Lovely Name Necklaces for Moms: 8 Top Picks + Useful Tips

Your mom is everything to you.👩🏻 She raised you and made you the person you are today. She sacrificed a lot to give you the best life and to make you happy.❤️

Do you thank your mom at every chance you get? Your mom will appreciate any gift you give, especially a name necklace.

A name necklace is a cherished gift because you can personalize the necklace for your mom. Not only that, but there are a variety of name necklace styles and varieties that are perfect for your mom.

Are you interested in name necklaces for moms? In this post, we will cover:

  • The meaning of name necklaces for moms
  • Our name necklace recommendations
  • Tips when choosing a name necklace for your mom
  • And more!

Continue reading and know all about name necklaces for moms.

Sweet Time Between Moms and Sons: Let's Choose Name Necklaces for Moms

The special meaning of name necklaces for moms

Name necklaces hold a special meaning for all wearers, but especially for moms. Her unique maternal instinct causes her to put others before herself, including other’s names.

This is why name necklaces for moms are more special than the average name necklace—even celebrity moms are loving the mom name necklace trend.

A mom usually cherishes more than one name: her children’s names, grandchildren’s names, their husband’s name, and may even want other loved ones' names on their name necklace.

This is why the name necklaces offer multiple different names. There is also a variety of style and personalization options—moms can choose between different styles, designs and more.

Who should read this guide?

This guide is ideal for two types of people:

  • Moms who want a name necklace or any jewelry item that represents their family members
  • Children who want to buy a mother’s necklace with names and birthstones for a special occasion (Mother’s Day, birthday, etc.)

Whether you want to splurge on yourself (you deserve it!) or you’re looking for a great gift for mom, you have many name necklace options.

Lovely name necklaces for moms: Our top 8 picks

There are many name necklaces that are designed specifically for moms. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are our top 8 favorites.

Classic Multiple Name Necklaces

Classic Multiple Name Necklaces: Available in Yellow and Rose Gold
My Name Necklace

This necklace is the best option for all wearers. You can have many carved names on the same chain or you can design a special pendant with multiple names.

While all jewelers are different, some allow up to five names on the necklace. You usually have different metal choices, such as yellow gold and sterling silver.

Heart-Shaped Family Name Necklaces

Heart-Shaped Family Name Necklace:

Want the whole family on your name necklace? You’ll love this option! There are heart-shaped pendants that are stylized to fit as many as eight names. This necklace type offers other customization options, such as the addition of birthstones.

Family Tree Necklaces for Moms

Circle Family Tree Necklace for Mom: Silver Colored With Birthstones
My Name Necklace

Similar to the last necklace, you can fashion a family pendant in the shape of a tree instead of a heart. These pendants can feature multiple names as well as birthstones.

Trees not only symbolize the family but is also a symbol of life. This makes it the most meaningful gift.

Engraved Name Necklaces With Custom Charms

This is a perfect choice if you have young children or grandchildren! You can find fun child-friendly charms in a variety of shapes.😛 The jeweler can engrave names directly on the charms, symbolizing the wonderful children in your life.

The best baby name necklace for moms example is a necklace with baby feet charms.👣 You can engrave the newborn’s name into the charms.

Mother's Name Necklace With Engraved Baby Feet Charms

For older children, you can choose charms that look like children. You may also be able to personalize the necklaces even more, such as adding gemstones or birthstones.

Engraved Name Necklace With Children Charms (up to 5 Charms)

Heart and Cross Name Necklaces

Heart and Cross Necklace Engraved With Mulitple Names: Great Gift for Mom
Kay Jewelers

If religion and spirituality are a big part of your life, your mom will cherish a cross name necklace. You can personalize a cross mother’s necklace with children’s names and even with birthstones.

You can find cross pendants in a variety of different styles. For example, there are cross pendants that also feature a lovely heart.

Infinity Name Necklaces With Multiple Names

Mother's Name Necklace: Infinity Symbol With Names and Birthstones
My Name Necklace

The infinity symbol represents eternal love and there’s no better way to tell your mom you love her than getting her an infinity symbol necklace. Many jewelers can personalize the infinity symbol with multiple names and even birthstones.

Vertical Bar Name Necklaces for Moms

Mother's Necklace: Multiple Vertical Name Bars With Engraved Names and Birthstones
JewelryBlues / Etsy

If you’re looking for something simple and timeless, bar name necklaces are the perfect option. You can find a variety of bar name necklaces online, but we recommend multiple vertical bars so you can feature different names on your necklace.

Many jewelers will also let you choose the metal type, plain name bar or 3D name bar, and even birthstones and other stones of your choice.

Interlocking Circle Name Necklaces

Interlocking Circle Name Necklace - Multiple Colored Circles
SilverHandwriting / Etsy

One of the most unique name necklace designs is the interlocking circle. Two or more circles are entwined and each circle has a name engraved. You can find these necklaces in a variety of different metal types.

Essential tips for name necklaces for moms

Before you buy or give your name necklace to your mom, you’ll want to know these essential tips to wear and style the name necklace:

  • Instead of choosing one name necklace with different names, you can create a name necklace for each family member. This is recommended if you’re expecting more children or grandchildren. You should also order these necklaces in different chain lengths so you can layer them.
  • You can also find a style where you can add more names to one necklace. Custom charms are a great example😎—create a new charm instead of a new necklace when there’s a new member of the family.
  • If you’re not expecting more family members, you can choose one pendant. If you want to find the pendant that allows the most number of names, choose either the heart or family tree pendant.
  • Choose a comfortable and durable necklace so you can wear the necklace all day. You should also consider the metal type—some metals require more maintenance, which isn’t ideal for busy moms.✅
  • Birthstones are a beautiful addition to your name necklace! These stones represent the wearer’s birth months. You can add your children’s or family members' birthstones to your necklace.

Use these tips to create and wear the perfect name necklace!

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Learn more about name necklaces and custom jewelry

👉🏻Name necklaces for moms aren’t your only custom necklace option. There are a variety of necklaces for all different styles and purposes. Click here to learn all about custom necklaces.

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