohs Scale: 9

Pink sapphires are just as durable, regal, and rich in color as blue sapphires.

These gemstones are members of the corundum family. Their color comes from chromium, which is the same trace element found in rubies. Actually, the main difference between both red and pink gemstones is their chromium content!

Sapphires range from light to dark pink, and they can be orange-pink, hot pink, and even purplish mauve.

Natural Pink Sapphire Band

Until the 1990’s when miners discovered a deposit of pink sapphires in Madagascar, the gemstones were considered exceptionally rare. However, today they are more widely available and make a great substitute for anyone not wanting to pay for a pink diamond.

Pink sapphires are a perfect for an engagement ring, as they call to mind love, femininity, and old Hollywood glam. Grace Kelly, the American Actress who became the Princess of Monaco, adored pink sapphires over other stones!


Mohs Scale: 7.5 - 8

As feminine and decadent as it is durable, morganite has reached new heights in popularity over the last decade. Discovered in 1920 in Madagascar, morganite was named after J.P. Morgan, who was a friend and donor to the American Museum of Natural History.

This stone is part of the beryl family, which includes emeralds and aquamarines.

Morganite’s color ranges from pale peach to dark rose. These colors are the result of manganese and cesium within the beryl’s structure.

Drop-Style Yellow Gold Morganite Pendant Necklace

Unlike many gemstones, morganite specimens can actually be rather large. In Brazil, stones as large as 10 kilograms have been mined from the earth! This means morganite can be cut and polished in much larger sizes than other gemstones.

Morganite has become a popular choice for engagement rings in recent years. This stone is affordable and looks amazing in a rose gold setting, which is another popular trend from recent years.

Rose Quartz

Mohs Scale: 7

If you’re looking for a unique stone, consider rose quartz for your jewelry. As suggested by its name, rose quartz is part of the quartz family and was named for it’s bright, rosy hue.

Rose quartz is the perfect stone for anyone obsessed with “Millennial Pink”. It’s a lovely shade of pastel pink, and it ranges from this light color to a deeper shade with purple tones. Rose quartz has a milky haze in its color caused by foreign mineral deposits within the stone.

Rose Pink Quartz Silver and Yellow Gold Isolated Ring

Unlike most gemstones, the deepest color often appears in larger rose quartz specimens. Finding a smaller stone that is high quality can be a rarity.

Some rare forms of rose quartz display “asterism”, which is when the stone’s inclusions line up perfectly to create a six-pointed star.💫


Mohs Scale: 6.5 - 7

Kunzite is part of the spodumene family, and its color ranges from light pink to violet purple. Named after gemologist George Frederick Kunz, this pink semi-precious gemstone is a sturdy gem that appeals to the imagination.

Kunzite is known to display “pleochroism”, which means the stone shines two different colors when viewed from varying angles.

Faceted Pink Gem: Pink Kunzite

In jewelry, many see kunzite as an alternative to amethyst, though it has a pinker hue than the famously purple stone.

If you choose kunzite for your jewelry piece, just be careful when exposing it to direct sunlight. ⚠️Over time, its color can fade!

Pink Tourmaline

Mohs Scale: 7 - 7.5

Tourmaline comes in many colors, but pink is one of its most popular shades. These gemstones can range from bubblegum and hot pink to a deep pink-purple, meaning there is a shade for everyone.

Unlike some pink gemstones, tourmaline is also very affordable and widely available in stores.

Looking for an extra unique pink look? Tourmaline can actually be found with multiple color combinations,🌈 such as pink and green, within the same stone. These stones are known as “watermelon tourmaline”, and they provide a luxe look for the fashion-forward buyer.

Pink Tourmaline With Other Colored Tourmalines

Pink Spinel

Mohs Scale: 8

A rare colored gemstone, spinel is prized by gemologists around the world. Spinel comes in many colors, but it’s pink tones range from hot pink to mauve to a reddish-pink.

This durable, refractive gemstone is made of magnesium aluminum oxide and is perfect for daily wear jewelry as long as you keep it away from heat. Heat can fade the stone’s color over time.

Pink Spinel Ring With Pave Diamonds by Artemer
Pink spinel ring with pave diamonds | Photo: Artemer

For decades, pink spinel were actually mistaken for rubies and pink sapphires, as their colors are so alike!

Pink spinel is another gemstone known to develop asterism when inclusions align perfectly into a star pattern.

Pink Pearl

Mohs Scale: 2.5

Pearls have a long history as a gem of refinement and class, and most pearls are now cultured on farms rather than harvested naturally.

When an irritant—such as a bead—is added to a mollusk shell, the mollusk will cover the irritant in nacre, which creates a beautiful pearl.

[Pink Gems] Pink Pearl Necklace on a Silk

Pearls are typically white or cream with colored overtones, which can be pink, green, blue, black, silver, and more. Pink pearls are either silvery or peachy pink, and they add a further layer of femininity to a classic look.

Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and are rather soft, so make sure you take extra care of this delicate piece of jewelry.

Pink Opal

Mohs Scale: 6 - 7

Delicate and rare, pink opals are a mystical, ancient stone. They’re stronger than other opals, which makes them much more suited for daily wear.

Although the baby pink opal is the most common hue, they can also be found in darker, almost purplish tones. These darker stones are even rarer and more prized!

Unlike other opals, pink opals do not display a rainbow of colors. Rather, these gemstones have a pure color unless they are lab-created.

Oval Pink Opal Ring in Silver

While opals are found around the world, pink opals are mined in only one region: the Andes in Peru.

Opals are perfect for a dreamy, fairytale aesthetic, and they look as wonderful polished and they do naturally.

Pink Topaz

Mohs Scale: 8

Another rare gemstone, pink topaz is strong and vibrant. It’s bright pink hue is eyecatching and perfect for those who prefer a bold style.

This color of topaz comes from a specific group known as “Imperial Topaz”, and most pink topaz on the market are heat or color treated due to their rarity.

Reddish-Pink Topaz Bracelet and Silver Topaz Ring

Over time, many gems have been labeled as topaz that actually were different stones altogether. For instance, peridot and smoky quartz were both thought to be topaz before they were tested and proven to be separate gemstones.🔍

🧐What goes with pink? Elevate your pink gemstone

Now that you’ve read more about types of pink gemstones, which piece is right for you? The metals and gemstones that surround your pink gem should elevate the stone’s delicate or vibrant hue. Here are some styling suggestions to consider when choosing the setting or additional details of your pink gemstone piece:


  • Set your pink stone in rose gold to best compliment its rosy hue. Or, you can mix metals to highlight the multiple pink tones in your gemstone.
  • For dark pink gemstones, try yellow gold as a setting. The sunny toned gold makes darker pink stones appear regal and mystical.
  • White gold, silver, and platinum create a refined look when paired with pink gemstones. A pink diamond in platinum makes quite the statement, and such a piece would be perfect for a cocktail party or formal event.


  • Mix light pink and white stones together, as the bright tones pop when paired in jewelry.
  • If you prefer a bold look, try mixing brightly colored gems with hot pink gemstones. Pink and purple gemstones are exceptionally striking when paired!
  • Pale pink stones are perfect for statement pieces, like these pink statement earrings. Their light, airy tones compliment your skin tone without detracting from your overall look.
  • Stack pink gemstone rings or bracelets with different tones of pink to create a multidimensional, luxe look.
  • Choose a halo setting to emphasize the brilliant color of your pink gemstone. Or, select a double halo with an additional layer of pink gemstones to amplify the delicate beauty of your pink gemstone.
Pink Gemstone Pairing: Purple and Pink Gems Earrings in a Jewelry Box

Styling pink gemstones for all seasons, occasions, and settings

Pink gemstones can be dressed up or down for any occasion, season, or outfit. Look at our tips below for suggestions of how to style your pink jewelry:

  • Go for a simpler look with a single stone or pearl on a necklace
  • Add layers to change up your pink look daily.
  • Not sold on the typical “pink” of most stones? Try a morganite piece, as it has a peachier hue that provides a classic, antique look that’s perfect for Fall.
  • Create a formal, “expensive” look with a large pink stone surrounded by smaller stones. Even if they’re not real diamonds, sapphires, etc., they still look runway ready!
  • Add light pink gemstones to your spring or summer look for a cool yet casual vibe.
  • Go for an airy fall look by combining pink gemstones with patterned shirts made of light material, such as lace or linen.
  • Need a fierce, professional/formal look? Add some pink gemstones to your outfit to turn heads.
  • Add a pop of pink to your outfit with small pink gemstone earrings for a perfect office look.
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Quick guide: Where to buy your pink gemstone jewelry

So where can I find pink gemstone jewelry to suit an occasion or my personal style? Here are a few categorized suggestions on where to shop:

Casual or affordable (or both!)

If you’re looking for a more affordable piece, you really can’t go wrong wherever you shop. However, here are a few recommended locations with a wide selection of pink gemstones:


Sometimes, commercial jewelers just don’t provide the right level of personalization or sentimentality. If you’d like a more customizable piece, consider the retailers below:

Please Note
Retailers in this category may offer pieces that are NOT natural gemstones, but that does not mean they aren’t equally beautiful! Other options may include pink crystal or synthetic stone.


For formal or high-end pink gemstone jewelry, there are plenty of big-name companies that have been crafting beautiful, quality pieces for generations. If you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary, wedding day, or other special occasions, you can always up your gift’s “wow” factor😲 by shopping at any of the below luxury retailers:

Loose stones

If you’d rather find your own setting for a loose stone, consider any of the loose gemstone dealers below.

  • JTV
  • Blue Nile
    • Blue Nile also offers premade pieces.
  • Brilliant Earth
    • Brilliant Earth also ensures your pink gemstones are ethically sourced. That means less environmental impact and unethical treatment of workers with your purchase!
Pink Ruby Engagement Ring on a Pink Rose

The enduring appeal of “pink power”

Pink gemstones are mystical, endearing, and fashionable, and they’re more versatile than you’d think. It doesn’t take a cute, feminine sense of style to pull off these stones. Instead, pink gemstones are the perfect accessory for work attire, formal events, and even engagement rings.😎 The setting and style of jewelry determine how fierce or fun your pink gemstone will appear.

Whether you feel pink gemstones fit your personal style, you may know or meet someone who adores pink stones. Who knows, you may need to buy one as a gift for a friend or loved one! As such, this guide is a perfect place to return if you ever need more information on popular pink gemstones and how to style them. 

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