10+ Top Clear and White Gemstones (+Bonus Tips)

What do you know about white gemstones? Do you understand their value, health, and metaphysical properties? If not, then this is a great place to start, and if you have, then you can use this article to get about more depth on the subject of white gemstones.

White gemstones have been around since time immemorial.🤓 People use them to create various accessories such as jewelry. In this article, we are going to be a bit specific and concentrate on white and semi-translucent gems, giving some reviews based on all-round research on some of the most valuable and popular white gems there are.

White Gemstone Example: White Pearls With Pink Roses

So why do most people prefer white and colorless gemstones?

Do you love diamonds?💎 They are the biggest urban gesture of love, the signature accessory for the elite, and the white and colorless gemstones category. Apart from the commonly known white gemstones, there are other kinds of white and colorless gems; some so rare that you might never get to see one.

Apart from appearance, gemstones come with other qualities associated with astrology. Each gemstone is said to carry the qualities associated with its planet of origin. Most people believe that gemstones bring balance and positive vibrations to life, which may help heal a person from some diseases.

People also believe that gemstones will bring you blessings and good karma; however, 👉🏻you have to wear the right gem for the right reason, feeling, and state of mind.

Apart from the shiny diamond appearance of the colorless and white gems, each comes with unique properties that make them appealing to the owner, from reducing your excess thoughts to helping you with relaxation.

White gemstones also have some other amazing qualities that make them the favorites among a huge number of people. Some of these qualities include:

  • Durability: Gemstones like sapphires may not be as hard as diamonds are, but they do come with increased durability, due to the lack of cleavage.
  • Uniqueness: It is always exciting to have a unique and valuable piece of jewelry. What sets white and colorless gems apart is that they come with some rare gems, which will leave you feeling like the most special person in the room.
  • Fashion: Fashion is another reason why white and colorless gemstones have become so popular. More and more people opt for diamond and similar-looking gems to be part of the trend due to the boom of the diamond.
  • Hard: Gems like diamonds are the hardest existing gems on earth. Their value is high, and having a piece will set you apart among your peers. Other white gems are also quite hard and apart from their appearance, they have a lengthy lifespan.

Which is the best white gemstone for your current mood and life situation?

Gemstones are all believed to come with some amazing properties that go a long way in influencing how you feel. Each gem will have its properties, and in turn, influence its unique feeling within a person. This gives one the chance to channel vibrations from these gems to enhance life in one way or the other.

When it comes to white gems, which is the list of the most outstanding gemstones, and the impact on a certain element of your life?

Most times, white gemstone names are derived from the origin of the gemstone. Let’s take a look at a list of white gemstones most popular around the world.


Diamonds are the hardest and most rare white gemstones in existence. They are believed to help their owner overcome challenges they may be facing in life. They play a role in increasing the will power of the wearer to overcome any obstacles they may be facing.

In the past, diamonds were believed to be a warrior's secret weapon, as it was said to protect them during battle. Apart from helping warriors, diamonds are also known as symbols of charisma.

👑Kings used to believe in their capacity to increase their leadership qualities.

White Gemstone Jewelry: Diamond Engagement Ring

Based on the hard quality of diamonds, and their strength, they are believed to actualize the dream of the strong-headed and focused types of people. However, the gemstones will not be as useful to people with no specific sense of what they want.

When it comes to meditation, the white diamond is associated with the crown chakra, which can be found on the top of the head. The chakra is mostly associated with increased awareness.

James Allen is a great place to start if you are looking for some gems. The company has been in the gemstone business for a while now and they have it all from rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and more.

White Sapphire

This can be classified as the perfect substitute for diamonds. The sapphire gemstones are the second hardest gemstones in the market with lovely patterns all through. While being formed, white sapphires come out if, during formation, there is no trace element included.

There also exists a lab-created sapphire gem, which looks and feels similar to the original.

The white sapphire gem comes with the power of reducing your nervousness and anxiety, calming you down, and reducing stress.

Small sapphires are indistinguishable from diamonds; however, larger sapphires may turn milky.

So what is the metaphysical meaning behind this white gemstone?

The white sapphire comes with the capability of helping the wearer see things more clearly, providing deeper insight.🧐

A synonym of the white sapphire is the gemstone of intelligence, meaning that it will also help increase your understanding, and end up as a problem solver.

The gemstone is also associated with the enhancement of skill and talent, meaning once you start wearing the white sapphire gem, you will notice your talents coming to light. The gem can also bring out your potential brightness due to its ability to enhance positivity in someone's life.

However, it is worth noting that, like diamonds, white sapphires are also quite rare, mostly in earrings and necklaces. Take your time as you search for it, as it is not as easy to find one. They are also quite popular in white sapphire engagement rings as a replacement for diamonds.

5mm Round White Sapphire Sold at Brilliant Earth
Check the price of this white round sapphire.
Pro Tip
For all your sapphire needs, you can visit the James Allen, brilliant earth brands, or the JTV, which are at the top of their game when it comes to the gem business. You’ll get different samples of sapphires and other gems ready for sale.

White Agate

The white agate gem can be said to be one of the most common types of gems as compared to sapphires. It may not be as hard as diamonds, but it is still durable and, if well taken care of, will be with you for a long time.

The gem has been around for about 300 years and is still as important and valuable as it was all those years ago.

Found mostly around the Eastern side of the Oregon State, inside the famous "thundereggs," the gem is believed to have cleansing effects. The gem is also found in Kentucky, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

14kt Yellow Gold White Agate Pendant Necklace by Ross-Simons
Find more details about this white agate pendant.

White agate brings balance to life, unifying masculinity and femininity while helping the body get rid of toxins. The gem is also believed to help with mental stress and stimulate the wearer’s crown chakra.

It also helps discern energy, creates awareness of bad energy, in turn avoiding it.

😘Go for this gem if you want that positive outlook on life, with the addition of calm that will give you a stress-free time.

White Topaz

If you are discussing diamonds, then white topaz and white sapphires must be part of the conversation. The gem comes with several uses among them white topaz rings because the gems are among the best substitutes for diamonds.

Apart from the sapphire, the other amazing substitute for a diamond is the white topaz. Its appearance can fool you into believing it's a diamond.😱

Sterling Silver White Topaz Oval Ring: White Gemstone Jewelry on Etsy
Yes...This is a topaz ring. View it now.

The white topaz gem will play a part in your spiritual journey, getting you more in tune and open with the spirit to get more guidance towards your purpose. It clears your mind and substitutes bad energy for good.

It is cheaper than diamonds and sapphires, and it will help you with some amazing vibrations for your meditation.

White Pearls

Pearls are amazing gemstones that can be easily accessorized.

The gems have been around for a long time and used to be up there with diamond and sapphire in terms of value. However, after the creation of cultured gems, their affordability increased.

The gems are quite fragile and require special care.

Cultured Freshwater White Pearl Sterling Silver Ring
See this white pearl ring now.

The gemstone is associated with relationships and peace of mind. It is considered one of the best healing gems and it will play a big role in reducing your stress. When it comes to relationships, the pearl will play a part in creating a peaceful environment, where the vibrations will lead you to people who have mutual respect for you.

The pear comes in many different colors; however, the white pearl is the most common.

White Quartz Gemstones

These are one of the more popular gemstones around the world.

White quartz gems come in many different shades; however, the white type of the gem is also popular. The gem is quite durable, although not as hard as diamonds or as fragile as pearls. A great thing with the gem is its availability in many different shapes, ensuring it allows for increased flexibility in using them for fashion.

White Quartz Earrings: Paired With Sterling Silver
Find this lovely white quartz earrings here.

The gem is believed to hold positive energy, enabling you to generate some happiness your way. It is best for someone with a need to accomplish something in a calm and conducive environment.


If you are looking for an attractive and smooth gem to compliment your jewelry or clothing, then this is the gemstone for you. Compared to the rest of the already reviewed gems, it can be said to be a bit hardy, but not as good, shiny, or durable as diamonds and sapphire.

Themoonstone gemstone is amazing when it comes to channeling your feminine side.👄 The more you wear the gem, the more you will notice less negative energy with the capability of starting to heal yourself.

Rose Gold Vermeil Moonstone Ring at Moon Magic
Don't miss the magic moonstone jewelry.

The gemstone is also believed to come with the capability for protecting travelers, childbirth, and pregnancies.👶🏻 Apart from protection, it also has some cleansing properties and it can help an individual deal with obesity.


The zircon gemstone may not be as valuable as a sapphire; however, they are also quite popular. They can be traced back to being one of the first substitutes for diamonds.

The gemstone is an amazing addition for anyone who wants a peaceful time full of positive energy and some cleansing.

7.5-Inch White Cubic Zircon Bracelet Sold on Amazon
See this white zircon bracelet on Amazon.

One of the main beliefs is that zircon is an amazing gem full of wealth and lucky vibrations for the owner.

The gem is said also to bring out your inner and outer beauty, making you friendlier.

White Jade

The other name for this gem is the "mutton fat jade". Its colors range from translucent white to yellow.

The gem is quite valuable and comes with nephrite jade, which is said to be amazing at protecting the wearer from any negative energy.

Tiffany & Co. White Jade 18kt Round Pendant
Click here to view more details of this white jade pendant. (Tiffany & co.)

The gem is also said to be effective in helping you focus on a task, by blocking any distractions.

It is also said to help reduce kidney and bladder problems, arthritis, and increases the body's overall fluid retention.

White Onyx

This amazing gem will help you master your energy to and align your body with your higher self, then the gem is the best one.

It increases performance and helps ensure you reach your targets.

Turkish Handmade Square Shape White Onyx Ring
View more details about this handmade white onyx ring. (Etsy)

The gem will help you reduce stress and release nervousness. It is an amazing gem if you are looking to increase your patience.

The onyx gem is associated with the crown and third eye chakra.

Other beautiful clear and white gems you would also like👇🏻

White Scolecite Gemstone

This gemstone comes from the Scolecite mineral.

If you are looking for a clearer path of communication with the spirit, then the white Scolecite is the gem for you. The stone comes with an amazing resonance with chakras that can be found above the heart.

Large Sphere White Scolecite on a Hand
Find this white gemstone here.

If you have the stone itself, you can place it under your pillow, and it will help you sort out any of your sleep problems.

The gemstone will come in handy in helping you relax better and appreciate everything. When it comes to fashion, they go well either as combinations or as solo items.

White Opal

The white opal comes with a white or milky appearance. Unlike its competition, the white opal can show several colors including, red, blue, and purple. You will never miss something to accessorize it with.

The gemstone will correct unstable luck flow, and provide some clarity for your feelings.

The gemstone is also associated with good luck;😃 this is because the gem comes with the vibrations associated with dreams and wishes that come true.

The opal gemstone came with water inside it and was believed to provide the wearer with protection from any water-related accidents.

White Goshenite Gemstone

This gemstone can be compared to a couple of other white gemstones such as the quartz, white topaz, and sapphire in terms of resemblance. The gem is harder than gems such as quartz but not as hardy and durable as sapphires and diamonds.

The gem is believed to have some effect on infidelity as it promotes sincerity.

Natural White Goshenite Earrings With Sterling Silver Wire
Photo: Etsy

The gem is also believed to have an impact on wisdom. This may be due to the historical use of the gem for lenses in glasses and its association with vision and intelligence.

It also affects all the chakras and plays a part in bringing some balance to your life.

White Jasper

This is a great gem if you have suffered a loss; it will help bring about some hope and a new beginning.🏃🏻‍♀️ It is also the best with the crown chakra, helping create balance in your body's mind and spirit.

White Jasper Beaded Bracelet With Sterling Silver Disc Charm
Click to view the full-size photo of this white jasper bracelet.

The gem will protect you against any kind of neurological and autoimmune imbalance when it comes to health issues.

How does the gemstone look like when used in jewelry?

There are several ways the white jewelry appears in various accessories, from the milky white color to semi-translucent and transparent colors, each with its level of shine and beauty.

White gemstones create a wide variety of beautiful jewels, from necklaces to earrings and bracelets; there is no limit to what you can make. Tiaras and even shoes have been made with a combination of gemstones.

Many people, however, combine gemstones to create wonderful pieces. A great example is the white and black jewelry to go with the white, which can create an elegant piece, bold and confident.

For clear gemstones such as diamonds, you can use almost any combination and it will end up with a great piece. The great thing with this type of gems is the type of flexibility you will have with the gem.

You can get a couple of beautiful white pearl dresses from Bloomingdale’s that will be sure to leave you clicking some orders out. You will also find a couple of options offthe Etsy website.

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🥰Bonus tips for styling an outfit with white gemstone jewelry

There are several ways you can accessorize white gemstones to make you appear better and feel amazing. First, ensure you have the right kind of gem for the right occasion. That means you should check your mood and the kind of vibration you are looking for before choosing the gem, to ensure it matches the right vibrations.

Apart from this, some other great advice is to ensure you have simple jewelry to match any complicated patterns you might have. If the clothes take up all the attention, you can accentuate them with a simple watch or bracelet.

When it comes to your earrings, ensure youuse the gems that will highlight your face. This means you have to ensure you consider your skin tone before choosing the gem.

You can mix the white gems with solid colors to help reduce their intensity and increase a great mix between gems in your appearance.

Large White Pearl Earrings and Lady's Side Face

Last Thoughts

There are many more kinds of gems apart from the white and translucent ones. Apart from the white gemstones, purple ones are some of the best gems in the market. Have a bit of fun and shop around for different kinds of gems, based on color value, hues, and any other categorization you can come up with. It is important to understand yourself through experience rather than belief.

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